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Body Scrub & Shower Steamers PowerPoint Presentation
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Body Scrub & Shower Steamers

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Body Scrub & Shower Steamers

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Body Scrub & Shower Steamers

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  1. Know About Body Scrub & Shower Steamers!

  2. Introduction When we jump into the shower, most of us have our own variety of skin products that we like to use propped up along the edge of the shower. In most bathtubs worldwide, you will always find an array of moisturizing shampoos, moisturizing shaving products and moisturizing body scrubs. Among the various products, most of us will have at least one body scrub and an array of shower steamers among them. Shower steamers and a quality body scrub can help not only moisturize your skin, but can help you relax with aromatherapy in the process. With the combination of cleansing and exfoliating benefits that these products have, you will never want to use a regular bar of soap ever again.

  3. Table Of Contents • Body scrubs and their uses. • Essential tips to using body scrubs. • Shower steamers and their uses. • What are the best scents to choose for Shower Steamers? • Benefits of shower steamers.

  4. Body scrubs and their uses What is a body scrub? A body scrub is a skin product that is used to exfoliate the skin by removing dead skin cells from the surface layer of the skin to thoroughly cleanse it. Benefits of a Body Scrub There are plenty of reasons why you should use a body scrub on your body. Some of the benefits of a body scrub will include: Benefit #1: Your skin will be rejuvenated. The main purpose of a body scrub is to remove the dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. As a result of this, body scrubs can leave your skin revitalized after just a single treatment.

  5. Benefit #2: Makes your skin look younger. By using a body scrub, you can exfoliate the surface layer of your skin. By removing the dead skin cells daily to allow new skin cells to reach the surface, you can help your skin look youthful in the process. Benefit #3: Help moisturize your skin. One of the benefits to using a body scrub for exfoliating, is that it can help allow moisturizers to penetrate deeper into your skin. This can help reduce the amount of moisturizers you have to use on a daily basis.

  6. Types of body scrubs Most body scrubs that are available tend to be made with exfoliating particles in the scrub that are meant to help enhance the exfoliating benefits. The problem is that many of these exfoliating particles aren’t particularly gentle on the skin. Most of the scrubs that can be purchased in retail stores typically are made with harmful ingredients such as salt, sugar and nuts shells. Somebody scrubs will even contain harmful chemicals such as glycolic acid which can help improve blemishes, but may aggravate certain skin types. If you have sensitive skin or want to avoid harmful chemicals, then making your own homemade body scrub may be the solution for you. Most homemade body scrubs will contain all-natural ingredients such as honey, oil, oatmeal, coffee or essential oils. Each recipe can be crafted to benefit any skin type.

  7. How to properly use a body scrub How you use a body scrub properly will be dependent on what type of skin you have. For healthy and normal skin, you will want to use a body scrub at least three times a week. For skin that is sensitive, you want to reduce this number by only using a scrub once a week. When using a body scrub, make sure that you don’t over scrub. While your skin may be tough naturally, it can still be susceptible to irritation through overuse. How to get the best results from a body scrub Remember, not all body scrubs are treated equally. There are many body scrubs out there that contain chemicals that may be harmful for your skin. There may even be body scrubs that contain plastic beads in the scrub to help exfoliate your skin. The only type of body scrub that you should focus on using are scrubs that are not only environmentally friendly, but that are all natural as well.

  8. The best way to get the best results from using a body scrub is to use it gently and avoid using too much pressure when applying it to your skin. With an all-natural body scrub, there is no reason to need abrasive action. If you want your skin to be moisturized as well, be sure to find a body scrub that is made with moisturizing ingredients. When to avoid using a body scrub As beneficial as a body scrub may be for skin, there are times when you want to avoid using it on your body. The time that you want to avoid using a body scrub on your body is when you are suffering from a rash or suffering from a skin condition. While body scrubs can be beneficial, a body scrub can cause further irritation and make the skin irritation worse.

  9. Essential tips to using body scrubs 1. Give the body scrub time to soak into your skin. Once you have applied a body scrub to your skin, give it time to soak. Soaking allows the exfoliation process to occur. It is best for you to allow your skin to reach the prune stage before rinsing the body scrub off for the best results. 2. Use the body scrub year-round. For the best exfoliating results, be sure to use body scrubs throughout the year. This can help cleanse your skin of the dry winter skin that accumulates during the cold winter months. It can also add a layer of protection to your skin for the summer season. 3. Keep yourself hydrated. Regardless of what type of body scrub you use, it is important to drink plenty of water. This will allow you to soak for as long as you want after applying the body scrub.

  10. 4. Start at your feet and work your way up. The best way to apply a body scrub is to start from the very bottom and work your way up. As you apply the body scrub, use swift strokes as you work your way up. 5. Use circular slow motions. You never want to be aggressive when applying a body scrub. Only use slow circular motions and be sure to avoid going over the same area twice. 6. Use moisturizer. Once you have finished with your shower or bath, be sure to use a moisturizer over the areas you used a body scrub on. When you first use a body scrub, your body may need the extra moisture. The more you use body scrubs, the less you will need to apply a moisturizer after. The best type of moisturizer to use is coconut oil or any that is thick in consistency.

  11. Shower steamers and their uses What is a shower steamer? A shower steamer is a shower product that works similarly to a bath bomb, except for the fact that a shower steamer does not contain any moisturizing oils or properties that can moisturize the skin. How does a shower steamer work? Similar to a bath bomb, a shower steamer is typically placed on the floor of your shower. You will have to get the water running and simply step inside. Upon impact of the water, the shower steam will begin to fizz and dissolve, releasing a combination of essential oils that will turn any shower into an aromatherapy paradise.

  12. Common ingredients used in shower steamers Most all-natural shower steamers will contain a few ingredients. Most of the ingredients used are all-natural, making them safe to use for any skin type. Most shower steams include ingredients such as: • Epson salt-can help to eliminate toxins from the body. • Baking soda-can help soothe the skin naturally and will cause the citric acid in the shower steamer to fizz upon contact with water. • Salt-there are two types of salt that are typically used in shower steamers: Sea salt or Himalayan pink salt. Both types of salt can help detoxify the body and soothe irritated skin. • Essential oils-there are numerous types of essential oils that can be used, each with their own benefits.

  13. What are the best scents to choose for Shower Steamers? Depending on what you want to achieve with a shower steamer, they come in a variety of scents, each with their own benefits. Each type of scent you can use can help address a specific issue from helping to alleviate nasal congestion to relieving stress. The best type of essential oil fragrances includes: • YlangYlang essential oil-helps to relieve muscle tension and can help curb insomnia. • Lemon essential oil-contains antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. This essential oil can also help boost energy levels and improve concentration. • Eucalyptus essential oil-contains antibacterial properties. Can help alleviate congestion caused by sickness or common allergies. • Tea tree essential oil-known for skin healing properties. Can help treat skin conditions such as acne. • Lavender essential oil-known for calming properties. Can help alleviate mental symptoms such as anxiety, depression and issues getting to sleep.

  14. Peppermint essential oil-known for its ability to increase alertness and mental clarity. Typically used for morning showers. • Rosemary essential oil-can stimulate the thinking process and known for increasing alertness. • Grapefruit essential oil-can be used to curb symptoms of depression and lethargy. Can also leave a bather feeling refreshed. • Orange essential oil-known for its ability to promote happiness and prevent the feeling of fatigue. • Spearmint essential oil-known for being a mental stimulant and ability to encourage positivity. If you plan to use essential oils in your shower steamer, keep in mind that they are highly concentrated. With that said, you only need to use a few drops of essential oils in order to reap the aromatherapy benefits of each. For the best results, be sure to use undiluted essential oils in your shower steamers.

  15. Benefits of shower steamers There are numerous ways to benefit from daily shower steamers. Whether you are looking for a new aromatherapy treatment or just want to relax, shower steamers have endless possibilities. Benefit #1-Sooth body pain. Whether you are suffering from joint pain or just a few minor aches, shower steamers can help provide some relief to this discomfort. Benefit #2-Can help you get a restful night sleep. If you are suffering from the inability to sleep, an aromatherapy shower using shower steams can help you get a peaceful night’s sleep. This can be beneficial for people who suffer from insomnia. It can also help people get to sleep after a stressful day.

  16. Benefit #3-Improve your mood. An aromatherapy shower using shower steamers can help get rid of mental or physical tension caused by stress. A shower steamer can help you relax and improve your mood, no matter how trying your day has been. Benefit #4-Improve blood pressure. Depending on what type of essential oil is used in the shower steamer recipe, it can help constrict or dilate blood vessels within the blood to better regular blood pressure accordingly. Benefit #5-Can improve the immune system. Regularly using shower steamers can help improve the immune system and make it stronger. This can help people with weaker immune systems better fight off infections or sickness year-round.

  17. Frequently asked questions regarding shower steamers Are you able to use shower steamers in the bathtub? Honestly, this will depend on how much essential oil you use in your shower steamer recipe. It is recommended that you avoid using shower steamers in the bathtub, especially if you plan on soaking and sitting in the bath water for a long period of time. Keep in mind that most shower steamers will call for the use of more essential oil than typical bath bombs. Is it safe to use essential oils in the shower? Yes. It is completely safe to use essential oils in the shower. Most of the products that you use daily in the shower contain essential oils such as your shampoo, conditioner or body wash. If you are still hesitant about using a large amount of essential oils in the shower, you can add a few drops of the oil to a washcloth and apply the essential oil directly to your skin.

  18. How long can it take to make a shower steamer? Most shower steamers can be prepared in just under 20 minutes. However, drying out the shower steamers can take as long as 1 hour to 24 hours, depending on the consistency of the shower steamers. What is a typical shower steamer recipe? A typical shower steamer recipe is comprised of 1 cup of baking soda, 3 to 6 tablespoons of water and 20 drops of an essential oil of your choice. Mix all of the ingredients together until paste like in consistency. Spread the mixture into silicone molds and bake in the oven for 20 minutes at 250 degrees until dried. Remove and cool completely before using.

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