ecological actions comenius n.
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Ecological actions - Comenius PowerPoint Presentation
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Ecological actions - Comenius

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Ecological actions - Comenius - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ecological actions - Comenius

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  1. Ecological actions - Comenius Thepresentationwas prepared by studentsfrom Stanisław Staszic Middle School nr 3 inStarogard Gdań

  2. As a part of the Comenius project many ecological actions were organized. They were devoted to: • broadening knowledge about making conclusions, long-term plans and taking into consideration how human can impact on the natural world • encouraging students to develop their awareness about natural environment and its problems, • wildlifeconservation.

  3. CleanUptheWorld In September 2012 we took part in Clean Up the World Day. The theme was : ‘Discover Poland!’. Students cleaned up trash around our school. Later they recycled it and disposed separately in recycling bins.

  4. „Exchange paper for a tree” The campaign is annually organized by Polpharma, an international pharmaceutical company, which has its seats in Starogard Gdański. This year on 20 April the company organized a collection of paper, glass, old batteries etc. Our students took an active part in this event. They established a waste-paper collection centre in our school. For their work the students received different types of plants (e.g. tree seedlings, garden plants,flowers) and ecological gadgets.

  5. Tree planting This is another ecological activity, which we executed in May 2013. Students with their chaperons planted tree seedlings in a nursery, which belongs to the Forestry Commission of Starogard Gdański.

  6. The tree planting was a process that took us a lot of time. We had to learn everything from the beginning and follow the instructions. dig a perfect hole seat a tree in the hole backfill the hole 

  7. Itwas a very hot day!!! But we managed to plant around 800 trees!

  8. Thisyearourstudentswilltake part in somesimilarecologicalprojects. They want to be eco-friendly in an activeway as well as they want to deepen the awareness of ourcitizens This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.