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The Flamingo

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The Flamingo
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The Flamingo

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  1. The Flamingo By: Sydney Bolomey

  2. Introduction What’s pink, flies, and eats shrimp? A flamingo! I’m going to describe to you what these wonderful animals eat, where they live, and what flamingo babies look like, and what are their threats.

  3. Diet What in the world does a flamingo eat? A flamingo eats insects, crustaceans,( shrimp like animals) and algae. Flamingos look for food by putting their head upside-down in the water backwards. Then, it takes in water that with rich in tiny organisms and filters nutrients from the water with a comb like organ on its tongue. Flamingos are pink because of the shrimp that they eat. Now let’s learn where these pink birds live.

  4. Habitat Have you ever seen an flamingos habitat? Flamingos live in central and south America. They also live in the West Indies and the Galapagos islands. These birds live in coastal salt lagoons, saltpans, and other brackish or saltwater shallows. Flamingos are not native to the USA. They prefer warm tropical areas, desert lakes, and cold mountain lakes. Now let’s learn about flamingo babies.

  5. Flamingo Babies Flamingo babies might become prey, or food for gulls, vultures, eagles, hogs, and other animals. Drought, (the lack of water) and floods are even bigger threats. These baby birds have black legs and have a blackish-pinkish beaks. They also have gray feathers. Only after 4years the pink adult feathers start growing in.

  6. Conclusion Finally, you’re an expert on flamingos. I hope that everyone can learn about these wonderful animals. How many flamingos have you seen?

  7. Resources • www. National Zoo .com • www. Enchanted learning .com • www. Animal Planet .com