an overview of vacuum processing for producing n.
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Vacuum Processing for Producing Thin Films PowerPoint Presentation
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Vacuum Processing for Producing Thin Films

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Vacuum Processing for Producing Thin Films - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Anderson Dahlen, custom contract-manufacturing and stainless steel fabrication service provider, provides an overview of vacuum processing for producing thin films. Visit our website for more information.

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Presentation Transcript
an overview of vacuum processing for producing

An Overview of

Vacuum Processing

for Producing

Thin Films

why vacuum



Vacuum processing affects

nearly every aspect of our daily lives.

It is the invisibletechnology.

the whole point of processing a vacuum is to remove ambient atmosphere

Mean Free Path


The whole point of processing a vacuum is to remove ambientatmosphere.

In removing the bulk of the atmosphere from a vacuum chamber, the mean free path of particles and molecules introduced to the chamber is massivelyincreased.

argonne national labs

Argonne NationalLabs

Science and Research

Helical SuperconductingUndulator

Producing high energy storage ring generated X ray

beams for multi- discipline research

science and research

Science and Research

Science and Research


Smaller chambers for component testing, bakeout and conditioning.


Large vacuum chambers for motor test anddevelopment


Solid state devices for computers, cell phones, tablets, every consumer appliance, micro processors


Packaging materials with barrierproperties

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Coatings on pills
  • Diagnostics
  • Anti microbiological coatings
  • Packaging


Radiation oncology (microwave production)

vacuum in manufacturing

Vacuum in Manufacturing

Science and Research


Drills, cutting tools, bearings, press and form tools, jet engine turbine blades

Anti Friction Coatings

Specialist bearings

  • Optical Coatings
  • Anti reflective coatings – ophthalmic and scientific
  • Hard coating – lenses
  • Highly reflective coatings – mirrors
  • Transmission coatings – to block specific light wavelengths Hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings to dissipate water and oil
  • Consumer products
  • CD’s
  • Hard Drives
  • Memory and storage LEDs
  • Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) on razor blades
common applications


Science and Research

Anderson Dahlen has more than 4 decades of experience in custom metal fabrication.

Our capabilities for metal forming, large capacity machining, and welding expertise are ideal for manufacturing chambers and related products for vacuum process equipment.

Anderson Dahlen partners with our customers to offer a total solution, providing a variety of vacuum products to meet very specific requirements.

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