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Successfully Establishing A Professional Network PowerPoint Presentation
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Successfully Establishing A Professional Network

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Successfully Establishing A Professional Network
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Successfully Establishing A Professional Network

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  2. A professional network is a list • of contacts that can enhance • your career and help in your • job search ...

  3. … and can mean the difference between career success and falling behind the competition in the office and in the field.

  4. Once you get one established, • it simply becomes a matter of adding to it. But it is those first few steps of establishing yourself that can be difficult.

  5. Gathering and Organizing CONTACT INFORMATION

  6. Business professionals who are good at making new business contacts always have a system they use to keep their contacts cataloged properly.

  7. The process of collecting the information can be as simple as making a note in your smartphone or asking for business cards with the contact information on them.

  8. You need to have a simple database program where you keep all of the information, and you need to update that database regularly as you interact with your contacts, or as you learn new information.


  10. One of the best ways to establish a strong network is to be available to your contacts when they need you.

  11. If someone asks you to take on a task in your area of expertise, then do so quickly.

  12. If you know a professional who can help out one of your contacts, then offer to act as the intermediary to bring the two together.

  13. When you are active within your network, you will see it grow and you will start to get opportunities you may have otherwise not received.


  15. Carry business cards with you at all times and be prepared to give them out when people ask you what you do.

  16. If you do not have any cards yet, get some printed right away with your basic contact information.

  17. A business card is a quick and easy way to have your name added to someone else's contact list and to grow your own as well.


  19. A professional should be interested in establishing the broadest possible network that includes people from a variety of fields.

  20. The purpose of this is to act as a resource to help your career.

  21. If you limit it to only certain types of businesses, you may miss out on gaining new customers as well as other contacts that can help you to succeed.

  22. As your career grows, your network should grow with it, providing support as for your career.

  23. W hen you invest the necessary time and effort into establishing your professional network, you will find that the return on that investment is significant.

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