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ENGR 114 Chapter 3: Sketching Sketching (Freehand) Sketching is a method of visualizing and conceptualizing your ideas that will allow you to communicate your ideas to others.

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ENGR 114 Chapter 3: Sketching

Sketching freehand l.jpg
Sketching (Freehand)

  • Sketching is a method of visualizing and conceptualizing your ideas that will allow you to communicate your ideas to others.

  • Sketching is not intended to produced final engineering drawings, but it is an important step in the engineering design process.

Sketching pencils l.jpg
Sketching Pencils

  • Pencils come with leads of varying degrees of hardness.

  • Hard grades H – 4H

  • Soft grades B – 4B

  • HB = #2 Pencil

  • The larger the number the harder of softer the lead.

Understanding sketching techniques l.jpg
Understanding Sketching Techniques

  • Analyzing complex objects

    • The ability to break down complex shapes into simpler geometric primitives is an essential skill for sketching and modeling objects

    • Basic curves and straight lines are the basis of many objects

Understanding sketching techniques6 l.jpg
Understanding Sketching Techniques

  • Maintaining Proportions – It is very important to keep the sketch in proportion

    • It is beneficial to block out general proportions using construction lines.

Understanding sketching techniques7 l.jpg
Understanding Sketching Techniques

  • Essential shapes can be blocked in using construction lines

  • Proportions are also maintained

Sketching lines l.jpg
Sketching Lines

  • Straight Lines

    • Angle Paper

    • Swing from elbow and not wrist

    • Draw in one fluid stroke

    • Experiment with direction

Sketching objects 3d l.jpg
Sketching Objects (3D)

  • Viewpoint

    • You should always maintain the same viewpoint when sketching an object.

  • Isometric Sketching

    • When sketching 3D objects it is easiest to choose a viewpoint that will produce an isometric sketch.

Basic structure of objects l.jpg
Basic Structure of Objects

  • Cube or Rectangular Solid

  • Cylinder

  • Cone / Pyramid

  • Sphere

  • Combination of the above

Sketching cubes or rectangular solids l.jpg
Sketching Cubes or Rectangular Solids

Sketching cylinders cones and pyramids l.jpg
Sketching Cylinders, Cones and Pyramids

Geometric constructions l.jpg
Geometric Constructions

  • We are going to cover five basic geometric constructions that will be useful in drawing.

    • Bisect an angle

    • Bisecting a line using a compass.

    • Draw a perpendicular to a line at a point.

    • Finding the center of a circle

    • Dividing a line into n equal segments