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John Brown’s Raid PowerPoint Presentation
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John Brown’s Raid

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John Brown’s Raid - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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b y Matt Thurman. John Brown’s Raid. Life Before the Raid. Brown was raised in an antislavery family Father opposed slavery to every extent Became abolitionist in later years Gave land to teenage slaves Participated in Underground Railroad. O c tober 16 th , 1859.

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John Brown’s Raid

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Presentation Transcript
life before the raid
Life Before the Raid
  • Brown was raised in an antislavery family
    • Father opposed slavery to every extent
  • Became abolitionist in later years
    • Gave land to teenage slaves
  • Participated in Underground Railroad
o c tober 16 th 1859
October 16th, 1859
  • Captured many people from Beall-Air estate
    • Home of Colonel Lewis Washington
      • Great grandnephew of George
    • Acquired armory needed for raid
  • Cut telegraph wires to prevent communication
  • Stopped an incoming train
    • Killed a confronted slave
    • Eventually let train proceed
      • Train notified authorities of raid
october 17 th
October 17th
  • Got trapped by citizens near Potomac River
  • Hid in engine house known as John Brown’s Fort
  • Released people including his son Watson
    • Both Watson and other son Oliver died
october 18 th end of raid
October 18th– End of Raid
  • Brown refused to surrender
  • Lt. Israel Greene charged fort with ten marines
  • Captured and imprisoned raid members in only three minutes
  • Brown was hanged on December 2nd
    • Other members were jailed and/or killed
south s opinion on it
South's Opinion on It
  • Relieved that raid was small, but got afraid that later dais would occur
  • Built better militia in case of possible imitations of raid
    • Promoted army to be considered a Confederate Army
      • Prepared South more for possible war
north s look on it
North's Look on It
  • Many believed Brown was a martyr
    • Claimed he died to repay nation’s sin
  • Encouraged everyone to act with the same purpose as him
    • Not necessarily exact actions he did
  • Became inspired by his attempt
    • Hoped entire Union could fight for same cause
republicans views
Republicans' Views
  • Tried to disassociate themselves from John Brown and the raid during upcoming election
    • Found it completely inappropriate for the cause they endeavored to branch out with
      • Embarrassed, given that they were huge on Abolitionism
    • Perceived it would drawback votes in election
  • Simply saw Brown as an insane fanatic
democrats viewpoint
Democrats' Viewpoint
  • Realized that raid was a tremendous disappointment for Republicans
  • Thought raid was a complete letdown for Republicans and abolitionists
  • Looked down on Brown, and thought of him as an embarrassment for all antislavery activists
  • Tried to overlook event and continue with future planning for elections and a possible war
south s cause for civil war
South's Cause for Civil War?
  • South was horrified by event, and wanted to end it
    • Prepared army for battle due to outcome of raid
    • Afraid that North would be inspired and send an attack on the South
  • Hated idea of giving up slaves
  • Wanted to show North who has more control with slavery, and how the nation should be run
north s cause for civil war
North's Cause for Civil War?
  • Became inspired with the knowledge that people actually do care about abolishing slavery
    • Felt a greater need to defend slaves and earn their freedom
  • Despised notion of owning humans
    • Wanted to defeat Confederacy and prove why slaves are inhumane