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Garmin 1000

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Garmin 1000. A Brief Overview Kyle Black Carol Cushman. Garmin 1000. What are the two display units? PFD (Primary Flight Display) MFD (Multi-Function Display). Primary Flight Display. What is displayed on the PFD? Configured to display flight instruments

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garmin 1000

Garmin 1000

A Brief Overview

Kyle Black

Carol Cushman

garmin 10002
Garmin 1000
  • What are the two display units?
    • PFD (Primary Flight Display)
    • MFD (Multi-Function Display)
primary flight display
Primary Flight Display
  • What is displayed on the PFD?
    • Configured to display flight instruments
  • Does anything else show up on the PFD?
multi function display
Multi-Function Display
  • What information is shown on the MFD?
    • Information pertaining to the flight such as:
      • Maps
      • Waypoint information
      • Distances
      • Variety of other information.


  • Center
    • “Soft Keys”



How does the G1000 system receive all of its information?

  • G1000 receives information from 4 main systems
  • What are these 4 main components?
    • Attitude Heading and Reference System (AHRS or GRS)
    • Air Data Computer (ADC or GDC)
    • Engine Indication System (EIS or GEA)
    • Transponder (GTX)
attitude heading and reference system
Attitude Heading and Reference System
  • Performs attitude, heading, and vertical acceleration calculations for the G1000 system
  • How?
    • Uses GPS, magnetometer, air data and data it receives from internal sources
attitude heading and reference system15
Attitude Heading and Reference System
  • Which instruments are associated with the AHRS?
    • Attitude Indicator
    • HSI (Directional Gyro)
    • Slip/Skid Indicator
air data computer
Air Data Computer
  • Which instruments is the ADC connected to?
    • Vertical Speed Indicator
    • Airspeed Indicator
    • Altimeter
air data computer17
Air Data Computer
  • Which system does the ADC receive its data from?
    • Pitot-Static System
    • OAT Probe
  • Do you think the system is set up the same way conventional instruments would be (i.e. wafers inside instrument compartments)?
engine indication system
Engine Indication System
  • Engine Monitor is responsible for receiving and processing the signals from all of the engine and airframe sensors
  • Connected to:
    • CHT measuring sensors
    • EGT sensors
    • RPM
    • Fuel flow
    • Fuel gauging system
engine indication system19
Engine Indication System
  • What engine information is relayed to the user?
      • Tachometer
      • Fuel Flow Indicator
      • Oil Pressure Indicator
      • Oil Temperature Indicator
      • Exhaust Gas Temperature
      • Vacuum Pressure Indicator
      • Fuel Quantity Indicator
      • Engine Hours (Tachometer)
      • Voltmeter (M, E BUS VOLTS)
      • Ammeter (M, S BATT AMPS)

Control and operation of the transponder is accomplished using the PFD.

The transponder unit is mounted in the tail cone avionics racks.

Automatically turns to “ALT” mode when accelerating for takeoff.


What happens if the PFD screen itself fails?

    • Flight instruments will automatically display on the MFD in the same format.
  • What is this mode called?
    • Reversionary mode