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CM Pilot Introduction PowerPoint Presentation
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CM Pilot Introduction

CM Pilot Introduction

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CM Pilot Introduction

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  1. CM Pilot Introduction • Getting around: • Structure • Navigation • Download instructions

  2. CM Pilot Structure • The CM Pilot is designed for ‘four-click’ access to the entire methodology, tools and learning modules. • The CM Process walks step-by-step through how to use change management on your project. • Templates, assessments, presentations are assembled for quick access.

  3. CM Pilot Structure • The problem solving and roles sections of the tool provide access to material on particular topics and issues you may face in your project. • The eLearning section provides short tutorials on key principles, best practices and change management models.

  4. CM Pilot Navigation • There are two main ways to navigate the CM Pilot: • Navigation menu • Page headers

  5. Navigation menu • The navigation menu is on the right side of each screen of the tool. • Access the main pages for: • CM Process • Templates • Assessments • Presentations • Problem solving • Roles • eLearning

  6. Page headers • On each page in the CM Pilot, you will see a string of pages underneath the page title. • Use this navigation string to jump up levels in the tool, or to return to the main menu.

  7. Returning to the main menu • You can always return to the main menu using the two links in the upper right hand main. • The second link sends you to a help screen, where you can: • Revisit the ‘getting started’ tutorial • Make a suggestion or report an error • Share a case study

  8. Download instructions • When you open a document template and before entering data, be sure to save the template to your computer. • The online tool provides this blank template or worksheet, but for your security and privacy, does not save any information that you enter into the tool itself. • Hit FILE then SAVE AS at the top of your screen. Save the document to a folder of your choice on your computer. You can then open and edit the file using MS Word, MS PowerPoint or MS Excel depending on the file type. • Templates and assessments (.doc) will typically be in MS Word format. Presentations (.ppt) will be in MS PowerPoint format. Spreadsheets (.xls) will be in MS Excel format.