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Definition Poetry

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Definition Poetry
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Definition Poetry

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  1. Definition Poetry Ana Alicia Perez & Kristin Gilpatrick Dr. Tonja Root E.C.E.D. 4300 C Grade Level: 3rd Gilpatrick and Perez ECED4300C

  2. The Pre-Writing StageKristin Gilpatrick GPS: ELA3W1 The student demonstrates competency in the writing process. The student m. Prewrites to generate ideas, develops a rough draft, rereads to revise, and edits to correct. PLO: The students will prewrite in order to form their own definition poem. Gilpatrick and Perez ECED4300C

  3. Prewriting • The planning stage • Use a graphic organizer • Gathering ideas is main goal • Audience • Topic Gilpatrick and Perez ECED4300C

  4. Definition Poetry • Poem that briefly defines or describes something or someone • Begin with a specific topic or a question • Poem will be the answer or description to the question/topic Gilpatrick and Perez ECED4300C

  5. Definition Poetry • Use metaphors and imagery to describe your topic or answer your question • Metaphor: describing someone or something to a word or phrase with out using “as” or “like” • Imagery: figurative language that gives a mental picture Gilpatrick and Perez ECED4300C

  6. Graphic Organizer Students will use this graphic organizer to plan for their definition poems. Student will put topic or question here Definition Poem Web. Retrieved Oct 24, 2009, from The metaphors or facts will go here Students will fill in the supporting details for the metaphors/ facts here Gilpatrick and Perez ECED4300C

  7. Definition Poem Example 1 • What is dancing? Dancing is beautiful movementDancing is freedomIt is a means of self-expression Dance brings out our emotionsDance is a form of communicationIt allows your heart to speak Dancing is poetry in motionDancing is freeDancing is my life Poetry. (n.d.). Retrieved October 23, 2009, from Gilpatrick and Perez ECED4300C

  8. Definition Poem Example 2 • Who was Pocahontas? Pocahontas…. was the daughter of Wahunsonacock (Powhatan), she helped the English settlers get food, she was kidnapped by the settlers, and later married an Englishman, John Rolfe. That was Pocahontas! Who was Pocahontas? (n.d.). Retrieved October 24, 2009, from Definition Poetry: Gilpatrick and Perez ECED4300C

  9. Practice Activity for 3rd grade • The class will fill out a graphic organizer together and learn how to properly plan for a definition poem • Topic: “Friendship is…” • The graphic organizer will help keep our ideas organized Friendship is… eating sweets sharing secrets priceless my life

  10. Assessment Activity3rd grade • Now you will each fill out your own graphic organizer • Remember to only focus on ideas, not sentences • Topic: “ Happiness is…” • Will be assessed based on completion Gilpatrick and Perez ECED4300C

  11. Drafting Stage Ana Alicia Perez GPS: ELA3W1 The student demonstrates competency in the writing process. The student m. Prewrites to generate ideas, develops a rough draft, rereads to revise, and edits to correct. PLO: Students will write a rough draft using their graphic organizers Gilpatrick and Perez ECED4300C

  12. Drafting • Label “Rough Draft” on top of paper • Will NOT be final copy! • Main focus is on content only • Skip lines with X’s Gilpatrick and Perez ECED4300C

  13. Definition Poetry • We will use graphic organizer to form ideas into sentences • Use descriptive language (metaphors, similes, and imagery) • Make sure to answer/define the question or topic in the poem • Be creative! Gilpatrick and Perez ECED4300C

  14. Format for Drafting • Students will use this drafting sheet to help them • write their ideas on the graphic organizer  • complete sentences Gilpatrick and Perez ECED4300C

  15. APA Citation • Drafting Sheet: Gaines, T., & Welch, S. (2007). Definition Poetry. Unpublished graphic organizer, Valdosta State University, Valdosta, GA. Gilpatrick and Perez ECED4300C

  16. Practice Activity for 3rd grade • We will use the graphic organizer we filled out as a class • to fill in the drafting sheet. • This will help us write our ideas into complete sentences. • Topic: “Friendship is…” • Only focus on content! Gilpatrick and Perez ECED4300C

  17. Assessment Activity 3rd grade • Now you will use the graphic organizer you completed individually on the topic “Happiness is…” to write a rough draft • Ideas in complete sentences • Assessed on content of draft Gilpatrick and Perez ECED4300C