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As you walk in…. 1.) Hand in your brochure on the back table . 2.) Pick up a copy of each sheet on the back desk. 3.) Have a seat and take out your notebook…please! Song: “Nowhere to Run”- Martha Reeves and the Vandellas. Today’s Topic:.

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As you walk in
As you walk in…

1.) Hand in your brochure on the back table.

2.) Pick up a copy of each sheet on the back desk.

3.) Have a seat and take out your notebook…please!

Song: “Nowhere to Run”- Martha Reeves and the Vandellas

Today s topic
Today’s Topic:

How (on earth) did the United States become involved in Vietnam???

Guide for important concepts
Guide for important concepts:

  • Definitions in Red

  • Important People Bolded

  • Questions underlined and in italics

Key ingredients the vietnam conflict 1945 1963
Key Ingredients- The Vietnam Conflict 1945- 1963

  • France’s conflict with Vietnam

  • Communists vs. Nationalists

  • Corruption and Instability

I france s conflict with vietnam1
I. France’s conflict with Vietnam

A.) Late 1800s-World War II: France ruled most of Indochina.

1. Built plantations on peasant land rice and rubber for their own profit

2. Silenced opposition by restricting freedom of speech, jailing Vietnamese nationalists

What is colonization?

What is another country that practiced colonization?

I france s conflict with vietnam2
I. France’s conflict with Vietnam

B.) 1924- Ho Chi Minhheads to China and organizes the Indochinese Communist Party

C.) 1940- Japan takes over Vietnam

1. Ho Chi Minh returns home and forms the Vietminh-organization focused on winning Vietnam’s independence.

Review: Why would Japan be controlling Vietnam at this time?

D.) 1945- Japan out, France back in

Ho chi minh telegram
Ho Chi Minh Telegram

  • When is the telegram sent?

  • Who is it sent to?

  • What request is Ho Chi Minh making?

I france s conflict with vietnam3
I. France’s conflict with Vietnam

E.) 1945- France fights for control of Vietnam in First Indochina War.

1.) 1950- U.S. sends $15 billion in aid to France

Why would the U.S. send aid to France?

The domino theory
The Domino Theory:

**If one nation falls to Communism, the others will shortly follow after.**

“You have a row of dominoes set up. You knock over the first one, and what will happen to the last one is the certainty that it will go over very quickly.”- President Eisenhower

How does this theory relate to containment?

I france s relationship with vietnam
I. France’s Relationship with Vietnam

F.)May 1954- France surrenders to Vietminh.

G.) May-July 1954- Geneva Accords

1. Divides Vietnam along 17th parallel.

2. North=Communists


What is another nation that divided along a “parallel” after a war was fought?

Geneva Accords- Geneva, Switzerland

Think pair share

  • Take 30 seconds-1 minute to answer these questions. Then, turn to your neighbor and share:

    1.) Why did France and Vietnam enter a war?

    2.) Who did the U.S. choose to support? Why did it do that?

Ii communists vs nationalists1
II. Communists vs. Nationalists

A.) Geneva Accords:

1. North=Communists

2. South=Nationalists

B.) Two Leaders

1. Ho Chi Minh=Communists

2. Ngo Dinh Diem

i. Anti-Communist

ii. Roman Catholic

Why might Diem be popular with the U.S.?

Ngo Dinh Diem

Ii communists vs nationalists2
II. Communists vs. Nationalists

C.) Conflict

1. 1956- Plan for election backfires

2. Diem forms oppressive government.

i. Restricts Buddhist practices

ii. No land reforms for peasants

D.) 1957- Vietcong forms in the South.

1. Communist opposition group begins assassinating South Vietnam political leaders

John f kennedy letter to ngo dinh diem december 14 1961
John F. Kennedy Letter to Ngo Dinh Diem- December 14, 1961

  • What is the problem in Vietnam?

  • Why would Kennedy want to “help the Republic of Vietnam to protect its people”?

Ii communists vs nationalists3
II. Communists vs. Nationalists

E.) 1961- U.S. increases assistance to South Vietnam

1. Financial Aid

2. Military advisers to train troops

i. 1963= 16,000 U.S. personnel

What does it mean to be “soft on Communism”?

Think pair share1

1.) What is the main political struggle in Vietnam?

2.) Why do you think the U.S. feels the need to get involved?

Iii corruption and instability1
III. Corruption and Instability

A.) Diem’s administration becomes less and less popular

1. Failure to respond to land reform

2. Attacks against Buddhism more intense

i. Imprison and kill hundreds of Buddhist leaders, destroy temples.

Iii corruption and instability2
III. Corruption and Instability

B.) U.S. helps overthrow Diem

1. November 1, 1963- Diem Assassinated.

What should be done with Vietnam now??


  • French occupy and control Vietnam, then___.

  • Vietnam split into two separate governments, one___ and the other____.

  • North and South Vietnam in conflict, U.S. involved- why?

  • South Vietnamese leader_____ becomes more corrupt, overthrown, and assassinated.

Exit slip
Exit Slip

What are two events that led to the United States getting involved in Vietnam?