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Google Assistant to Speak More Languages PowerPoint Presentation
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Google Assistant to Speak More Languages

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Google Assistant to Speak More Languages - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Read about which languages Google Assistant will speak more of

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Google Assistant to Speak More Languages

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google assistant





google has recently revealed that they are still

Google has recently revealed

that they are still in the

process of ramping up the

features of the Google

Assistant and one of these will

eventually allow it to speak up

to 30 different languages. In a

published post, Google hinted

that increasing the language

used by the “Assistant” from

eight to thirty will be very

helpful in allowing the feature

to reach up to 95% of all the

Android phones used


an article published by search engine land

An article published by Search

Engine Land claimed that Google

would first introduce the Danish

Indonesian, Dutch, Hindi, Norwegian,

Thai and Swedish languages on the

Assistant. With this, the feature is

expected to further provide more

benefits to users using any of the

said languages. Furthermore, the

tweaks made will undoubtedly allow

the Assistant to understand better

as well as respond to the queries of

various groups individuals along

with their multi-lingual family

members. The same article also

claimed that the added capability

would also be extended to the

version of the Google Assistant used

on iPhones.

aside from that google shared that there

Aside from that, Google shared that

there are plans to integrate the

Assistant deeper on Android

smartphones and those with mobile

carriers. It can be remembered that

the Assistant was first embedded

deeply into the Pixel. It was then

followed by its availability on

various android tablets and phones

last December. Google is also hinting

that the Assistant will soon be

deeply integrated with other devices

like Sony, LG and Xiaomi.

Apart from the “deeper integration”

Google seems to be working various

carriers to allow them to use the

Google Assistant in answering the

questions from their users like the

plan details and other carrier-

related services.

given such move google expects that using

Given such move, Google expects

that using the Assistant will help

the carriers offload some of their

customer service functions and

respond to the needs of their

customers faster. Popular carriers

such as Telus, Sprint and Vodafone

are rumoured to be among the first

to use the Google Assistant.

Given all the moves that Google is

trying to push through, a lot of

digital marketers and website

owners are optimistic that these

would significantly help improve the

rankings and revenues of their sites

since the limitations created by the

language barrier in digital marketing

are reduced considerably.