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Technology Overview

Art Firman – TCS Gary Blauth – ADS/ EFINs and software orders Bill Fox – TCS/Hardware (with guidance from Gary Broughton). Technology Overview. What went well?. NJ e-file productivity Support from sponsors & partners TWO

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Technology Overview

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  1. Art Firman – TCS Gary Blauth – ADS/ EFINs and software orders Bill Fox – TCS/Hardware (with guidance from Gary Broughton) Technology Overview

  2. What went well? • NJ e-file productivity • Support from sponsors & partners • TWO • AARP printer repair/replace program • AARP computer replacement program Technology Overview

  3. TaxWise • 1 EFIN per site, TWO or Desktop • Mef Technology Overview

  4. TWO Options • Wired using Tax-Aide router and network printer • Secure wireless using Tax-Aide router and network printer • Unsecure wireless [no router] and USB printer Technology Overview

  5. Wired Network with router Technology Overview

  6. Secure Wireless Network Technology Overview

  7. Unsecure Wireless Network Technology Overview

  8. Certification of computers for wireless TWO • Computers provided by AARP are certified • Donated, site and personal computers • Scan computer at 2 web sites • Correct deficiencies, if any • Record certification on a third web site • Maintain anti-virus current Technology Overview

  9. Things to consider with TWO • Speed and reliability of internet connection in your work area at the site • Shut-in/home bound returns • Can change an EFIN to/from TWO until the first return is e-filed [may take 2 to 3 weeks] Technology Overview

  10. TWO Use by NJ Tax-Aide Technology Overview

  11. Other Software • Microsoft Security Essentials • Desktop • TrueCrypt 7.0a • Clear Taxpayer Data 6.4 • Windows-7 is replacing XP (not soon) • New AARP computers will have W-7 [32-bit] Technology Overview

  12. ERO Training • Separate 1 day sessions for desktop and TWO • Intended for new EROs in all districts • Common scope: transmission, acknowledgements & rejects, reports, signature & document requirements and efficient record keeping • Desktop early Dec (Princeton) and Dec 14 (Manahawkin) • Open to additional EROs, space permitting Technology Overview

  13. TWO ERO Training • January 16 Manahawkin, Jan 23 Middletown • January 18 Montclair • NJ module expected to be available (maybe) • Hands on creation of Users, templates • Tools, features and strategies probably not used with TWO training site • TCs are welcome to attend • Material will be available for district training of EROs who do not attend Technology Overview

  14. Equipment • AARP allocations, grants and donations • Equipment age • Equipment repair • Cartridge replacement Technology Overview

  15. New Equipment • AARP allocation • Replacements: Laptops [12] and Printers [2] • Requested 6 laptops and 2 printers for conversion of paper-only sites to e-file • Donations • Received over $5,000 in donations since Jan 2011 • Personal & corporate (Exxon-Mobil retirees) • Purchased from NJ donated funds: • Laptops [10] • Network printers [12] Technology Overview

  16. Equipment Age – May 2011 Technology Overview

  17. Equipment Age – Nov. 2011 Technology Overview

  18. Equipment Repair • Defective IRS printers are returned to Newark • AARP printers – repair/replace contract • AARP equipment - Category R with limits • Computers: $200 • Printers: $50 • Coordinate all repairs with TCS • TCS-Hardware maintains spares which can be shipped to districts on short notice Technology Overview

  19. AARP Printer Cartridges • National contract for AARP printer cartridges including HP-1012, 1020 series, 1102w, 1505 series, 1606dn and Brother 5250dn & 5370dw • TC emails TCS with requests • TCS orders on line or by email • Cartridges shipped directly to user • Shipment arrives in 1 to 3 days • Return of used cartridges is optional • Volunteers will not be reimbursed for cartridges available through the contract Technology Overview

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