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Language policy & Language Planning In Ireland PowerPoint Presentation
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Language policy & Language Planning In Ireland

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Language policy & Language Planning In Ireland - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Language policy & Language Planning In Ireland. A report from the Royal Irish Academy Committee for Modern Language. Literary & Cultural Studies . Introduction .

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language policy language planning in ireland

Language policy & Language Planning In Ireland

A report from the Royal Irish Academy Committee for

Modern Language. Literary & Cultural Studies



On 2nd February 2006 a conference was held by the Royal Irish Academy committee to discuss the need for and role of a language policy for Ireland.

modern language for modern ireland

Modern language for modern Ireland

Since the beginning of 1990s the population is linguistically and culturally more heterogeneous than at any previous stage in the country’s history.

A strategy for promoting multilingualism and multiculturalism .

Ireland should aim to be a genuinely bilingual country

The European Union is committed to developing based upon knowledge ,the EU’s objective of becoming the most competitive knowledge-based economy in the world by the end of the decade

Learning other languages contribute to this goal by improving cognitive skills and strengthening learner’s mother tongue skills including reading and writing

Ireland cannot afford economically and culturally to become a monoglot nation of English speakers

the irish context

The Irish context

changing cultural and linguistic environment in Ireland against a backdrop of decreasing uptake of languages at third level

Between 2oo1 and 2005 a steady decline in the number of people sitting Leaving Certificate examinations in foreign language and Irish at High Level

the conference

The Conference

The Aim

To explore what are considered to be the key elements of a language policy

The ideas look not just at modern foreign languages but also at the position of the Irish language

The concept of lifelong learning and to the need for proficiency in languages not merely for economic but also for social and cultural reasons in modern Ireland.

the conference1

The Conference

Fundamental issues:

From language policy to language planning

The challenge for Europe

Modern foreign languages and multiculturalism

The case for modern languages in further and higher education in Ireland

Strategies curricula in the Irish context

The role of the education system maintenance of Irish

language policy for ireland

Language policy for Ireland

The need to develop a national strategy for very sound economic and cultural reasons

Developing of language education and skills in both native and foreign languages

an advisory body

An advisory body

Planning and policy development

Overseeing research

Initiating relevant research to underpin long-term planning

Monitoring broader language issues

Representing Irish interests in international debate

Fostering awareness of the economic benefits that multilingualism brings to society

implementation of current policy

Implementation of current policy

The European policy of Mother Tongue + 2 should be included in the secondary school curriculum

The development and roll-out of existing foreign language pilot scheme acrossa wider range of schools through out the State should take place

Increased levels of teaching through the foreign language should be encouraged

social change and new demand on teachers

Social change and new demand on teachers

Respecting for other cultures and societies

the fast growing field of ESOL

A system of accreditation for interpreters

teacher proficiency

Teacher proficiency

Students entering training college to learn a foreign language

A dedicated language teaching degree should be instituted in the State

A Language in science at third level should be encouraged

Increased investment in post graduate work in language would be welcomed

The acquisition of at least one language in addition to English and Irish

Improvement in the attainment of pupils in Irish at Leaving Certificate level

Trainee teachers of Irish should spend an extended period

Irish media networks contribute to better success in language learning

methods and approaches to teaching

Methods and approaches to teaching

Bilingual and immersion approaches to the language curriculum are acceptable to parents

The council of Europe frame work to facilitate common approaches

Innovative approaches are demanding and are only likely to succeed .The assessment process should not be allowed to impede the introduction of new approaches

Information and Communication Technology has been successfully introduced in language teaching

the challenge from europe

The challenge from Europe

To increase diversification in the languages taught at primary and secondary level.

Focusing on the rights and minorities and their languages

The international Covenant on Social, Economic , Cultural and linguistic rights

Immigrant groups do not benefit from the new EU measures on plurilingualism and multilingualism

the language policy and business

The language policy and business

There is a clear need for languages in business

Learning goals foe languages must be flexible

Different levels of competence may be required by different personnel

The numbers of high quality language courses for adults should be made available .

parents and politicians the way forward

Parents and politicians : the way forward

Parents play an important role in supporting and influencing subject choices at all levels of schooling

Politicians from all parties must be involved in the ongoing discussion



National strategy

developing native and foreign languages

National advisory body

Language at primary level

Teachers must acquire another language

Refresher programs for teachers

Developing pilot scheme for foreign language teaching

Progression in language learning

Using native speakers



Language at secondary level

Developing the skills of language teachers must be fostered

the EU policy of mother tongue + 2 must be implemented

A broad spectrum of languages must be accessible on the school curriculum

Language at third level

Dedicating language teaching degree

Spending a significant abroad to acquire the linguistic skills

Language in science

Funding for post graduate

Funding bands for language teaching



Fostering Irish



Beyond school and university

Promoting language skills in the community

Standardization of qualifications for interpreters

language rights including the right to learn and use sign