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GIS-GPS-RFID enabled Integrated Workforce and Fleet Management – Experiences and Learnings in the Indian Context PowerPoint Presentation
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GIS-GPS-RFID enabled Integrated Workforce and Fleet Management – Experiences and Learnings in the Indian Context

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GIS-GPS-RFID enabled Integrated Workforce and Fleet Management – Experiences and Learnings in the Indian Context - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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GIS-GPS-RFID enabled Integrated Workforce and Fleet Management – Experiences and Learnings in the Indian Context. Krishna Vaidyanathan CEO EILABS INDIA PVT LTD. About Us.

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GIS-GPS-RFID enabled Integrated Workforce and Fleet Management – Experiences and Learnings in the Indian Context

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Presentation Transcript

GIS-GPS-RFID enabled Integrated Workforce and Fleet Management – Experiences and Learnings in the Indian Context

Krishna Vaidyanathan



about us
About Us
  • EI LABS is in the business of creating end to end business solutions by embedding intelligence that is context and location aware
  • EI LABS was founded in 2004 January
  • We are focused in the areas of intelligent transportation management, business process automation and industrial / military embedded devices
  • We harness embedded, wireless, GIS and internet technologies to create novel business solutions at Indian price points
business axes
Business Axes
  • Intelligent Transportation Products
    • Automatic Vehicle Location Devices
    • Web enabled Track and Trace Application
    • Fleet Management Software
        • Civic Utilities
        • BPO, Employee Transport Management
        • Logistics, Line Haul and Milk Run
        • Taxi
        • Emergency Response, Ambulance
    • Intra City Automatic Optimal Routing
    • Hosted Application Services
  • Industrial Embedded Computing Products
    • LinSeed, Stamp Size Industrial Linux Computing Module
        • WiFi Enabled EC3 Product Development Platform
          • Industrial Shop Floor Monitoring, RFID Reader
  • Product Development Services
    • Automatic Vehicle Location Devices
    • Track and Trace Application
    • Embedded Computing, ARM9
    • Full design cycle support from Enclosure Design to Testing
automatic vehicle locators
Automatic Vehicle Locators

Collar MDT TD007L Mobile Data Terminal

For Taxi Dispatch Systems. Luxury taxi fleet can use this for dispatch instruction, trip confirmation, passenger security using the online GPS tracking and large LCD display of the system.

Lower cost than comparable systems, Easier to use

Collar Versa TD03G Zero Antenna Vehicle Tracker

High availability, versatile device, designed to eliminate tampering of tracking devices. Especially suited for Long-haul trucks, MILK-RUN and Call Center employee transportation. All internal antennas, provision for rechargeable battery back up and tamper alerts makes it ideal for hired fleet.

automatic vehicle locators6

Collar DuoTD007Track and Talk Vehicle Tracker

Ideal for Call Center Transportation System. GPS, GPRS, two-way voice over headset, and Dynamic Keypad configuration ensures timeliness of employee transport. Also used by Hospital Network to track ambulances. GPRS class 10 features ensure simultaneous data and voice capability

Automatic Vehicle Locators

Collar Alpha TD01G Rugged Vehicle Tracking Unit

Ideal for tracking line-haul trucks. GPS, GPRS, and over the air configuration features packaged in a robust metallic enclosure with a variety of mounting options.Comes with high sensitive external antenna in connector less construction

automatic vehicle locators7

Collar InstaTD05GInstant Mount Vehicle Tracker

Ideal for tracking market hired fleet tracking. Comes with vacuum feet mount and cigarette light adaptor kit to just stick the device to the windscreen and plug the adaptor in to 12V to start tracking instantly.

Collar TraceTD05GMInstant Mount Vehicle Tracker

Ideal for tracking School Buses and Factory transportation. Comes with a tracking device with serial interface, cables and Mifare Reader. Firmware supports remote attendance with location and time stamping in addition to normal vehicle tracking.

Automatic Vehicle Locators
trackit mobile track trace
TrackIT – Mobile Track & Trace
  • TrackIT – Mobile Track and Trace Software and Service
  • Used in conjunction with all the vehicle tracking units, the mobile track and trace application is a fully web enabled fleet tracking system with multi-map capability.
  • EILABS provides the necessary maps in India
transportation solutions
Transportation Solutions
  • CTMS360 – Consignment Tracking & Management Solution
  • create and manage routes and trips, waypoints and schedules
  • consolidate and attach consignment to vehicle, then track by consignment
  • daily, monthly and average vehicle movement, fueling and vehicle maintenance reports
  • Step In – Step-Out, Route Deviation, Time-Place Reports
  • Poly geo-fencing and SMS alert options
transportation solutions cont
Transportation Solutions Cont…
  • ETMS360 – Employee Transport Management Solution
  • Manage employee transportation records, add/delete/modify pick up and drop details
  • Generate, Review and print trip sheets using built-in Automatic Routing engine
  • Estimate and Allocate cabs automatically using built-in Timing Analysis Engine
  • Communicate pick up / drop plan of day to employee over SMS
  • Track employee boarding status using the Remote attendance module
transportation solutions cont11
Transportation Solutions Cont…
  • AMS360 – Ambulance Management Solution
  • Create, Maintain incoming ER requests including on phone diagnosis
  • Locate nearest best-fit ambulance and hospital using Map tools
  • Dispatch ambulance with printed instructions; alert caller over SMS.
  • Track Online ambulance movement
  • Generate movement, response time and transit time analytic reports
embedded solutions
Embedded Solutions

LinSeed v1 – India’s smallest embedded Linux Computer

Factory programmed Linux computing module, with 200 MHz ARM9, Flash and RAM. Small form factor makes it an ideal horizontal offering suitable for use in Defense, Industrial and Automotive products.

LINSPLC – Analog IO Board with Linux Core

16 differential Channel Analog Input, 16 Digital Output Climate Control Board. Used as a climate controller in Defense, with a LinSeedV1 at the heart providing the flexibility of a Linux Computer

embedded solutions cont
Embedded Solutions Cont…

EC3 – Embed Compute Control Communicate Platform

A flexible industrial control platform, with WIFI connectivity, LCD support, Opto Isolated Inputs and Serial Ports, Opto Isolated Outputs, USB and Ethernet to go.

employee transport management

Employee Transport Management


  • Not merely a vehicle tracking, but a true employee tracking suite
  • Necessary Safety and Security hooks
  • Instantaneous, Accurate Data over Intranet
    • Helps Floor Planning
    • Helps correct Root Cause analysis for delays
        • Avoids subjective Transport Vs Employee/Production arguments
  • Helps improve In-Time statistics
  • Cuts cost through
    • improved fleet utilization
    • Improved productivity / reduction in delays
feature overview
Feature Overview
  • GPS enabled real time cab tracking
    • Current Position, Speed, Distance, Stoppage
  • Mifare enabled real time employee boarding indication
  • Auto Routing
    • Direct Trip Sheet Creation and Printing
  • SMS based employee interaction
    • Cab scheduling and allocation
  • Safety and Security features
    • Panic Button
    • Process eliminates need for Cab drivers to have emp phone numbers
  • Fleet Planning
  • MIS tools
the complete etms system
The Complete ETMS system


Mobile Track & Trace

Fleet Manager

GIS Vector Map

GPS device

MiFare Reader

etms proposed flow graph
ETMS Proposed Flow Graph

Auto Router

Traffic Properties


Business Rules



Timing Analyzer

Cab Allocator



Address Geo Coder

Pop up, DB update



TripStart Trigger



Real Time Track Data

collar gps vts plus mifare
Collar GPS VTS plus Mifare
  • Collar GPS platform with serial Interface
  • Mifare or HID reader interface
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Specialized M2M firmware to implement
  • Remote attendance
  • Tested with ETMS360
etms planning process
ETMS Planning Process

Add/Delete/modify local HR DB

Synch HR MS / Upload emp DB excel

Click to Auto Generate Pick up trips

Manual Review & Edit

Click to Auto Generate Drop Trips

Set Routing Properties

Click to Auto Allocate Cabs from fleet


Review & Shift Cabs

View and Print Trip Sheets

etms tracking process

Click to Activate Trip

Alert Employee

Track Trip on Screen

Final Boarding Alert

Close Trip

Enter Trip Actuals


ETMS Tracking Process

Plan and Upload Trip Sheet



MIS entry forms

Compile and Send Shift Statistics

trip tracking process
Trip Tracking Process
  • Click to select and activate trip at control room
  • Click to open and view trip progress
    • Rolling GPS odometer, updates as the vehicle moves
    • Automatic Cab Reporting Time update
      • As the cab approaches the employee residence, the reporting time is updated against the employee
      • Allows the transport team to approve cab move if employee is late
    • Mifare Card Reader updates employee boarding time (Remote Attendance)
      • When the employee boards the cab, flashes his transportation card, the ID updates the server and the trip sheet shows that the employee has reported at such and such time
  • Click to close the trip
      • Automatically creates MIS data on number of employees reported etc
      • Automatically updates GPS TRIP DISTANCE
      • Allows manual entry of trip sheet odometer
tracking ui based on human cognition
Tracking UI based on Human Cognition

Emp Status

Veh Status Msg

Veh Stoppage

Veh In/Out

Independent Clickable Maps

Veh Current Position

remote attendance
Remote Attendance


Location, Date, Time Stamp

etms mgt review process
ETMS Mgt Review Process
  • Customizable MAIN dashboard gives
    • Man hours lost in delayed transportation
    • Cab capacity utilization
    • Routing efficiency
    • Cab In time %
    • Cost Km/employee – daily / Week
  • Demographic Employee Spread
    • Employee distribution against distance
safety and security
Safety and Security
  • PANIC switch in the car
    • When pressed alerts Control Room through screen, SMS etc
    • Street level tracking localizes the vehicle
    • Clear evidence if tampered with, allows employee to be alerted if there is any suspicion
  • Tamper Proof Construction
    • Add battery back up option to your GPS device
    • Alert if main power is disconnected
    • All internal antennas, low tamper possibility
system requirements
System Requirements
  • Tracking Server – Mid Level Quad Core Server, 4 GB RAM
  • SQL Server
  • Windows Server
  • IIS
  • Needs STATIC IP and Internet services
  • All other software including GIS package part of EILABS ETMS package
  • In the TMS system Planning consists of
    • Route Planning
    • Cab Planning
  • Both of the above trade off cost versus delay through the settings in Routing Properties
employee geographic distribution
Employee Geographic Distribution
  • Picture on top is employee count per zone, of BPO-South. It indicates a random spread of employees belonging to Workplace - South over Chennai city.
  • Picture below indicates the time distribution of employees logging in. It compares East and South, both show similar statistical behavior. EAST -525, South – 626 on 15 July
  • Notice that # employees within 5 Kms = # employees between 5 and 10 Kms = # employees beyond 10 Kms.
  • Notice that East and South are similar in terms of peakiness of log-ins
  • Implies that the data analysis on BPO-South site can be compared to any other site, say BPO-East or any new workplace, with similar headcount and login behavior

Total Employees : 1200+

routing efficiency
Routing Efficiency
  • BPO-South employee count has been ramping up
    • Software automatically adjusts the routing efficiency to keep minimal number of routes
    • Effective Change management is possible through TMS
  • Cab Utilization Ratio reaches a very healthy 3.8
    • Implies TMS routing efficiency IS VERY GOOD
  • Compared to Manual processes in EAST site, this is 20% reduction in routes/total employee
costing plan versus actual
Costing – Plan Versus Actual
  • Pink Line is costing in terms of Kms/employee calculated 24 hours in advance
  • Blue Line is Actuals
  • Black is TrendLine of Actuals
  • Notice that the Trend line and the Planned correlate very well
  • Use this information for accurate budget forecast
  • Use this information for catching deviations very easily

Cost-Km per employee for BPO-South, using TMS, stands at around 14. Compare to that of Manual processes in BPO-East yielding over20. 30% saving in cost

gps gprs distance measurement
GPS-GPRS Distance Measurement

Currently, GPRS distance is used to validate actuals reported by vendors

  • Notice Extremely good correlation between Manually logged and GPS based KMs measurement
    • Top picture shows trip-wise match of 5 trips, 5 cabs
    • Bottom picture shows match over 15 days and 13 vehicles from two different vendors
  • Challenge
    • Manual entry errors
    • GPRS reliability 24x7x365?
  • Potential benefit:
    • Makes billing process very simple
    • can save at least one Man-Month
  • Blue Line in Top graph indicates Peak Delays, Pink indicates average delays
  • Blue Line in Bot Graph indicates number of cabs delayed \
  • Big difference between Peak Delay versus average Delay
  • 20% cabs in delay
    • cabs are idling more and departing late, check stoppage report from TMS
    • Routing Properties may need adjustment to provide extra 15 minutes buffer time
current usage profile future updates
Current Usage Profile Future Updates
    • Roster preparation
    • Plus Cab Allocation
  • TWO FTE for
    • Online Data Entry + Tracking
  • Future Updates
    • Will cut the usage time of cab allocation tool
    • Analysis tools will be built on top of existing data
opportunity cost of unused modules
Opportunity Cost of Unused Modules
  • Functionally the tool set is complete, however its usage can be improved and money saved.
  • Online Actuals Entry Tool
    • Better Visibility into the Plan Versus Actual
    • Better Budget Forecast
    • Better Control Over Delays
    • Manpower saved in Billing Generation, Verification and Approval Process
  • Trip Start/End from Cabs
    • Automatic GPRS distance verification and used for billing
    • At least one man month saved
  • Employee ID from Cabs
    • Automatic boarding status
    • At least one man month saved in data entry
  • TMS software needed adaptation of workflow
    • This has been implemented in BPO-South
  • Using the TMS software in South needed time and effort of at least 2 FTE in BPO-South
  • In Relative terms, this has yielded the following savings
    • 30% improvement over manual process
    • 4000 Kms/day
    • 4000 x 7 (avg cost/km) = Rs 28000/day/site
    • Rs 8,40,000/- PER MONTH
why eilabs
  • Company Focused on Intelligent Transportation Management
    • Not one of many software services
  • Our hardware is designed and developed in-House
    • No China Imports
    • Local Service and warranty
  • Your Process – Our technology – Saving Lives & Money
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