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Open Enrollment What We Know So Far

Open Enrollment What We Know So Far. September 10, 2019. Agenda. Getting Ready for OE 2020 Benefit Information 2020 Communication Plan & Resources Next Steps. Getting Ready for OE. Managing Events. Getting Ready for OE Managing Open Events.

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Open Enrollment What We Know So Far

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  1. Open EnrollmentWhat We Know So Far September 10, 2019

  2. Agenda • Getting Ready for OE • 2020 Benefit Information • 2020 Communication Plan & Resources • Next Steps

  3. Getting Ready for OE Managing Events

  4. Getting Ready for OEManaging Open Events • Need to have a minimal number of open events when OE event is created • Encourage new hires to enter elections ASAP – especially early September hires • Finalize open events that need no entry (TER, RET, TRA, RFL….) • Enter all paper applications as soon as received • Enter SHR events as soon as possible (must wait until HIR finalized) • 9/2 – 10/17 open on 9/6 • 10/18 – 11/6 open on 9/17 • 11/7 – 11/20 open on 9/25 • All open SHR events must be entered by 9/27/19 – then continue to monitor throughout OE

  5. Getting Ready for OEAGE Events through End of Year • Process all AGE events with an event date of 12/31/19 by 9/23/19 • Need to remove all ineligible dependents prior to creation of OE events • AGE Job Aid

  6. Getting Ready for OELookback + HR Entry • Run WRS Lookback reports on the Monday after payroll confirms • Complete job entry so ELG event is created • Contact employee immediately and enter applications as soon as received • Lookback Job Aid • Do not do entry on any new hires in Job with an effective date of 10/2 or later until 9/23/19 • The first round of benefit program updates is effective 10/2/19 – need to wait until the system is updated with 2020 health plans before any HIR, HFA events are created • Minimize any job entry with an effective date of 10/2 or later until 9/23/19

  7. 2020 Benefit Information What’s Changing for 2020?

  8. 2020 Health Plans • Security Health Plan (Central and Valley) will not be available in 2020 • Must enroll in a new plan during OE • At least 2 other options in each county where Security offered • Security Health Plan in eBenefits for hires 10/2 through 12/31 • Plan Type 10 will be available for selection through end of year • Will no longer appear for Plan Type 1V (waiting) • If employee selects Security for 1U (early), it will create an error because you can’t pick Security for 1V. • Language has been added in eBenefits (for new hires) to indicate Security is not available in 2020

  9. 2020 Health Plans • Dean Health Plan – Prevea360 • Expanding to Barron, Buffalo, Chippewa, Dunn and Eau Claire counties (limited availability in Pepin) • WEA Trust East • Expanding to Langlade, Lincoln, Oneida, Price, Taylor and Vilas counties (limited availability in Forest) • Network • Expanding to Marathon county • SMP will continue to be offered only in Forest County • There will be fewer providers so employees should confirm their providers will still be in-network

  10. Health Uniform Benefit Changes • Vaccines will be covered at all in-network retail pharmacies • Bariatric surgery and weight loss services will be provided for participants with a body mass index (BMI) of 35 or greater • Can also be approved if BMI < 35 per health plan determination • Expanded Uniform Dental Benefits • No cost periodontal maintenance • Coverage for Pulp Vitality Test (helps determine treatment plan) • Coverage for Caries assessments (helps predict future dental health) • Cost of Uniform Dental will increase by $1/month to $4 (single) and $9 (family)

  11. 2020 Health Insurance Premiums (Non – HDHP)

  12. Health Insurance Premium Increase BreakdownMonthly – Non-HDHP

  13. 2020 Health Insurance Premiums (HDHP)

  14. Health Insurance Premium Increase BreakdownMonthly - HDHP

  15. Supplemental Benefits – Outgoing Plans • Zurich AD&D will no longer be available • No continuation rights • Agencies should work to collect all outstanding premiums owed (review arrears – remove caps, collect premiums in advance of LOA, manage employees currently on LOA) • All premiums for these plans must be collected and remitted by February 1st so the final deductions for these plans will be taken in 2020 PP2 and all paper checks must be deposited and recorded by 1-17-20 to ensure that these are included with final payment that will occur around 1-24-20. • Zurich will send a letter to all enrollees by mid-September • Note: new hires will still be able to enroll in AD&D through end of year – Central Benefits will monitor for enrollments to make sure they are terminated correctly. • Language has been added to eBenefits (for new hires) to indicate the plan is not available in 2020. • Mutual of Omaha Long-Term Care Insurance will not accept new enrollments after 12/31/19. • Current participants can continue their coverage and do not have to take any action

  16. Supplemental Benefits – New Plans • Delta Dental PPO – Preventive Plan • Provides same coverage as Uniform Dental Benefits • Can only enroll if not covered by State Group Health Insurance as an employee or dependent • In eBenefits, employees will have to say that won’t be covered by SGH in order to enroll • Audits will be done by both Central Benefits and ETF to ensure someone isn’t enrolled in health and Preventive Dental • Securian Accident Plan • Pays money directly to participants to help cover the unexpected, such as concussions, burns, fractures, dislocations, emergency care, hospitalization, surgery and accidental death • Identify theft protection and travel assistance included

  17. Delta Dental PPO Premiums 2020 Delta Dental Premiums

  18. Delta Dental PPO Premium Increase Breakdown - Monthly

  19. VSP and Accident Plan Premiums

  20. ConnectYourCare Replacing TASC • ConnectYourCare is replacing TASC as the vendor for all pre-tax savings plans (Healthcare/LPFSA, Dependent Day Care FSA, Parking/Transit ERA, Health Savings Account) • ConnectYourCare Employer Microsite • Employee website and customer service number will be available on 9/15/19 • Multiple communications have been sent to employees • 8/12 – TASC notification • 8/19 – ETF email announcement • 8/26 – CYC welcome letter

  21. CYC Transition Timeline

  22. CYC Transition Tips • Healthcare FSA, LPFSA, Parking/Transit • It is recommended that employees submit all 2019 claims as soon as possible to avoid carrying over a balance. 2019 carryover balance won’t be available until 5-1-20. • HSA • Starting on 9/30, employees can complete e-consent to transfer HSA funds from TASC to CYC. Must e-consent by 12/31/19 or they will need to go through a longer paper transfer process • Employees can keep funds with TASC but will be subject to $3/month maintenance fee • In order to expedite transfer, employee may want to consider liquidating investment assets

  23. HSA Limits • Increase in total HSA annual contribution maximum • No change to HSA annual employer contribution • Single = $750 • Family = $1,500 • Prorated if required to pay < ½ time rates or coverage effective after January 1st

  24. FSA & ERA Limits • 2020 FSA limits have not been released by IRS • If there is a significant change to limits for 2020, ETF will determine if limits will be changed under state plan

  25. 2020 Communication Plan & Resources

  26. OE Communication Work Groups • Five OE Communications Work Groups made up of 5 – 8 members each of agency staff • Email templates/announcements • PPT templates • Job Aids • OE Toolkit • Confirmation Statements and eBenefits • Overall communication plan vetted by entire group (all work group members) • Individual materials vetted by members of topical groups

  27. Employee Messaging • Will use Employee Messaging to do the vast majority of OE communications • Message sent directly from the system to the email that is attached to an employee’s IAM • Public queries will be available so you can see who will or who has received a message and at what email address • All emails will come from OpenEnrollmentDoNotReply@Wisconsin.gov (same address as last year)

  28. Employee Messaging Example

  29. Timing of Employee Messages (tentative) • 9/26 (evening) – Initial OE Email that outlines what can be done during OE and provides resources • First week of OE – focused messages: • Employees enrolled in Security • Employees enrolled in AD&D • Employees enrolled in HSA • Employees enrolled in FSA/ERA plans • Employees enrolled in OOS • Employees not enrolled in health insurance – availability of Preventive Dental • Employees not in HSA now but have been in HSA in the past – can move funds to CYC

  30. Timing of Employee Messages • During last 2 weeks of OE (final schedule available closer to OE) • 2 weeks left in OE reminder • OE in Notified Status • Enrolled in HDHP and Healthcare FSA (not LPFSA) • Enrolled in LPFSA but non-HDHP health plan • Enrolled in HDHP but haven’t enrolled in HSA for 2020 • Enrolled in Security but haven’t enrolled in a new plan for 2020 • Enrolled in Health without Dental and Supplemental Dental

  31. Emails to be Sent by Agencies • 9/19 – OE is Coming and Benefit Fair Announcement (query and email template will be available) • Last 2 weeks of OE (and after OE) • Enrolled in Preventive Dental and Health Insurance • Enrolled in HDHP for 2020 but is 65 or will turn 65 in 2020 • Enrolled in Access Out of State Plan for 2020

  32. Enterprise Resources • The following resources will be available prior to OE: • OE Employee Toolkit that includes: • eBenefits Quick Guide • Open Enrollment Summary Brochure • Open Enrollment PPT (this is the template PPT provided to agencies) • OE Job Aid for agency benefits staff • OE Monitoring Queries

  33. eBenefits Changes • Effective with all events with an event date of 1-1-20 or later… • The Access Plans will appear at the bottom of the list of health plans in eBenefits • HSA plans will still be in alphabetical order • The Healthcare FSA plan will appear ABOVE the LPFSA plan in eBenefits • Hopefully, this will stop employees from enrolling in the wrong plan • If employees want to enroll in the Preventive Dental Plan, they will have to correctly answer a question indicating that they will not be covered by state health insurance (like the OOS questionnaire)

  34. OE Admin & Employee Websites • OE Administrator Website: https://dpm.wi.gov/Pages/HR_Admin/OE_Admin.aspx • Links to ETF Resources • OE Calendar • OE Admin Job Aid • Template Emails, PPTs….. • There will also be an OE website for employees • Will mainly be a summary page • Hasn’t been updated for 2020 yet….

  35. ALEX – the Virtual Benefits Counselor • Employees will be able to log on to ALEX to help them determine what OE elections might be right for them • Reminder – ALEX doesn’t recommend a specific health plan – only a health plan design • Will include information and links in all OE materials • Question/logic update for 2020 – analysis was done, and some questions and behind-the-scenes logic was updated • This change should reduce the number of people who receive the HDHP recommendation and will also provide additional information of why a specific health plan design was selected.

  36. Next Steps Countdown to OE

  37. Next Steps • Attend OE Admin Training (in-person or via webinar) • 9/23, 1pm – 3pm, Wisconsin Room (DOA Building) • No registration necessary if attending in-person • Register for webinar only if attending remotely: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/2009310622180102157 • NOTE: DOC staff should attend DOC-specific training • Review resources on OE Admin website

  38. ETF and Vendor Resources • 9/15 – CYC employee site should be available • 9/16 – 2020 It’s Your Choice website (ETF) should be available • 9/17 – Delta Dental website should be updated for 2020 • 9/17 – It’s Your Choice Kick Off Meeting

  39. Next Steps • Event Maintenance • Process AGE events through 12/31/19 by 9/23/19 • Run WRS Lookback Report and do associated job entry on the Monday after payroll confirm • Stay on top of open events • Process term events ASAP • Encourage new hires to make elections ASAP • Process open SHR events by 9/27 • Work on getting any AD&D arrears and pre-payments cleaned up • Remove any $0.00 caps on Plan Type 22 so missed deductions can take before the end of the year • Zero out any arrears for terminated employees • If the employee isn’t returning soon, send out a collection letter to get payment ASAP • If an employee is going on LOA, take pre-payments through the end of the year

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