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FullArmor’s Policy Portal

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ES29. FullArmor’s Policy Portal.  Danny Kim CTO FullArmor Corp. Ethiopia Case Study for Windows Strata. Some Of FullArmor’s Customers. Shell. Philip Morris. Dept of Transportation. Supreme Court. CIA. FBI. Registered Trademarks are the Property of their Respective Owners.

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Presentation Transcript
fullarmor s policy portal


FullArmor’s Policy Portal

 Danny Kim


FullArmor Corp.

Ethiopia Case Study for Windows Strata

some of fullarmor s customers
Some Of FullArmor’s Customers


Philip Morris

Dept of Transportation

Supreme Court



Registered Trademarks are the Property of their Respective Owners

policyportal endpoint management as a service
Policyportal: Endpoint Management As A Service





Portal for centrally managing, configuring, and reporting

Security Policy

Anti-Virus/Patch Policy

Secure Documents

Windows Strata based Services

Virtual App Streaming

  • Compliance Reports

Corporate Desktops

Remote Laptops, Roaming Users, Home/Telecommuters


Mobile (v2) and Embedded Devices

policyportal demo

PolicyPortal Demo

Danny Kim

CTO, FullArmor Corp.

n software cloud services

/n Software Cloud Services

Gent Hito



n software
/n software
  • Provider of components for networking, security, e-business
  • 15 year history (founded 1994)
  • More than 100,000 developers worldwide use our products
  • Millions of end-user installations
  • Deployments in thousands of companies, many mission-critical
  • Networking: E-mail, file transfer, directory access, network management, web services, news, instant messaging, remote access, compression
  • Security: Encryption, digital signatures, certificate management, SSL, SSH
  • Credit Cards: Support for all major payment gateways and processors
  • E-Banking: OFX, electronic checks, PayPal
  • Shipping: USPS, FedEx, UPS
targets footprint
  • .NET (Fully Managed Components)
  • .NET Mobile
  • BizTalk Adapters
  • SQL Server SSIS Tasks
  • Windows Workflow Activities
  • PowerShellCmdLets
  • SharePoint Workflow Actions
  • Win32: COM/ActiveX/ASP, C++, Delphi
  • Linux/Mac OS X: C++, J2SE, J2EE
the cloud opportunity
The Cloud Opportunity
  • Blue Sky: A new way to deliver software, recurring revenue, low barrier to entry
  • It certainly looks simple: write the services, find some hardware, maybe rent from an ISP, deploy, sit back, relax
  • [Really?]
  • Reality: Writing code is one thing, actually running it is a whole different ball game
  • Hardware
  • Network Management
  • Security
  • Monitoring
  • Payment Processing
  • Scaling
  • Investment/Costs
hosting providers
Hosting Providers
  • Various levels of hardware, network, and security management
  • Various levels of initial investment and recurring costs
  • Various levels of scalability, but nothing resembling a massively scalable grid
google appengine
Google AppEngine
  • Some great ideas, a massive, proven grid, but…
  • Python?
  • A special version of Python?
  • [Seriously?!]
  • P.S.> Terms Of Service: Caveat emptor!
amazon elastic cloud
Amazon Elastic Cloud
  • A massive, proven grid, in constant use
  • Amazon really wants to do this (big plus)
  • But beyond the hardware and the OS, you are on your own
  • You still have to manage machine instances
  • You still have to manage application instances
  • Scaling is “coarse grained”
  • You are a 24/7 SysAdmin herding invisible machines in the sky
windows strata
Windows Strata
  • ASP.NET: Tried and true, familiar environment, wide support base
  • Scalable storage with simple interfaces
  • Fine grained, smooth, transparent scaling
  • Utility pricing that scales with you
  • No SysAdmin required
  • Just one massive virtual machine in the sky (no individual instances to shepherd around, just a folder you deploy code to)
low barrier to entry low risk of lock in
Low Barrier To Entry,Low Risk Of Lock-In
  • It’s just ASP.NET: You are already up and running!
  • It’s ASP.NET: You can always “pack up and leave”
  • …And because you can “pack up and leave”, chances are Microsoft will continue to make sure you always like it and stay!
  • That’s your leverage, and that’s more valuable than the best TOS contract
  • It’s true parity between software and services: You make the choice
n software cloud services18
/n software Cloud Services
  • We found the platform, now what?
  • What type of developer are we targeting?
  • What do they want?
  • What do they need?
  • What makes a good service?
  • Simplicity
  • Ubiquity
  • Flexibility
good services are simple
Good Services Are Simple
  • A service, like a component, is a utility, with a specific purpose
  • Beyond that utility, most developers want the service to do it’s job and disappear
  • No one cares about your great architecture but you
  • No one cares about your fancy interface but you
  • Keep it simple, keep it reliable, and like a faithful servant, try to become invisible
  • That’s your only true measure of success
good services are ubiquitous
Good Services Are Ubiquitous
  • Like good software components: The quality of a service is directly proportional to the extent of its use
  • The wider the audience, the wider the adoption, the better the service becomes
  • Ensure your services are accessible by as many people in as many environments as possible
  • Support as many access mechanisms as possible, open as many doors as you can
good services are flexible
Good Services Are Flexible
  • Use simple, transparent versioning: Once you publish, you are stuck with it
  • We use a scheme similar to most command line utilities, and strive for strict backwards compatibility
  • Use simple data types: It makes it easy to support multiple environments
  • We support: SOAP, RSS, ATOM, CSV/TSV, HTML, JSON – and the list keeps growing
rssbus simple service engine
RSSBus Simple Service Engine™
  • It’s what powers our services
  • Extensible architecture based on reusable .NET libraries we call “Connectors”
  • Allows us to support multiple protocols
  • You may use it to provide your own services on Windows Strata
  • You may use it consume and recombine services from inside our outside Windows Strata
our current services
Our Current Services
  • Feeds: feedCommon, feedConcat, feedDiff, feedFilter, feedGet, feedSearch, feedSort
  • File Transfer: ftpGet, ftpList, ftpPut
  • E-mail: emailGet, emailList, emailSend
  • Shipping: fedexRate, fedexTrack, uspsRate, uspsTrack, uspsVerify
  • Directories: ldapSearch, ldapAdd, ldapRemove, ldapChange
  • News: nntpGet, nntpList, nntpPost
next steps
Next Steps
  • Explore our Cloud Services at cloud.nsoftware.com
  • Sign Up for a Free Developer Token
  • Learn more about our RSSBus Simple Service Engine™ at www.rssbus.com
  • Ask us about using RSSBus to deploy your own services on Windows Azure
  • Come visit us in the Exhibit Hall: Booth 1110, /n software
  • My e-mail: genth@nsoftware.com
evals recordings
Evals & Recordings

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