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  1. -This button moves you to the next slide. -This button moves you to the previous slide. Orientation Go to next question -Click here to see next question. Go back to question -Click here to back to a question. Introduction Video -Click here to watch introduction video. -Click here to go to the home page. Anytime you may feel you need to review the information just click here and click here!

  2. Welcome to The World of Dance!

  3. Hello my name is Nina! Today I am going to teach you about Ballet, Jazz, and Modern dance! Follow me and I will take you into a world of dance! Please click the introduction video first! Home Page Introduction Video Ballet Jazz Modern Quiz

  4. After watching the video please go back to home and go to Ballet to learn all about the beautiful dance style!

  5. The history of ballet! Time to learn about the exciting world of Ballet!!

  6. ballet! • Ballet began in Italy around 1500 A.D • It was first started to perform for the Kings and Queens. • Ballet is the core of all dance forms. • It is a very fluent and graceful dance form.

  7. ballet! • Catherine de Medicis, who was a member of the Ruling Family in Florence, Italy, had a passion for ballet. She introduced ballet from to France when she married the King of France. • Over many years, ballet spread throughout the world and became very popular. • Ballet became very popular in America in the 1930’s.

  8. ballet! • George Balanchine introduced ballet to America. • He was also the cofounder of the famous New York City Ballet! George Balanchine

  9. Ballet Continued… • George Balanchine also directed the famous ballet called the Nutcracker. • Here is a short video of the Nutcracker: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EXfC2puds1Y

  10. Ballet terms! Arabesque- It is a position standing on one leg while the other leg is extended straight in the back. Grande Jete- Also known as a leap or jump. Bothe legs are extended out opposite from the other in the air. Both knees must be straight. Now, we will learn common ballet terms!

  11. Ballet terms Continued… Plié- bending of the knees. Pirouette- A spin on one foot while going all the way around.

  12. Ballet Costumes! • Tutus • Leotards • Tights • Ballet shoes or Point shoes • Examples of costumes: Here are pictures of the beautiful ballet costumes! Leotard Tutu Tights Point shoes

  13. Review Time! Question 1: Who introduced ballet in America? A George Balanchine B Catherine de Medicis Do you know the answer?

  14. Great Job!! George Balanchine is CORRECT! Move on to next question

  15. Sorry!! Try Again! Catherine de Medicis is INCORRECT Go back to question

  16. Question 2: What is this called? Leotard A Tutu B

  17. Sorry!! Leotard is NOT Correct! A Try Again! Go back to question

  18. Tutu is CORRECT!!! B Great Job! Now Click on home to learn about Jazz!

  19. History of Jazz! Now we will learn about Jazz!

  20. Jazz! • Jazz is very different from ballet. It is danced along to many different rhythms of jazz music. • Jazz began in the early 20th century. • It began in Africa by African Slaves. • They expressed their cultural beliefs through jazz dance.

  21. Bob Fosse • Bob Fosse was a major dance icon of the 20th century. • He was a famous choreographer, and his main focus was jazz.

  22. Jazz Dance Terms! • Ball Change- changing from right foot, to left foot. • Chasses- stepping across the floor as one foot chasses the other foot. • Jazz Walk- walking in a plié. • Jazz Run- Same as jazz walk however, you are running in a jazz style. Here are common jazz terms!

  23. Jazz Costumes! • There are many different types of jazz costumes depending on the jazz dance. Examples of Different Costumes: Here are examples of Jazz costumes! Black jazz shoes Tan Jazz shoes

  24. Here is a video of a famous jazz company called, “Giordano Jazz dance Chicago”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NRtiKMSbQc8

  25. Time to Review! Question 1: Where did jazz dance begin? A Europe B Africa America C What do you think the answer is?

  26. Sorry! Europe is INCORRECT A Go back to question Try again!

  27. You got it! Africa is CORRECT! B YOU’RE SMART! Move on to next question

  28. Sorry! America is INCORRECT C Go back to question TRY AGAIN!

  29. Question 2: What dance style is this video of? A Jazz Modern B Do you know the answer? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NRtiKMSbQc8 C Ballet

  30. You got it! Jazz is CORRECT! A Great Job!! Now click home to learn about Modern dance!!

  31. Sorry! B Modern is INCORRECT Try again!! Go back to question

  32. Sorry! C Ballet is INCORRECT Try again!! Go back to question

  33. History of Modern Dance! Now let’s learn about the world of modern dance!

  34. Modern continued.. • Modern dance is opposite of ballet and jazz. • Modern dance is a way of self expression through dance. • Instead of following a set of dance steps, modern dancers interpret their own dance styles and moves.

  35. Modern continued… • Modern dance began in America in the 20th century. • Three important famous modern dancers were: Marthah Graham, Isadora Duncan, and Doris Humphrey. • They were all dancers of the 1930’s and they all introduced modern dance. • The movements of breathing and walking influenced there modern dancing.

  36. Martha Graham Here is Martha Graham dancing!

  37. Doris Humphrey Here is Doris Humphrey dancing!

  38. Isadora Duncan Here is Isadora Duncan dancing!

  39. Modern steps: • Stag Leap- It is a jump where both legs are straight and split in the air, but the right leg bends out in front when you are leaping. • Stag Turn- Standing on one foot that is bent, and the other leg is behind the body and bent while the dancer is doing a full turn. • Flat back- the feet are in second position and feet are turned out as the upper body is bent forward and making a flat back.

  40. Modern Dance Costumes! • Modern dancers where many types of costumes depending on the theme of the dance. • Modern dancers dance barefoot. • Examples of costumes:

  41. Here is a video of Isadora Duncan! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kq2GgIMM060

  42. Review Time!! Question 1: Which of the following is a modern dance step? A Pirouette Do you know the answer? B Stag Leap Jazz Run C

  43. Sorry! Pirouette is NOT correct A Try Again! Go back to question

  44. You got it! Stag Leap is CORRECT! B You’re Smart! Move on to next question

  45. Sorry! Jazz Run is NOT correct C Try Again! Go back to question

  46. Question 2: What is the name of this modern dancer? A Isadora Duncan Do you know the answer? B Martha Graham C Doris Humphrey

  47. You Got It!! A Isadora Duncan is Correct! Great Job!! Now Click the home button to take the quiz!

  48. Sorry!! Try Again!! B Martha Graham is NOT Correct! Go back to question

  49. Sorry! Try Again! C Doris Humphrey is NOT correct! Go back to question

  50. Ready to take the Quiz? If yes, click If no, click and it will take you back to the home page to study a little more before taking the quiz.