marketing 2 0 for competitive advantage n.
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Marketing 2.0 for Competitive Advantage PowerPoint Presentation
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Marketing 2.0 for Competitive Advantage

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Marketing 2.0 for Competitive Advantage - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Marketing 2.0 for Competitive Advantage
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  1. Marketing 2.0 for Competitive Advantage ©Zwick

  2. What we will do today • Discuss how communication value (through customer value) is generated and delivered in a Web 2.0 world • B2C and B2B • Effective web-based communication tools • Lead generation and sales w/o push • Develop an online marketing communication plan • Things you can do tomorrow ©Zwick

  3. More Specifically: Session 1: Map the new media forms Session 2: Unpack logic/theory of new media Session 3: Drill down on the tools of Web 2.0 communication Session 4: Your turn! Write an action plan. ©Zwick

  4. Let start with some question… • What do you consider the most significant challenges advertisers face today? • What do you consider the root causes of these challenges? ©Zwick

  5. And two more… • What is digital/interactive/e-marketing to you? • How can digital marketing help overcome advertising challenges of the 21st century? ©Zwick

  6. Let’s share… ©Zwick

  7. All four: • What do you consider the most significant challenges advertisers face today? • What do you consider the root causes of these challenges? • What is digital/interactive/e-marketing to you? • How can digital marketing help overcome advertising challenges of the 21st century? ©Zwick

  8. Customer Feedback • “Today’s marketing world is broken…We are still too dependent on marketing tactics that are not in touch with today’s consumer” • Jim Stengel, Global Marketing Officer, Procter &Gamble • “Used to be, TV was the answer. The only problem was it stopped working sometime around 1987.” • President GM North America • “Broadcasting an ad on television or in a newspaper is admitting you have no idea who your customers are.” • Gary Loveman, CEO, Harrah’s ©Zwick

  9. What we know ©Zwick

  10. If you can… • Spend $300 on a video camera and reach 4 million unique visitors/month (MS). • Spend 1% on marketing to increase sales six-fold in 2 years (Stormhoek). • Hire a videographer, a blogger, and a flickr photographer and run a presidential campaign. ©Zwick

  11. …then a truly a New Reality with New Rules is here • So what has happened in the last 10 years?? • Google, YouTube, Facebook • Word of mouth has gotten much, much more efficient and important • Rise of attention economy • Rise of Long Tail • More? ©Zwick

  12. Blogs…right • Arnold Kim, MD • His blog: • Started in 2000, full-time since 2008 • Attracts more than 4.4 million people • NY Times has 13-14 million • 40 million page views a month (Quantcast) ©Zwick

  13. Name the Top Blogs: • Gawker Media • • The Huffington Post • • TechCrunch ©Zwick

  14. More importantly • Can you name the key blogs/wikis/forums in your industry?? ©Zwick

  15. In your Groups: • For each member • Identify the blogs, forums, wikis, and list serves for your industry? • Ex.: the Solo Attorney list • Which ones do you monitor? • In which ones do you or your organization participate? • Ex.: AlacraWiki? ©Zwick

  16. Let’s share… ©Zwick

  17. Result • A new medium is here that is as influential as CNN and the New York Times ©Zwick

  18. Mapping Digital Marketing ©Zwick

  19. Mapping Digital Marketing ©Zwick

  20. Mapping Digital Marketing ©Zwick

  21. Mapping Digital Marketing ©Zwick

  22. Mapping Digital Marketing ©Zwick

  23. In your Groups: • Work together to fill the quadrants for each of your companies. ©Zwick

  24. Let’s share… ©Zwick

  25. Let’s take a break! ©Zwick

  26. Reaching Customer • New Tools to drive • Buzz • Traffic and Leads • New product feedback • Sales • Relationships • Etc. ©Zwick

  27. Of Influentials and Search Engines ©Zwick

  28. Is there a Simple Formula to Success? • No… • …but I’ll give you one anyway. ©Zwick

  29. Turn a good story… • …into a groundswell of communication and attention. • Will it blend? (youtube) • Nokia N95 (blog seedings) • Mike Pedersen (, • Le Cache Premium Wine Cabinets ( ©Zwick

  30. But why? So what? • What does all that communication and (possibly) knowledge of the product, service, company, brand, person, etc. turn into? • Credibility, authenticity, authority In short: TRUST through THOUGHT LEADERSHIP ©Zwick

  31. In Groups: • For each member, do these two things: • Identify the story about your organization/product/service currently told to consumers in your ads • Identify all the ways you are telling this story to your market ©Zwick

  32. Let’s share… ©Zwick

  33. Why thought leadership…? • traffic • relationships • sales • loyalty ©Zwick

  34. So what is different about Online Advertising? • Standard Answer: Allows you to communicate directly with your marketplace. • But • Does a TV commercial not do that? • Does a good PR campaign not do that? ©Zwick

  35. So what is different (cont’d)? • Prior to web: how can you get attention from customers? • Advertising • PR • How targeted are these? • depends but overall pretty much shot gun • How timely are these? • Usually untimely one-way interruptions! ©Zwick

  36. …and now…? • Conversation, interaction, relationship with the select few • Attention is always already there • We dig deeper after group work… ©Zwick

  37. Back to your Groups: • Back to your story… • Together ponder two additional online communication tactics for each of you that you would recommend to tell the story. ©Zwick

  38. Let’s share… ©Zwick

  39. Theory Burst (fear not) From Consumer Marketing to Customer Moment Marketing ©Zwick

  40. 21ST Century Marketing Challenges • FRAGMENTATION!! • Attention • Demand • Community and Communication ©Zwick

  41. Attention Economy • Fragmented media • Consumers tuning out or completely skipping messages • 61% of consumers say that marketers and advertisers do not treat them with respect • 69% are interested in products or services that would help them skip or block advertising • Poor Information/Metrics on effectiveness ©Zwick

  42. Long Tail (Chris Anderson) • Fragmented Demand • Niches are Riches ©Zwick

  43. What is “Natural Demand”? • The “Head” of the Demand Curve: • Pre-Internet, old economy firms turned out a small number of “hits” or blockbuster products • The “Tail” of the Demand Curve: • Internet-era, new economy firms offer a broader range of niche products. ©Zwick

  44. The Head • Prior to the Internet, production, distribution, and consumption focused on a few hits because of scarcity of resources: • time, space, and money • The 80/20 rule ©Zwick

  45. The Long Tail • Costs of reaching niches down! ©Zwick

  46. To Summarize: • In virtually all markets, there are far more niche goods than hits • The cost of reaching those niches is now falling dramatically. • The demand curve flattens. • There are still hits and niches, but the hits are relatively less popular and the niches relatively more so. • All the niches add up. • The natural shape of demand is revealed. ©Zwick

  47. Is there a Long Tail? • hosts more than ten thousand reviews • June 2006, these movies were big: • The Da Vinci Code • Brokeback Mountain • V for Vendetta • X-Men: The Last Stand • An Inconvenient Truth The question: what percentage of clicks went to any of these reviews? ©Zwick

  48. Is there a Long Tail? • Web traffic statistics show that even the most popular film represents less than 1 percent of their business. • The Da Vinci Code .8% • Brokeback Mountain .8% • V for Vendetta .7% • X-Men: The Last Stand .6% • An Inconvenient Truth .5% The lesson: People are curious about a lot of different movies. ©Zwick

  49. Brands/Companies as Platforms • Social communication theory • From attention to recognition • “Open-source marketing” • Wikis, forums, communities ©Zwick

  50. So, together • Fragmentation, Long Tail, Social Communication makes reaching and keeping the attention of your customer ever harder. ©Zwick