branding strategies
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Branding Strategies

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Branding Strategies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Professor Carl Mela BA 460 Product Management Fuqua School of Business. Brand Management System On Building A Brand Managing Across Brands. Branding Strategies. Agenda. Depth of Branding Strategy Brand Hierarchies Sub-branding. Depth of Branding Strategy.

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Presentation Transcript
branding strategies
Professor Carl Mela

BA 460 Product Management

Fuqua School of Business

Brand Management System

On Building A Brand

Managing Across Brands

Branding Strategies
  • Depth of Branding Strategy
  • Brand Hierarchies
  • Sub-branding
depth of branding strategy
Depth of Branding Strategy
  • How many brands (DeWalt, B&D) in a category (tools)?
  • Depends on number of segments and differences between them (e.g., Ford and Jaguar)
  • And cross effects; Corvette helps Chevy
brand hierarchies
Brand Hierarchies
  • Pirahna by Black & Decker
  • Creates a tree structure of brands in consumers mind








brand hierarchies1
Brand Hierarchies
  • There are positive and negative associations at each level (avoid or fix the negative levels)
    • Corporate (Duke)
    • Family (Fuqua)
    • Individual (MBA)
    • Modifier (Daytime)
  • J&J is corporate, P&G is not. Thus, benefits tend to be abstract (safety) and transfer across individual brands.
brand hierarchies2
Brand Hierarchies
  • Family brands (Disney’s ABC) are useful when corporate brand is highly diversified or there are multiple segments
  • Individual brands are in single category (Dawn, Ivory)
    • Highly targeted, customizable, dissociated from corporate or family.
    • Inefficient and harder to extend
  • Modifiers
    • Helps to differentiate varieties
sub branding
  • Combining levels is sub branding
  • Creates associations with family brand
  • The emphasized brand should be the one that communicates the key points of difference
    • Ralph Lauren Purple Label line
    • Acura Legend or Acura 3.2TL
  • Note, DeWalt would not be a good sub-brand, as B&D carries strong unfavorable brand associations
branding strategies1
Branding Strategies
  • Define the levels of brands to create a logical structure across products
  • Emphasize the levels that lead to associations most pertinent to the brand