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Five Proven Time Management Techniques PowerPoint Presentation
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Five Proven Time Management Techniques

Five Proven Time Management Techniques

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Five Proven Time Management Techniques

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  1. Five Proven Time Management Techniques

  2. Time Management • There is never enough time, is there? No matter how much you get done, there’s always more to do.

  3. Time Management • There are articles to read and reports to write, small tasks to start and big projects to finish, messes to clean up and fires to put out. It never ends.

  4. However, you can keep procrastination at bay and become much more productive by incorporating into your routine the following five proven time management techniques

  5. #1 Write Your Goals • Before you do anything else, sit down and write down three to five big goals you want to accomplish.

  6. #1 Write Your Goals • Be as specific as possible. Goals should make you stretch, but make them achievable • Give each goal a time restriction; a week, a month, six months, one year, two years • For each big goal, break it down into milestones, and give each milestone a due date.

  7. #1 Write Your Goals • Order the tasks in sequence as best as you can. • Review your goals regularly to remind yourself where you're headed.

  8. #2 Prioritize • Go through the tasks you’ve listed for that goal, and figure out which one you need to do first. Which task will take you the furthest toward your goal? • That is your “Most Important Task,” or MIT. Now you know where to start.

  9. #3 Plan Your Day • First thing in the morning, before you do anything else, write down a brief plan for your day. Take five to ten minutes to work on this.

  10. #3 Plan Your Day • Your daily plan should have your MIT first, because you’ve identified that as the task that will have the greatest impact on your life. • If possible, work on the MITs of each of your five big goals each week.

  11. #4 Stop Multi-Tasking • Multi-tasking is the number one cause of errors and accidents today. You can’t possibly do two things well at the same time, so don’t even try.

  12. #5 Reward Yourself • If your MIT takes longer than an hour, give yourself brief rest periods every 30 to 40 minutes. Your mind can’t work non-stop. It needs breathers.

  13. The key to making these techniques work is actually doing them. Take action. They won’t work unless you use them.

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