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Youth Perspective on Technology December 13, 2005 PowerPoint Presentation
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Youth Perspective on Technology December 13, 2005

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Youth Perspective on Technology December 13, 2005 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Philippines Brazil India Youth Perspective on Technology December 13, 2005 DATA VIDEO VOICE INTERNET Powerful Easy to Acquire Affordable INTERNET BACKGROUND 1992 > Philippines had one of the lowest levels of telephone penetration in Asia.

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Philippines Brazil India

Youth Perspective on Technology

December 13, 2005








Easy to Acquire






> Philippines had one of the lowest levels of

telephone penetration in Asia.

1 telephone for every 100 people.

> Dial Up is commonly used


> Internet Café is the growth driver 38%

> 6.3 Million internet gamers by 2008*

*International Data Corporation

internet s online oxygen
Internet’s Online Oxygen

> Integrating online access to daily life is fast increasing

> Dial-up is out > Broadband is in

> Move to UNWIRE > WiFi

> Looming explosion of WiFi enabled

PDAs and phones

the world today
The World Today

> One-third of American Internet users now have broadband connection

> Number of broadband connections in Europe increased by 136% over

the last 12 months

> More Americans than ever before were on the Internet -- 78 percent of the

population -- and their use of the medium rose to an average of 13.3 hours a


> Internet has overtaken television as the most heavily used medium

amongst boys in HK

> AOL has found that Internet is now the primary communication tool for

US teenagers

> 20% of European seniors now have access to the Internet

> "Always on" broadband Internet hook-ups are transforming American life,

empowering grass roots politics, molding new work and shopping habits and

bringing far flung families closer

in the philippine setting
In the Philippine Setting

> There are 24million mobile Phone subscribers

> There are 4.5 million Internet subscribers

> Around 80,000 people are on broadband

> Broadband is growing at a rate of

100% every year

in the philippine setting8
In the Philippine Setting
  • Increase of broadband technology usage
  • PDA phones are in
  • Rise of WiFi access
  • Product integration with Online Games thru ISP’s, Telcos and other product/service providers.
  • Emergence of Online Games > seen as the

Online Gaming Capital of SEA.

  • Rise of Virtual Communities





Internet Access

- Email

- Web Surfing

- Research

- Reading News

- Shopping

- Friendster

- Chat (webcam)

- On-line Gaming***

- Entertainment

- VOiP

- Blog



> Friendship

> Kids learn how to use the internet

> Social Interaction = improves confidence

> Enhancement of math skills.

> Playing as a motivation for studying

> Teamwork

youth programs
Youth Programs

The Level-Up Youth Programs Department will be the driving force of Level Up! Inc. in-charged for the Corporate Social Responsibility.

Our mission is to implement various company social advocacy projects focused on the empowerment of the Youth.

how to protect yourself from hacks and identity theft
> Do not use third-party programs because these could be remote keyloggers in disguise.How to protect yourself from HACKS and IDENTITY THEFT

> Download anti-spyware software such as

Privacy Keyboard or Spy Sweeper and regularly

run this on the computer before you play.

Ask the café admin/owner for assistance.

> Keep your username and password to yourself.

Change your password regularly, and make it

hard to guess.

how to protect yourself from scams
> NEVER trade items for real money.How to protect yourself from SCAMS

> Examine the item carefully, making sure it’s the one

you really want and not a look alike.

  • Take screenshots so that you have evidence if you

do get scammed. You should also make a record if

you sell items so you’re protected if someone

accuses you of scamming.

> Don’t accept suspicious items from people you don’t

know. There’s no such thing as a free lunch.

> NEVER give your password to anyone