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Texas A&M University – Kingsville Frank H. Dotterweich College of Engineering PowerPoint Presentation
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Texas A&M University – Kingsville Frank H. Dotterweich College of Engineering

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Texas A&M University – Kingsville Frank H. Dotterweich College of Engineering - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Texas A&M University – Kingsville Frank H. Dotterweich College of Engineering What is Engineering??? Science and arts... Mathematics and creativity... Models and approximations...

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texas a m university kingsville frank h dotterweich college of engineering

Texas A&M University – KingsvilleFrank H. DotterweichCollege of Engineering

what is engineering
What is Engineering???

Science and arts...Mathematics and creativity...Models and approximations...

Engineers build skyscrapers, design machinery, and oversee public works. But that's only the beginning.... Engineering has its applications in every step of life and every corner of the universe

Engineers apply the sciences of physics and mathematics to find suitable solutions to problems or to make improvements
  • They develop and implement improved ways to extract , process and use raw materials
  • Engineers in each branch have a basic knowledge and training that can be applied in many fields
industrial engineering

Prepares technically proficient management professionals for business, industry, education, and government.

Industrial technologists are the generalists who help achieve coordination between various technical areas. Under various titles, they form the bridge between engineering and manufacturing and construction operations.


Employment opportunities include:

> Production Supervisor

> Project Engineer

> Plant Manager

> Procurement Engineer

> Quality Control Manager

> Project Manager

> Industrial Engineer

> Quality Engineer

> Manufacturing Engineer

mechanical engineering9
Mechanical Engineering

Wherever there are machines, there are mechanical engineers. A higher concentration of engineers is in the automotive, aircraft, machine tools, power generation systems, power utilities and federal government.

Mechanical engineering has become one of the most prominent in the effort to conserve energy and make energy-intensive processes and machines more efficient.


Mechanical engineering is one of the largest and broadest engineering field.

  • Mechanical engineering deals with power and the design of machines and processes used to generate power and apply it to useful purposes.
  • Mechanical engineers work in many industries and their work varies by industry and function.
  • Mechanical engineering is one of the broadest engineering disciplines
potential employers of mechanical engineers
Potential Employers of Mechanical Engineers

Private Consulting Engineering firms


Automobile Industries

Private Research firms

Testing Laboratories

Government agencies of all types etc.

earning capacities of mechanical engineers
Earning Capacities of Mechanical Engineers

$58,000 for Bachelors degree candidates,

$63,000 for Masters degree candidates,

$75,000+ for PhD candidates.

important courses
Important Courses



Analytical geometry


A good background of physics and chemistry is also important to mechanical engineers.


Texas Space Grant Consortium Scholarship

Citgo Scholarship


ASME scholarships


Roe scholarship ($8000)

Green Scholarships ($3000)

Duncan Scholarships ($3000)

Gracik Scholarships ($1500)

Miller Scholarships ($1500)

Adams Scholarships ($2000)

abet accreditation
ABET Accreditation

TAMUK has been accredited by ABET

ABET accreditation is assurance that a college or university program meets the quality standards established by the profession for which it prepares its students.

It examines the whole institution and specific programs of study

This type of accreditation is granted to specific programs at specific levels. Architecture, nursing, law, medicine, and engineering programs are often evaluated through specialized accreditation.


TAMUK holds in its possession a number of professional organizations.

Students actively participate in them and attend conferences on subjects related to their interests

These organizations give a leverage while finding jobs.


ASME – American Society of Mechanical Engineers

SHPE – Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers

AICHE – American Institute of Chemical Engineers

ASCE – American Society of Civil Engineers

EA – Engineering Ambassadors

FPS – Fluid Power Society

IEEE – Inst. of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

NAEP – Association of Environmental Professionals

SWE – Society of Woman Engineers

CSA – Computer Science Association


Students and Faculty at TAMUK are active in Research in different fields of engineering

Students are offered a good stipend to participate