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Tuesday December 6, 2011

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Tuesday December 6, 2011 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tuesday December 6, 2011. fluency. Successful Readers …. Read aloud at a pace they would use in conversation. Do not read too quickly or too slowly for readers to understand . “My Brother Bert”-Echo Read. Pets are the hobby of my brother Bert.

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December 6, 2011

Successful Readers….

Read aloud at a pace they would use in conversation.

Do not read too quickly or too slowly for readers to understand.

my brother bert echo read
“My Brother Bert”-Echo Read

Pets are the hobby of my brother Bert.

He used to go to school with a mouse in his shirt.

His hobby it grew, as some hobbies will,

And grew and GREW and GREW until—

Oh don’t breath a word, pretend you haven’t heard.

A simply appalling thing has occurred-

The very though makes me iller and iller;

Bert’s brought home a gigantic gorilla!

If you think that’s really not such a scare,

What if it quarrels with his grizzly bear?

You still think you could keep your head?

What if the lion from under the bed

And the four ostriches that deposit

Their football eggs in his bedroom closet

And the aardvark out of his bottom drawer

All danced out and joined in the roar?


A yearning is a great desire to have something that you may never be able to get.

Lola is enjoying the weather at the beach. What might you have a yearning for on a hot day? Turn and talk to your partner.


Something that is withered is dried up and faded.

The field is full of pink and purple flowers. What does a withered flower look like? Turn and talk to your partner.


Escapades are carefree, mischievous, or reckless adventures.

Pepper, the puppy, enjoys getting into things at his new home. What escapades might this new puppy have? Turn and talk to your partner.


If something is unfathomable, it cannot be understood or known.

Mrs. Smith has always wanted to visit the beautiful country of Greece. What would you consider an unfathomable place to visit? Why? Turn and talk to your partner.

Listen to me say this word:


Hold up the number of fingers that shows the word separated into syllables correctly.




What is the suffix in the word?

What does it mean?

Turn and talk.

less - means without

To Do:
  • Complete vocabulary practice using today’s vocabulary words and turn in to the Reading Tray.
  • Read silently.

Small Group

Pioneers- Read pgs. 8-14 in Whisper. Continue to write examples of cause and effect on a t-chart while you read.

Continue working on your Book Club book.