status of cngrid and interests on international testbed
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Status of CNGrid and Interests on International Testbed

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Status of CNGrid and Interests on International Testbed - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Status of CNGrid and Interests on International Testbed. Depei Qian Sino-German Joint Software Institute (JSI) Beihang University SC12 BoF on Computing Research Testbeds as a Service Salt Lake City, USA Nov. 13, 2012. 863 key projects on HPC and Grid: 2006-2010.

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status of cngrid and interests on international testbed

Status of CNGrid and Interests on International Testbed

Depei Qian

Sino-German Joint Software Institute (JSI)

Beihang University

SC12 BoF on Computing Research Testbeds as a Service

Salt Lake City, USA

Nov.13, 2012

863 key projects on hpc and grid 2006 2010
863 key projects on HPC and Grid: 2006-2010

“High productivity Computer and Grid Service Environment”

Period: 2006-2010 (extended to now)

940 million Yuan from the MOST and more than 1B Yuan matching money from other sources

CNGird is one of the major outcomes of the project

cngrid environment
CNGrid environment

14 sites

SCCAS (Beijing, major site)

SSC (Shanghai, major site )

NSCTJ (Tianjin)

NSCSZ (Shenzhen)

NSCJN (Jinan)

Tsinghua University (Beijing)

IAPCM (Beijing)

USTC (Hefei)

XJTU (Xi’an)

SIAT (Shenzhen)

HKU (Hong Kong)

SDU (Jinan)

HUST (Wuhan)

GSCC (Lanzhou)

The CNGrid Operation Center (based on SCCAS)

cngrid sites
CNGrid sites















cngrid resources
CNGrid Resources

14 sites

>3PF aggregated computing power


cngrid gos architecture
CNGrid GOS Architecture

Grid Portal, Gsh+CLI, GSML Workshop and Grid Apps

Core, System and App Level


Axis Handlers

for Message Level Security

Tomcat(5.0.28) +

Axis(1.2 rc2)

J2SE(1.4.2_07, 1.5.0_07)

OS (Linux/Unix/Windows)

PC Server (Grid Server)

domain application grid
Domain application Grid
  • Introducing Cloud Computing concept into CNGrid
    • CNGrid—as IaaS and partially PaaS
    • Domain application Grids—as SaaS and partially PaaS
  • Taking advantages of aggregating distributed heterogeneous resources by Gird and of applying the business model of cloud computing
  • Prototype domain application Grids
    • Simulation and optimization
      • automobile industry
      • aircraft design
      • steel industry
    • Scientific computing
      • Bio-information application
      • computational chemistry
domain application grid cont d
Domain application Grid (cont’d)
  • Using CNGrid as virtual resources which can be dynamically requested and allocated
  • End users obtain resources and services via domain application grids
  • Business model defined between CNGrid and domain application grids
    • Accounting
    • Billing policies
  • Promote usage of CNGrid
  • Exploring sustainable development of CNGrid
domain applications grid
Domain applications (Grid)
  • Drug Discovery
  • Weather forecasting
  • Scientific data Grid and its application in research
  • Water resource Information system
  • Grid-enabled railway freight Information system
  • Grid for Chinese medicine database applications
  • HPC and Grid for Aerospace Industry (AviGrid)
  • National forestry project planning, monitoring and evaluation
status of e infrastructure
Status of e-Infrastructure
  • Still far behind in many aspects
    • Especially weak in applications
    • Need multi-disciplinary research
    • Shortage in cross-disciplinary talents
  • Sustainable development is crucial
    • Lack of regular budget for e-Infrastructure
    • Always competing funding with other disciplines
the 12th 5 year plan
The 12th 5-year plan
  • China’s high-tech program has identified priority topics in both HPC and cloud computing
  • A key project on cloud computing has been launched
    • “Key technologies and systems of cloud computing (1st phase)
      • Network operating systems
      • Network search engines
      • Network based language translation
    • Cloud system management
    • Prototype cloud systems
the 12th 5 year plan cont d
The 12th 5-year plan (cont’d)
  • A new key project on “high productivity computer and application service environment” launched (2011-2015)
  • Emphasis on balanced development on high productivity computers, application environment, and HPC applications
cooperation with eu and us
Cooperation with EU and US
  • EU FP6/FP7
    • EUChinaGRID
    • EchoGRID
    • Bridge
    • Chain
    • EPIKH
    • Chain-Read
  • US
    • Cooperation with the Condor team
    • China-US cooperation on software (to be initiated)
      • Extreme scale software
      • Emerging software architechtures
      • Trustworthy software
interests on international testbed
Interests on international testbed
  • Experiments and evaluation on new technologies
  • Coordinating research efforts and exchangingR&D experiences
  • Joint development on some topics with common interests
issues to be addressed
Issues to be addressed
  • Interoperability of existing software and development of new software for testbed
  • Cost/Funding
  • Network bandwidth