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Welcome Back Minions. Warm Up Is On The Board. Warm Up Questions. How can an atom behave like a magnet? How are Magnetic Domains arranged in a magnetic material? How can magnets be changed?. Atomic Flashback. An atom contains neutrons and positively

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Welcome back minions

Welcome Back Minions

Warm Up Is On The Board

Warm up questions
Warm Up Questions

  • How can an atom behave like a magnet?

  • How are Magnetic Domains arranged in a magnetic material?

  • How can magnets be changed?

Atomic flashback
Atomic Flashback

An atom contains neutrons and positively

charged protons in its nucleus. Negatively

charged electrons move randomly throughout

an atom.

Electron spin
Electron Spin

  • Electron Spin

    • A spinning electron produces a magnetic field that makes the electron behave like a tiny magnet in an atom.

    • In an atom, most electrons tend to form pairs where each spin in opposite directions of each other, cancelling out the magnetic charge.

    • BUT!!! Some atoms contain electrons that are not paired. These atoms tend to have strong magnetic properties!

Magnetic domains
Magnetic Domains

  • Most material have their magnetic fields point in random directions. This cancel each other out entirely.

Magnetic domains1
Magnetic Domains

In a magnetized material, all or most of the magnet domains are arranged in the same direction.

Magnetic domains2
Magnetic Domains

Modern magnets come in a variety of shapes and are made from many different materials.

Magnetic materials
Magnetic Materials

  • Ferromagnetic Material

    • A material that shows strong magnetic properties.

  • Tend to be made of alloys.

    • Example: Alnico (Aluminum, Nickel, Iron, Cobalt)

    • Most magnets made from Ferrite

      • Mixture of substances that contain ferromagnetic elements.

      • Stronger & less expensive that metal magnets.

World s strongest magnet
World’s Strongest Magnet

  • National High Magnetic Field Laboratory

    • Florida State University

    • 500,000 times stronger than Earth’s Magnetic Field

    • Custom built split magnet


Making a magnet
Making a Magnet

  • The easier it is to make an object magnetized, the quicker the object loses its magnetism.

    • Temporary Magnet

  • The harder it is to magnetize an object, the longer the object stays magnetized!

    • Permanent Magnet

Destroy a magnet
Destroy a Magnet

  • A couple of ways…

    • Strike the magnet.

      • Knocks the domain out of alignment

    • Heating the magnet.

      • Heat = more random movement.

      • Makes it difficult to keep domains aligned!

Breaking a magnet
Breaking a Magnet

Each piece of a magnet retains its magnetic properties after it is cut in half.

Wrap up

  • How can an atom behave like a magnet?

  • How are Magnetic Domains arranged in a magnetic material?

  • How can magnets be changed?

Ticket out the door
Ticket out the door…

  • 1st Column

    • What does it take to make a magnet?

  • 2nd Column

    • What does it take to destroy a magnet?

  • 3rd Column

    • What happens when you break a magnet?