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Welcome Back Minions!!!

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Welcome Back Minions!!! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Class will start shortly…. Welcome Back Minions!!!. Warm-up Question(s):. In the lesson yesterday for Mr. Scott to get a drink, what directions didn’t work? Which directions did work? (Be specific in your examples.). Behold the Power of Observation!!!. On your table is an item.

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warm up question s
Warm-up Question(s):
  • In the lesson yesterday for Mr. Scott to get a drink, what directions didn’t work?
  • Which directions did work?

(Be specific in your examples.)

behold the power of observation
Behold the Power of Observation!!!
  • On your table is an item.
    • Look at it, examine it, pick it up.
  • Write down everything you observe about the object.
    • Be as detailed and specific as you can.
  • You have 3 minutes to record your findings.
qualitative vs quantitative
Qualitative vs Quantitative

Which of your observations involved describing the object but were not measured or dealing with numbers?

Which of your observations involved measurements or numbers?

  • Science – A way of learning about the natural world by gathering information.
  • Observe – Using one or more senses to gather information
  • Qualitative – Descriptions that do not involve measurements or numbers.
  • Quantitative – Descriptions that involve numbers or measurements.
  • Mr. Scott leaves the house with an umbrella.

What do you think is going to happen?

Support your answer with evidence!



Inferring – Explaining observations based on reasoning from what you already know.

what does the future hold
What does the future hold?
  • In baseball, I think the ________________ will make it to the World Series.
  • In football, I think the ________________ will win the Super Bowl.
  • Dark clouds appear on the horizon and are getting closer. What is going to happen?
you just made a prediction
You just made a prediction!


Predicting – Making a forecast of what will happen in the future based on past experience or evidence.

physical science


Physical Science – The study of matter, energy, and the changes they undergo.

Chemistry – The study of the properties of matter and how matter changes.

Physics – The study of matter and energy, and how they interact.

exit question
Exit question…

Give me a detailed prediction of what you are going to like about Physical Science this school year?


Find an object at home, or near your home.

List what the object is.

Give me 5 observations that are “quantitative”.

Give me 5 observations that are “qualitative”.