art 127 graphic symbolism l.
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art 127 :: graphic symbolism

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art 127 :: graphic symbolism - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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art 127 :: graphic symbolism week 3 :: b :: in-class examples online tutorials video: html:

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art 127 :: graphic symbolism

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in class examples
:: in-class examples
  • online tutorials
    • video:
    • html:
  • AT&T logo history



today s agenda
:: today’s agenda
  • in-class demonstration
    • quickly go over object > path commands
  • go over the homework assignment in detail
    • what is the conceptual “goal” of the assignment
      • to work in levels of abstraction
      • to experiment with reduction
    • execute your sketches!
  • in-class activity:
    • finish remaining 1 on 1 meetings from last week
    • work on the new road sign assignment
      • work on your sketches
      • work digitally in Illustrator
:: homework

2 week assignment :: due 9.20.05

  • homework project: “Road Sign Problem” *
    • purpose/objective:
      • Create basic shapes
      • Copy and combine shapes to create new shapes
      • Manipulate shapes using the pathfinder palette
      • Manipulate shapes using OBJECT>PATH options
      • Work with layers palette to rearrange, group, mask, lock, organize and label layers.
      • Work with the creation (pen, shapes, direct select) and transformation (rotate, reflect, scale, free transform, etc) tools and associated palettes (align, pathfinder, and transform)
    • assignment: Immediate, practical communication is the primary function of a road sign. With this in mind, graphically depict the subject indicated for each of the twelve road signs on the back of this assignment sheet. Execute each solution as a finished piece via Illustrator using only black, yellow and white. If the concept dictates, use of an additional color is permitted.This problem is a vehicle for simplicity and personalization. The intent is to inspire personal expression by giving each sign a unique life of its own. The familiar context suggests a traditional idiom, while the nonsensical topics allow for uninhibited design exploration and the opportunity to play; the parameters offer an opportunity to transcend the road functional aspects throu the creation of a personal statement in the name of design exploration.Themes:
      • Indian Village, Ant Farm, Baseball Field, Checkers Area, Fortune Teller, Target Range, Red Light District, Botanical Gardens, Kite Flying Area, Nuclear Power Plant, Earthquake/Fault Line, Paratrooper Landing
    • format: Execute one design for each of the above themes.
      • sketches any size sketch is ok – the ideal is to have one sheet of paper with multiple squares/sketches on it; use black marker and white paper; 8.5” x 11” paper will work fine)
      • all 12 designs on one sheet (8.5” x 11” paper)
      • large prints of each design (8.5” x 11” paper, printed from Illustrator)
    • *assignment adapted from Visual Literacy: A Conceptual Approach to Graphic Problem Solving by Judith Wilde, Richard Wilde and Kathy Kelly’s ART 3395 Graphic Design Software Course Spring 2004:
post mortem
:: post mortem
  • How smoothly did today’s class run?
  • What slowed us down?
  • What did we skip over?
  • How can we be more efficient in the future?