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CCM-Charlene Hsieh SM-Amber Graves DataTrapped! Management Review LM-Brent Grimm BM-Eva Chong PM-Jaymee Domingo Mission Statement

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Presentation Transcript

CCM-Charlene Hsieh

SM-Amber Graves


Management Review

LM-Brent Grimm

BM-Eva Chong

PM-Jaymee Domingo

mission statement
Mission Statement
  • The Mission Statement of the Restaurant at Kellogg Ranch is to encourage students to learn being responsible and flexible in servicing customer needs while offering a special experience.
quarter sales objective 1 assessment
Quarter Sales Objective 1 Assessment
  • Increase the sales of high contribution items sold in Winter 2009 by 3% compared to Fall 2008 quarter.
  • Featured item of the week: Crab CakeKey strategies: Table Tent, Flyers, Marketing E-mails, RKR website, and the Sample Plate.


iv.Preview week: BMI Banquet, 48 steak plate, total high contribution item plate: 74 plate.

QTD: we have 146 high contribution item sold.

v. Variance of +34.

vi. Table tent draws some attention to customers.

The hostess took time to show customers about our featured item. The sample crab cake display at the foyer worked out.

Vii. Recommendation.

quarter sales objective 2 assessment
Quarter Sales Objective 2 Assessment
  • Sales Objective #2:

Increase the average daily sales of wine by 3% compared to average of daily sales of wine in Spring 08 and Winter 08 quarters.

ii. RKR Goal - Manage the Business Professionally

iii. The main focus of this objective was to work as a team to increase our sales.

    • We trained the FOH staffs to be familiar with our featured wine and menu.
    • Allowed the FOH staffs sample the featured wine
    • “Fess Parker White Riesling” as our sub-feature wine.

v. Desired result = $329.26 (average daily sales of wine)

QTD = $249/daily average,

Variance = -$80.26

vi. Economic crisis

Management Experience

vii. Recommendation

quarter sales objective 3
Quarter Sales Objective 3
  • Increase the Winter 2009’s quarter food sales by 5% compared to the Winter 2008 and Spring 2008 Quarters.
  • - The opening of the Restaurant at Kellogg Ranch was advertised via the

marquee located on Temple Avenue from 1/20 – 1/23.

- The opening of the Restaurant at Kellogg Ranch was advertised in

multiple campus buildings. Flyers were hung in buildings by the 383

students on Wednesday, January 7.

- The Restaurant in Kellogg Ranch will appear in PolyCentric on 2/4.

- 383 Students distributed flyers in the quad to advertise the Restaurant

at Kellogg Ranch’s opening for service on Wednesday, January 7.


The average of Winter 2008 and Spring 2008 food sales is $58,439.

  • To increase food sales by 5%, we need to achieve $61,360.95 (increase of $2921.95).
  • The average operation days of Winter 08 and Spring 08 are 46 days.
  • For the Winter 2009 quarter, we will be open for 21 days which is 45.65% of 46 operation days. 45.65% of $61,360.95 is $28,011.27, this is the amount we need to generate in food sales during the Winter 2009 quarter to increase the average food sales by 5%.
  • $4,001.61 should be generated in food sales each week to achieve this goal.

v. Variance of +$609.39

vi. Guest count of 152 guests over the course of three days with an average guest check of $35.25

vii. Sales objective strategies primarily used marketing collaterals to increase the awareness of the Restaurant at Kellogg Ranch. One guest said they heard about us via flyers/advertisements.

viii. Recommendation.

front of the house objective assessment
Front of the House Objective Assessment
  • Demonstrate efficiency with Micros by achieving a 95% or higher on the Micros assessment
  • Exceed Guests Expectations
    • Proper input of guest’s orders
    • Effective communication with BOH
  • Strategies
    • Micros Reference Card in server book
    • Practice session
    • Micros Assessment
  • Those staff members that did not achieve a 95% or higher on the assessment took the exam the following day. All FOH members had achieved a 95% or higher by the start of service.

v. Challenging, Relevant

  • Sides were not entered into Micros
  • Items were entered under the wrong seat number
  • Orders were entered under the wrong table number

vi. First week of service for the quarter

  • Still trying to get familiar with the basic operations of the restaurant

vii. Practice makes perfect.

back of the house objective assesment
Back of the House Objective Assesment
  • Family Meal will be served by 4:45 pm.

Strategy 1:

  • All kitchen staff will be in complete uniform and ready to work at 3:00 pm.

Results of Action:

  • Having all BOH staff in class and complete uniform made for any easier transition moving from the classroom to the kitchen .
  • When all BOH staff were present in the kitchen it was standard to have all staff members line up and conduct the uniform check.

Strategy 2:

  • The team will have the requisition sheet for Family Meal accurately submitted by the Friday prior to Management Week, January 16.

Results of Action:

  • Having the requisition sheet submitted on Friday ensured that the product needed for Family Meal would arrive by Tuesday January 20.
  • Having all the product needed for family meal for the week arrive on Tuesday allowed the Family Meal team to prepare most ingredients a day ahead, reducing cooking time the day of.

Strategy 3:

  • The production schedule for family meal will be completed by the week prior to management and given to the persons assigned to prepare Family Meal for each day during Management Week.

Results of Action:

  • The recipes for Family Meal were given to the each individual assigned to Family Meal on Friday January 16, doing so ensured that they would know what they were preparing and allowed them the time to learn the recipes.

Strategy 4:

  • The Service Manager and Line Manager will ensure that their respective staff is ready and prepared to eat by 4:40 p.m.

Results of Action:

  • By periodically checking to see how the FOH and BOH tasks prior to service were progressing each Manager was able to gauge how far along their staff were and estimate a time when their staff could break for Family Meal.
revenue analysis variance
Revenue Analysis & Variance
  • Initial 382 forecast: Spring 08 and Fall 08.
  • Preview Week: Average guest count: 35 Average check (ALA): $36.01
  • DataTrapped Week: Average guest count: 51 Average check:$35.25
revenue variance19
Revenue Variance
  • Guest Count
  • QSA Food
  • Without QSA: $5471.50, check average at $35.99, variance of $0.14
menu mix analysis
Menu Mix Analysis
  • We chose to compare our Week 1 totals with that of Fall 2008, Week 1 and Spring 2008, Week 1 when the steakhouse concept began at the RKR.
  • The figures used to compare data were an average of both Spring 2008 and Fall 2008 Quarters for each entree sold and their respective contribution margin.
expense analysis
By investing in a set of production sheets that are laminated once at the beginning at the quarter, the amount of paper consumed can be reduced substantially since for the four days class is in session each team member is issued a production sheet to be used just once. Expense Analysis
financial summary
Financial Summary

Changes in check averages & revenue

Preview Week:

BMI Banquet: $50 average Preview Week Check Avg:$46.73. Without BMI Check Avg: $36.01.

DataTrapped Week:

Average check: $35.25

  • Week 1

Lunch Check Average: $15.02

Dinner Check Average: $35.25

  • QTD Lunch Check Average

Before Week 1: $10.83

After Week1: $12.92

  • QTD Dinner Check Average

Before Week 1: $46.73

After Week 1: $40.99

  • QTD RKR Check Average

Before Week 1: $30.58

After Week 1:$24.45

  • Total Sales

Before Week 1:$5780

At Week 1:$7971

QTD: $13751

weekly food cost and the resultant change in the qtd food cost
Weekly Food Cost and the resultant change in the QTD food cost.
  • Preview week’s food cost :
  • Food Purchase: $8686
  • DataTrapped Week
  • -Food Purchase$4285
  • -Food sales was $6923
  • -Food Cost decrease by 134.1 % to 61.9% and 32.2% (after adjustment).
  • QTD
  • Food purchase was $12,971
  • Food sale was $11,354 which results, 114% and 34.29% after adjustment.
  • Prior to Week 1:

Food Cost: 196%

Food Cost (after adjustment): 36.0%

  • Week 1:

Food Cost 61.9%

Food Cost (after adjustment): 33.2%

  • QTD (after Week 1)

Food Cost :114%

Food Cost (after adjustment): 34.29%

weekly bar cost and the resultant change in the qtd bar cost
Weekly Bar cost and the resultant change in the QTD bar cost.
  • Factors resulting in high bar cost
  • BMI Banquet
  • Wine tasting
  • Prior to Week 1:

Bar Issue: $943

Bar Sales: $1,349

Bar Cost: 69.9%

Bar Cost (after adjustment): 68.5%

  • Week 1:

Bar Issue: $428

Bar Sales: $1,048

Bar Cost: 40.9%

Bar Cost (after adjustment): 36.3%

  • QTD

Bar Issue: $1,371

Bar Sales: $2,397

Bar Cost: 57.2%

Bar Cost (after adjustment): 54.42%

one comment on another non product expense
One comment on another, non-product expense.
  • Preview Week
  • DataTrapped Week

Prior to Week 1: -$7,804

Week 1:-$69

QTD (combine preview week and Week 1): -$7873

Total training expense was $6951.51.

Total expense was $21,624.

The total sales was $13751.00


Some of our guests’ comments include:

  • Server has good timing on filling glasses
  • Guests think salmon was great
  • Server has recommended a great wine
  • Our guests perceive high knowledge;
  • Servers are helpful
  • Managers are very helpful and knowledgeable
  • Server has great attention to detail and empathy
cost control manager recommendations
Cost Control Manager Recommendations






  • The middleman between the FOH and BOH.
  • Communication with BM, SM and LM to insure the flow of the service.- Customers arrival time and order entry. - Sequence of service update to the expo and LM
  • Monitor the reception to insure, BOH inventory reflected to the updated guest count. - Update plate count - Briefing Items
  • Listen to servers’ reports and confirm with the Micros order entry.
  • Help and support your staff.
service manager recommendations
Service Manager Recommendations
  • Micros Timing
    • Use table management form
beverage reservation manager recommendations
Beverage/ Reservation Manager Recommendations
  • Communication between all STAFF members and TEAM members is KEY.
  • Learn from your mistakes and from others.
  • Treat the staff how you would treat yourself.
  • Always have sense of urgency so that you can provide support for your staff and the managers.
production manager recommendations
Production Manager Recommendations

Safety & Sanitation

  • Having a well-informed staff is key in assuring staff and guest safety
  • Correct improper use of equipment or sanitation procedures
  • Train your eye to spot any potential hazards in the kitchen
line manager recommendations
Line Manager Recommendations
  • Taste Everything
  • Sense of Urgency
  • Anticipate Needs of Line Chefs
  • Do not be afraid to step behind the line
cost control manager key insight
Cost Control Manager Key Insight
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Support
  • Management Experience
service manager insight
Service Manager Insight
  • Leadership Qualities
  • Staff Motivation and Support
  • Treat your staff with respect, show a genuine concern for their well being and appreciate their hard work. Theywill work harder for you and the positive attitude you have shown them will trickle down to your guests
beverage reservation manager key insight
Beverage/ Reservation Manager Key Insight
  • To act as a bridge of Front of the house and Back of the house.
  • Teamwork is other major phases to success.
  • Communication must take place between all managers.
production key insight
Production Key Insight

Production Manager Insight

  • Production is there to support the line
  • Have clear and concise production sheets
  • Have the most current forecast
  • Be flexible if guest count changes
  • Adjust the recipes being prepared in accordance with whatever situation arises
line manager key insight
Line Manager Key Insight
  • Teaching new skill sets
  • Individual work speed
  • Kitchen Confidence
  • Everyday of our week we took ownership for and embraced both the obstacles and successes, as managers we felt that at the end of the week that we had given our all. Of course none of this would have been possible without our hard working, enthusiastic staff and professors. We now step away from the management spotlight with a very special experience that will stay with us forever and look forward to helping other management teams achieve the same level of success that we did.