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Managing In Tough Times

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Managing In Tough Times. “Bits & Tips” Youth: Needs Vs. Wants. Teenagers’ Wants & Needs. To help your teenager distinguis h between a want and a need, have your child make 2 lists: one for personal needs; the other for personal wants.

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managing in tough times

Managing In Tough Times

“Bits & Tips”

Youth: Needs Vs. Wants

teenagers wants needs
Teenagers’ Wants & Needs
  • To help your teenager distinguish between a want and a need, have your child make 2 lists: one for personal needs; the other for personal wants.
  • Prioritize the lists and talk about how their needs and wants are met.
positive negative messages
Positive & Negative Messages
  • Youth receive negative and positive messages from family, school, media, and pop culture.
  • Negative messages tell teens that they need to look, act, or own something to be accepted.
  • Remind your teen that material things do not define a person.
distinguishing between a want and a need
Distinguishing between a Want and a Need
  • The next time your child has to have the latest and greatest item, challenge them to make a list of everything they already have that they are thankful for.
  • Consider opening your child’s eyes to the less fortunate by volunteering at a soup kitchen, children’s home, or community mission.
  • Learning to give back at an early age can teach lifelong lessons.
pay it forward
Pay it Forward
  • As your child receives birthday or holiday gifts, challenge him or her to sort through their old toys and games.
  • Have a yard sell, donate to charity, or pass along to a younger sibling or friend.
  • If you donate to charity, take your child with you.
  • Use discussions about needs and wants to teach your child to pay it forward!