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 Customized E-Learning for B2B Companies PowerPoint Presentation
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 Customized E-Learning for B2B Companies

 Customized E-Learning for B2B Companies

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 Customized E-Learning for B2B Companies

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  1.  Customized E-Learning for B2B Companies Tim Thomasma S. Ramesh

  2. Introduction We would like to have an open discussion with you, and including the recorded voices of stakeholders, on strengths and weaknesses of Web 2.0 in corporate learning • We created a product to experiment with Web 2.0 in K-12 market to improve education • At the urging of our mentors, we have brought this product to the corporate learning market

  3. What do we mean by Web 2.0 for Corporate Learning? CROWD-SOURCED LESSON CREATION • Anyone can create interactive lessons in minutes INTERACTIVITY • Lessons are converted to games and activities at the push of a button MULTI-MEDIA • Lessons can contain video, audio, image, and text, all in interactive forms CLOUD-BASED and MOBILE-ENABLED • No downloads and always up-to-date on any device, globally REAL-TIME METRICS • Always know your real adoption rate, and how engaging and effective your training is SOCIAL NETWORK • Instructors and students can communicate on an internal Social Network CROWD-SOURCED TRANSLATION • Translate into any language • Optionally allow users to translate lessons to other languages

  4. Voice of the Users Consultant Instructor Student CEO

  5. Crowd-source, since anyone can create lessons - IN MINUTES How crowdsourcing helps clients achieve their goals Empower learners to become experts Why I create lessons Lesson Creation Demo Why crowdsourcing is critical

  6. Interactive Learning and GamingConvert lessons to games, at the click of a button Gaming achieving corporate learning objectives Gamification for learning Why I create lessons Gaming Demo Teacher – customization and gaming

  7. Cloud Based Platform and Mobile Benefits of being on the cloud Train anywhere

  8. Real time Metrics Metrics for distance learning Report Demo Tracking adoption and results

  9. Other thoughts Power of crowd-sourced translation Scale the business Personalizing distance learning

  10. Discussion Learning never ends • What have we missed? • What other elements would you like to see in an ideal corporate learning tool • You are welcome to join our free trial for all attendees of this conference, and join in the discussion