the bubonic plague n.
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The Bubonic Plague! PowerPoint Presentation
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The Bubonic Plague!

The Bubonic Plague!

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The Bubonic Plague!

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  1. The Bubonic Plague! By Erik Tye And Colton Martin

  2. Explanation of the Bubonic Plague • The Bubonic Plague or “The Black Death” was a fatal disease spread by fleas, which lived on rats and humans at this time. • It was a pandemic. (Spread world wide) • It produces black blotches on the skin, hence the name “The Black Plague.’

  3. Scientific and the common name of the Bubonic Plague • “Yersinia pestis” is the scientific name for the bubonic plague. • “The Black Plague” is the common name for this organism.

  4. The Anatomy • Yersinia pestis, the deadly bacterium that causes bubonic plague, kills by cutting off a cell's ability to communicate with other immune cells needed to fight off the bacterial invasion. • YopJ, the protein Yersinia uses to block this signaling process, is one of six proteins injected by the bacteria into immune cells called macrophages.

  5. The Arrival! • It arrived in October of 1347. • It started in Asia, then traveled to Europe, by rat infested Italian ships trading goods across the Mediterranean Sea.

  6. . Where it showed up • It started in Asia’s Gobi desert • Then it took very little time to reach Europe

  7. When, Where, and Whom was it isolated • The year was 1346, the Black Plague entered the Crimean shore of the Black sea. • Sailors aboard the Italian vessel was infected or already dying from the plague.

  8. Symptoms • A painful bulging welt would appear, if bitten by an infected rat or flea. • More painful welts would appear within 3 days, these welts were so painful that people would die within 4 days of the infection. • Black spots would appear also.

  9. Transmitted • Fleas and rats • Humans that were infected • Once a flea is on the host, it begins to feeds on the host’s blood. The flea eats continuously until the blood can’t travel to the blocked stomach. Then the flea vomits, and spits the tainted blood back to the host.

  10. Life Cycle

  11. Effect on society

  12. Cure or Prevention? • Back in the 1300s, there was no cure and not so much of a prevention available. • The only prevention then was to stay away from anyone and everyone that was infected. • Kill all the rats and fleas in your town before the plague came.

  13. Other Facts • On April 19, 2006 CNN news and others reported a case of the plague in Los Angeles, it was the first case since 1984. • On June 28, 2006, AZ Central had reported a case of the plague in a cat. • In New Mexico, there were 2 plague deaths in 2006. the first fatalities in 12 years.