united states welcomes chinese tourists l.
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United States Welcomes Chinese Tourists 美国欢迎中国游客 PowerPoint Presentation
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United States Welcomes Chinese Tourists 美国欢迎中国游客

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United States Welcomes Chinese Tourists 美国欢迎中国游客 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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United States Welcomes Chinese Tourists 美国欢迎中国游客 American Chamber of Commerce Travel Agency Briefing 美国商会旅行社签证说明 May 2008 2008 年 5 月 Agenda 议程 Group Tourism Memorandum of Understanding 团体旅游谅解备忘录 How to Book Appointments 如何预约 US Immigration Law 美国移民法 Tips for Successful Interviews

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united states welcomes chinese tourists

United States Welcomes Chinese Tourists 美国欢迎中国游客

American Chamber of Commerce Travel Agency Briefing


May 2008


  • Group Tourism Memorandum of Understanding


  • How to Book Appointments


  • US Immigration Law


  • Tips for Successful Interviews


  • Questions and Answers


phase 1
Phase 1
  • Starting for travel after June 17th. Visa Appointments available starting June 1. Appointments requests will be accepted starting week of June 26.


  • Will only include applicants from: Beijing, Tianjin, Hubei, Hebei, Hunan, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, or Guangdong Province.


  • If the applicant’s currently valid passport is issued from one of the eligible 9 provinces, he or she may apply through the Group tourism channel. If they are not from one of these provinces they can not use this appointment channel. No exceptions.


what the new tourism mou changes
What the new tourism MOU changes?新的旅游谅解备忘录带来哪些变化?
  • U.S. and Chinese travel agencies can now advertise US tours in China.


  • Chinese travel agencies must now partner with US authorized tour operators for outbound US trips.


  • Created a new special appointment channel for booking group tourist interview appointments in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou starting June 1, 2008 for travel after June 17th.


  • Tour leaders can now enter the visa hall with tour groups from their agency for the visa interview.


what does not change with the mou
What does not change with the MOU?新的旅游谅解备忘录实施后哪些没变?
  • Individual in person interviews, fingerprints, and visa fee payments are still required.


  • If approved, applicants will be issued a 1 year, multiple entry, business and travel visa [B1/B2]. This means they can take multiple trips to the United States in a one year period.


  • Under US immigration law each visitor visa applicant is required to show that he or she has strong enough ties outside the U.S. to convince the officer that the applicant will depart the United States after a temporary period. To be approved for a visa, each individual tourist must show they have these ties.


what travel agencies can participate
What travel agencies can participate?
  • All Chinese travel agencies on the list provided by the Chinese National Tourism Administration can participate.


  • Each travel agency selected one point of contact name and e-mail address on the list. That person will be first point of contact for all inquiries.


additions to the list
Additions to the list增加名单上的旅行社
  • Both the US list and Chinese list of authorized travel agents will be updated regularly.


  • If a Chinese travel agency wants to be added the list please contact the Chinese National Tourism Administration. Please do not contact the US Embassy in Beijing.


  • US travel agencies should contact the National Tourism Association.


how to book an appointment
How to Book an Appointment如何预约

1) Purchase appointment booking card from the Call Center using a credit card or computer authorized debit card.


2) E-mail an appointment request to GLTBooking@vxichina.com with the required information. Appointments will only be accepted from the authorized e-mail address provided on the CNTA authorized lists. No exceptions

将预约请求和所需信息发送电子邮件给 GLTBooking@vxichina.com,只有在国家旅游局批准的名单上的旅行社发送的请求才会被接受。

3) Wait for e-mail confirmation of appointment time and date.


4) To make sure travelers are not delayed please request an appointment six weeks before planned date of travel.


information in appointment request
Information in Appointment Request 约签须知

The e-mail appointment request for all travelers should include:


  • Name in Chinese characters and name in pinyin 姓名,中文及拼音
  • Date of Birth 生日
  • Passport number 护照号
  • Chinese identification card number 身份证号
  • City or Province Passport issued from 护照签发地
  • Date of Planned Travel 计划旅游日期
  • Three possible Appointment Interview dates 三个可能的面签日期
  • If the person has ever been refused a visa 是否被拒签过
  • Name of person from travel agency who will be entering visa hall with applicants. Including name, birthdate, passport number, and Chinese identification card number


preparing for visa interview
Preparing for Visa Interview面签准备

Required before visa interview:


1)Obtain Valid Chinese passport with six month validity beyond date of planned entry into the United States.


2)Pay visa fee at CITIC bank.


3)Complete Electronic Visa Application Form (DS-156 and DS-157). Attach photos.

填写完毕的签证申请表格(DS-156 and DS-157). 附照片。

4) Organize supplementary documents


importance of electronic visa application form
Make sure that it is filled out completely and accurately including:


Former employers even if applicant is retired.


Previous visa refusals


Prepared by box completed by name of person who filled out form.


It is very important that this document be complete and accurate.


Make sure the applicant understands all the answers and checks to make sure they are right before asking them to sign application.


Often during an interview, applicant states they do not know what the application says, it is the applicant’s responsibility to understand before signing the application


Importance of Electronic Visa Application Form电子签证申请表格的重要性
supplementary documents
Supplementary Documents补充资料
  • Supplementary documents are used to support what the applicant states at the interview. They are not required. In many cases they will not be looked at during the interview.


  • Possible Examples


    • Old expired passports 过期的护照
    • Pictures of Prior international and/or domestic travel 国内外旅游照片
    • Property license, car registration, driver’s license 财产证明,驾驶执照
    • Bank accounts, bank savings, 银行存折
why require an visa interview us immigration law 214 b 214 b
Why require an visa interview?US IMMIGRATION LAW: 214(b)为什么需要面签?移民法214(b)法则
  • Rule 214(b): Every applicant for a non-immigrant visa is presumed to be an immigrant, unless they can establish to the satisfaction of the consular officer that:

214(b)条款: 每个非移民签证申请人都被假定会成为移民,除非他们能够让领事官员满意地认为:

    • They have a legitimate purpose for travel to the United States.


2. They have ties to China that will compel them to return.


rule 214 b 214 b
Rule 214(b)214(b)法则


重要 !

  • The burden of proof is on the applicant to establish credible ties to China and an intent to return after a temporary visit to the United States.


In other words…


  • The Consular Officer must consider the applicant not qualified for a non-immigrant visa until and unless the applicant can prove otherwise.


tips for successful interview
Tips for successful Interview面签获得成功的建议
  • Applicant should be 100 percent honest during the interview.


  • Applicants should participate in the interview by answering questions asked.


  • Reading answers from documents is not helpful. Asking other applicants or tour leader to give them answers in also not helpful


tips for successful interview cont
Tips for successful Interview Cont.面签获得成功的建议
  • If an applicant does not understand the questions they should ask the interviewing officer to repeat the question. Interviews are conducted in Mandarin Chinese.


  • Prepared, rehearsed, or coached answers are not helpful. In fact they may harm an otherwise qualified applicant. Please do not give applicants scripts to memorize or encourage them to rehearse or give certain answers.


  • If an interviewing officer needs to see a certain document they will ask for it during the interview. If they do not ask to see a document they do not need to see it.


  • If an applicant is refused they will be provided a letter explaining the legal basis for the refusal. Most applicants are refused under 214(b) for failing to show they do not have compelling ties to China that would compel them to return after their planned trip to the United States.


what you can do
What You Can Do您可以做什么
  • Carefully screen your travel groups:


    • Is everyone on the trip qualified to travel to the United States?


    • Are these applicants truly going to the United States for tourism, or are they in fact going for another reason?

这些申请人赴美旅行的真正目的是旅游吗? 还是另有其它目的?

  • Do not become a facilitator of U.S. travel for asylum seekers.


travel agency suspensions
Travel Agency Suspensions旅行社质疑
  • Travel agencies can and will be suspended from participating in this program if applicants traveling with their tours stay in the United States illegally, present fraudulent, altered, or purchased documents in support of their visa interview, or materially represent the facts of their case.


  • Travel agencies will be notified via e-mail if they are suspended.


  • Travel agency suspension will range from 30 days to permanent suspension depending on severity of fraud



Where Can I go for More Information?从哪里可获得更多相关签证信息?

Visa Information Call Center: 4008-872-333

General visa information: www.travel.state.gov

U.S. Embassy Beijing: http://beijing.usembassy-china.org.cn

全国签证信息预约中心: 4008-872-333

总体签证信息: www.travel.state.gov

美国驻北京大使馆: http://beijing.usembassy-china.org.cn

Travel Agency E-mail line BeijingTours@state.gov


FAQ 经常碰到的问题
  • An applicant organized by my tourist agency was refused. What additional documents should we prepare to help the applicant?


Generally, the reason for refusal was not related to the documents. It is not helpful for the travel agency to prepare additional documents. The interview is used to determine the ties。


2) How long does it take if approved to receive a visa?


It takes two to three days from the visa interview approval until the passport with visa is ready for pick up. Same day service is not available


3) Can a refused applicant re-apply?


Yes, applicants refused under 214(b) can re-apply again.

可以的,符合 214(b)的申请者可以重新申请。


frequently asked questions
Frequently Asked Questions经常碰到的问题

Should my travel agency provide proof of applicant’s return to the Embassy (e.g. photocopy of passport with exit and entry stamp)?


No. This is not required. That information can be kept for travel agencies record.


I have some information about the trip I want to provide to the consular section before their interview. Where should I send it?


Please give this information directly to the applicant. The Embassy does not pre-accept information about individual travelers or applicants prior to their interview.


Does my travel agency have to post a bond for each traveler?


No. There is no requirement for bonds under this MOU.