cmc is hosted by the royal marsden nhs foundation trust n.
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CMC is hosted by The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust PowerPoint Presentation
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CMC is hosted by The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust

CMC is hosted by The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust

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CMC is hosted by The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust

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  1. CMC is hosted by The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust A Presentation for Camden GPs An update from CMC 16th March 2016 Diana Howard –Nurse Director CMC| March 2016

  2. Where are we at? • Successful IT system launch (November 2015) • Ongoing system refinements every month • Telephone validation • Patient lists loading and printing • Easier smartcard use • 27k+ care plans across London

  3. CMC Activity and Outcomes

  4. Camden CCG highlights 647care plans to date On average 15 new patients being added a month 11.8% of expected EoLC population 84% of patients are dying in their preferred place 16% die in hospital versus national average of 54% In Feb 2016 CMC care plan creators comprised of: Acute teams (75%) GPs (17%) Hospices (8%) Autoflagging set up at UCLH

  5. Access by urgent care Urgent care services have access to patients’ care plans 24/7

  6. Urgent Care Summary Screen Easy view banner gives key identifiable data for the patient including name, DOB, NHS number A new feature to show when the plan was last modified and that the information provided is relevant and current Quick link icons of information below including DNR, allergy, alerts and home access Alerts will house key information that will help you make a rapid assessment of the patient and highlight any risk factors or potential danger to attending staff Clearly relays the resuscitation status of the patient and informs you if the patient is for DNACPR Home Access provides useful information on the living status of the patient including accommodation and carer details Significant Diagnoses gives you the primary condition the patient is receiving care for The Ceiling of Treatment allows you to understand the appropriate level of medical management Preferences provides a snapshot of where the patient would like to be cared for and their preferred place of death This urgent care screen presents key information that will be needed in an emergency situation. The full CMC care plan is always available to access for further background

  7. Urgent Care Summary Further details on your patient sit behind these headings for full background and context should you need it The Patient Consent tab confirms that consent has been obtained to allow the sharing of  information with legitimate care providers The Emergency Treatment Plan is vital for out of hours and urgent care users as it gives guidance on symptoms and how to manage them This tab allows read only urgent care users to add notes onto the system (see overleaf) E.g. if an OOH GP visits a patient and wants to add a note to highlight a changed medication E.g. if NHS 111 wanted to say they referred the patient to a 24 hour nursing service

  8. EMIS • Big piece of work currently being carried • EMIS “in-context link” which means that from within EMIS Web you can now: • See if a patient has a record and launch this care plan, view it, edit it and save changes • See if a patient doesn’t have a record and create one without having to log into CMC separately • Positive step in interoperability goals

  9. Roll out • Roll out will commence from 21st March to 962 EMIS practices across London server by server • EMIS available in all practices by end of May • Resource to support users and practice managers being distributed • Practice managers have to ‘switch on’ the functionality at the local level • Any new users need to fill out and return correct IG to be issued login details and get going 2016

  10. How does this look?

  11. How does this look? Required to log in only once after which you will be recognised as a returning user

  12. What's in the pipeline? • Patient read only access to care plans • Patient portal • Increasing interoperability steps with other providers • Ongoing system improvements

  13. Any feedback/questions?

  14. CMC is hosted by The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust