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Andrew Rivkin

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Andrew Rivkin
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Andrew Rivkin

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  1. Andrew Rivkin is a Successful Entrepreneur

  2. Andrew Rivkin is well known as an entrepreneur from Toronto. After completing his formal education with a BA in Computer Programming, Andrew Rivkin was keen on starting his own business. He and his brother Mark Rivkin used the basement of their parent's house and started developing a secure online financial transaction system.

  3. As a result, Cryptologic was founded in 1995. Andrew Rivkin named his transaction management system E-Cash. Soon afterwards, they were attracted with the idea of gaming into the online arena by joining it with online casino software. Cryptologic got its first deal in 1996.

  4. Its software took the online gaming world to a completely new level. In less than four years time, Andrew Rivkin's Cryptologic gained huge amounts of business and was listed on Toronto Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, Sprott Securities, Pacific Growth Equities, Sidoti & Co., among others.

  5. In 2001, Andrew Rivkin, Toronto CA started working on his next venture and co-founded Fun Technologies with his friend Lorne Abony. Just like his previous endeavor, Cryptologic Inc., Fun Technologies too became the world's largest provider of online casual games and fantasy sports in a short span of time.

  6. In less than three years time, the company rose over $160 million in five rounds of equity financings, including its launch of IPO. It was also listed on the London Stock Exchange and Toronto Stock Exchange. The company was sold to Liberty Media in 2007.

  7. Andrew Rivkin currently serves as the Principal of The Rivkin Asset Management Group, President and Chairman of Fluid Music Inc., and the President of the Andrew Rivkin Foundation & the Andrew Rivkin Charity. Because of his successful business endeavors, and the completely new gaming option that he has given to the world Andrew Rivkin holds high respect among people.

  8. About Andrew Rivkin Andrew Rivkin is a successful entrepreneur and founder of Cryptologic Inc, a popular e-gaming company that offers casino software to some of the biggest names in the gambling industry. Find out more by browsing through

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