the history of goofy l.
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The History of Goofy PowerPoint Presentation
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The History of Goofy

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The History of Goofy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The History of Goofy

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  1. The History of Goofy Presented by Jayme Johnson

  2. 1932-The character who would later become Goofy makes his first on-screen appearance in “Mickey’s Revue.” The only thing that remained from this earliest version of Goofy is his distinctive laugh.

  3. Goofy began appearing as part of the “gang” including Mickey & Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Clarabelle Cow and Horace Horsecollar in short animated features.

  4. Goofy’s next appearances came in comic books. In these comics, his name was Dippy Dawg. In a 1938 comic, the first sign of a name change came in “The Story of Dippy the Goof.”

  5. 1939-Dippy Dawg has his name permanently changed to Goofy for his first starring role in “Goofy and Wilbur.”

  6. Some of these features include “How to Play Golf,” “The Art of Skiing,” and “How to Play Baseball.” Goofy started appearing in narrative “How To” videos, which he clumsily bumbled through.

  7. Goofy appeared as a “gaucho,” or cowboy, in Argentina for this full-length film produced in 1943 as part of the wartime “Good Neighbor Policy.

  8. Goofy’s next appearances were as Mr. George Geef, the “common man.” He had a wife and son and, of course, many misadventures in domestic life.

  9. Goofy’s most recent feature film is also the first to revolve entirely around him. It stars him and his son, Max. Goofy takes Max on a cross-country trip full of everything we’ve come to expect from the Goof.

  10. In all, Goofy has appeared in 87 films and shorts. These include his feature cartoons and movies, as well as movies that include the whole “gang.”

  11. Why is Goofy so popular? “We are all from time to time capable of demonstrating his distinctive brand of good-humored folly, of bumbling when we try to excel. Every now and then we are all Goofs. In Goofy we see ourselves reflected. That, maybe, is the ‘secret factor’ that makes the Goof so loved by so many.” John Grant's Encyclopedia

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  15. Now you’re no longer goofy about Goofy!