a framework for your pipeline integrity program l.
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A Framework for Your Pipeline Integrity Program

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A Framework for Your Pipeline Integrity Program - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Framework for Your Pipeline Integrity Program. A Few Thoughts Before Beginning. This rule is new to the pipeline industry although many of the concepts are not Many have struggled though the rule’s development A consistent approach can help. Why an Industry Standard?.

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a few thoughts before beginning
A Few Thoughts Before Beginning
  • This rule is new to the pipeline industry although many of the concepts are not
  • Many have struggled though the rule’s development
  • A consistent approach can help
why an industry standard
Why an Industry Standard?
  • A systematic approach --
    • focuses on risk reduction as a goal
    • is more effective
    • is called for by the rule
  • Provides a framework
    • for operators in developing their programs
    • for inspectors in auditing integrity programs
  • Provides additional “meat”
api 1160 managing system integrity for hazardous liquid pipelines
API 1160, “Managing System Integrity for Hazardous Liquid Pipelines”
  • Developed under ANSI consensus procedures
  • Work group included --
    • Pipeline operators
    • OPS regulatory and enforcement
    • Inspection service providers
    • Metallurgists, engineers, corrosion specialists, and more
api 1160 the process
API 1160 -- The Process
  • Drafted by Work Group
  • Reviewed by peers
    • Pipeline operators
    • ASME B31.4 members
    • Pipeline safety advocates
    • Environmental interest groups
  • Comments resolved
  • Aligned with Final Rule on integrity management
api 1160 scope
API 1160 -- Scope
  • Hazardous liquid pipelines
  • Not limited to pipelines regulated in Part 195
  • Not limited to pipelines in high consequence areas
  • Not limited to line pipe
api 1160 contents
API 1160 -- Contents
  • Intro, Scope, References, Definitions
  • Integrity Management Programs -- Overview
  • High Consequence Areas
    • Identification
    • Using HCA info
    • Affecting HCAs
    • Documenting HCA info
api 1160 contents8
API 1160 -- Contents
  • Data Gathering, Review and Integration
  • Risk Assessment Implementation
  • Initial Baseline Plan Development and Implementation
  • Mitigation Options
  • Revision of the Plan
  • Pump Stations and Terminals
  • Program Evaluation
  • Managing Change
api 1160 appendixes
API 1160 -- Appendixes
  • Anomaly Types, Causes and Concerns
  • Repair Strategies
  • Standard Data Fields
    • For tracking release information
    • For tracking system information
what the standard is not
What the standard is NOT --
  • A cookbook for compliance with the rules
  • A simplified approach to risk or integrity management
what the standard is
What the standard IS --
  • An aid in developing the framework for your integrity management program
  • Guidance on the aspects of integrity management you need to be thinking about
  • A means to make your program comparable to other company programs
  • A set of standardized measures allowing you to compare your performance with your peers, if you choose to
highlights identifying hcas
Highlights -- Identifying HCAs
  • It’s the first thing you have to do
  • You are partially dependent on OPS but there are some caveats
    • Population -- Straightforward
    • Navigable waters -- Straightforward
    • USAs -- Not so simple
    • Timing may become an issue
  • Some guidance in the standard
highlights data
Highlights -- Data
  • Identifying data sources (lots of examples)
  • Identifying data needs (different from what you have maybe)
  • Establishing a common reference system -- THE key to integration
highlights risk assessment
Highlights --Risk Assessment
  • A primer that is specific to the pipeline industry
  • Defines the characteristics of a sound approach
    • Structure
    • Adequacy of resources
    • Experience-based
    • Predictive
    • Uses appropriate data
    • Importance of feeback mechanisms
highlights baseline assessment
Highlights -- Baseline Assessment
  • A tutorial on ILI --
    • Anomalies and defects
    • Internal inspection and testing technologies
    • Tools
    • Intervals
  • A tutorial on hydrostatic testing
    • Value and limitations
    • Intervals
highlights baseline assessment16
Highlights -- Baseline Assessment
  • What should you do with what you find?
    • What will be your strategy for responding to anomalies identified
    • Repair overview
    • Mitigation options -- lots of them
highlights program evaluation
Highlights -- Program Evaluation
  • Recommends specific performance measures
  • Defines a way to look at the value and utility of performance measures, i.e. methodology
  • Comparisons
    • Internal
    • External
    • Audits
final thoughts
Final Thoughts
  • The Standard
    • The standard is not typical
    • The standard significantly raises the expectation bar, probably more then the rule itself does
  • The Rule
    • Requires leak detection capability in the rules for the first time
    • Is tough
to get your copy of the current draft
To Get Your Copy of the Current Draft --