Telemedicine experience in latin america maniapure program in venezuela
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Telemedicine Experience in Latin America “MANIAPURE program in Venezuela”. ATA/ATALACC Panama,Aug.17 2008. Eng.Morel Orta/Tomás Sanabria M.D. Pintor Walter Arp ,< 1965 buscando el gallito de las Rocas llegó a Maniapure. Maniapure. Naturaleza y ciencia. W here do we come from?.

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Telemedicine experience in latin america maniapure program in venezuela l.jpg

Telemedicine Experience in Latin America“MANIAPURE program in Venezuela”


Panama,Aug.17 2008

Eng.Morel Orta/Tomás Sanabria M.D.

Slide3 l.jpg

Maniapure llegó a Maniapure

Naturaleza y ciencia

Slide5 l.jpg

W llegó a Maniapurehere do we come from?

We work in very isolated communities

Slide6 l.jpg

W llegó a Maniapurehere do we come from?

Centro la Milagrosa

Maniapure region

Cedeño district

Bolívar State, Venezuela

Slide8 l.jpg

A Physician and comunication made the difference ! llegó a Maniapure

Primary care at Centro La Milagrosa ADS

Medicine : one MD on his Rural year

& clerckships with 6th year medical students UCV

Last year Dental Medicine students from UCV y USM universities and others

Clinical Lab & Bioanálisis

> 400 patients monthly at CLM

Dental primary care since 1998 Centro La Milagrosa ADS

students UCV since January 2001

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after llegó a Maniapure

Our Experience


Slide10 l.jpg

Our Experience llegó a Maniapure

Top Specialty doctors available for the most remote regions

  • Rural MD makes primary evaluation

  • second opinion request vía Internet.

  • Confirmatorio sub-specialty consultation

  • we have been able to solve complex cardiovascular and neurosurgical cases without delays.

Wonken municipio gran sabana l.jpg

Our 13 yearExperience llegó a Maniapure

Reproduced in 3 months

Wonken - Municipio Gran Sabana

Wonken gran sab na wifi l.jpg

Our Experience llegó a Maniapure

WONKEN - Gran Sabána - WiFi

Who are we l.jpg
Who are we ? llegó a Maniapure

Telesalud de Venezuela is a private company created by health and IT professionals whose experience originated in the Maniapure project.

The company is dedicated to provide telemedicine services to rural (and more recently urban) areas of Venezuela . Our program continues to be free of charge to the Maniapure project, but for other clients, services are being financed by private and public institutions, as part of their social responsibility.

Slide14 l.jpg

Our Experience llegó a Maniapure

Ability to solve problems fast

Our team follows the community wills

Multidisciplinary team

Dedication and love for our work

Independance in transportation

Some results from la milagrosa clinic l.jpg

Our Experience llegó a Maniapure

Some results from La Milagrosa clinic

  • 13 years of telemedicine (radio, phone, fax, Internet)

  • 14 MDs on their rural year (one year each)

  • > 450 clerckship students on health related sciences

  • > 100 volunteer clerkships (France, Spain,USA,GB , Japan,Egipt,New Zealand etc)

  • 1.500 patients/month seen ( regional centers).

  • Aproximately 5% requiere teleconsultation.

  • Aproximately 20% of teleconsults require referal.

Slide16 l.jpg

Our Experience llegó a Maniapure

Active centers

Slide17 l.jpg

Technical Platform llegó a Maniapure

Digital video camera


Microscope Digital Camera

Portable Lab


Laptop or portable device

  • BroadBand Internet

  • ADSL

  • VSAT

  • WI-FI

  • BroadBand Internet

  • ADSL

  • EVDO

  • WI-FI

Specialty MD


VoIP phone



Rural clients

Application Server

Web Server

Virtual Triage Center

Our Operating Model

Slide18 l.jpg

Operating Model llegó a Maniapure









Specialty MD’s

Broad Band Internet

Second opinion Web based application

Virtual Triage Center (VTC)

Internal Medicine specialist

Second opinion Web based application

Broad Band Internet

Rural health prof.

Rural Clinic

Rural Hospital

Other clients

Remote clients

Slide19 l.jpg

Operating Model llegó a Maniapure


Virtual Triage Center


Remote client

Specialty MD’s

  • Generates teleconsultation and sends it to VTC.

  • Receives answer from VTC and makes decision by his own criteria.

  • Consults medical literature online.

  • Demands second opinion at medical sub-specialty centers. (fourth level institutions).

  • Physician at VTC receives second opinion request and answers general specialty questions.

  • Forwards sub-specialty questions to sub-specialty related health care professionals.

  • forwards to clients answers received from sub-specialty physicians. .

  • Generates service statistical data and billing information for administrative purposes.

  • Afiliated sub-specialty physician receives and answers requests received from VTC.

Telesalud web page l.jpg

Operating Model llegó a Maniapure

Telesalud Web page

Slide21 l.jpg

What can we offer ? llegó a Maniapure

  • We can offer a wide range of services among which :

  • Second medical opinion services.

  • • Consultation and site assesment for the installation of rural telemedicine services.

  • • Telemedicine project management.

  • Telemedicine web based application design.

  • • Telemedicine equipment providers.

  • Telehealth personel education and training.

What can we offer l.jpg
What can we offer? llegó a Maniapure



People with needs

(patients &



Financial resources

Human resources

(universities & local)

Slide23 l.jpg

What can we offer? llegó a Maniapure

Telemedicine components

Knowledge & Experience


Human Resources

  • Students and clerckships

  • General Practitioners

  • Subspecialties (Health & Technology)


  • Software and applications

  • Telecomunication

  • Hardware & software (TI)

  • Medical equipment

Slide24 l.jpg

Dr.J.R.Arosemena’s visit to Maniapure-LaUrbana-Tumeremo-La Esperanza-Uriman and Kamarata

12 Flying hours

Slide25 l.jpg

Where are we going ? Esperanza-Uriman and Kamarata

La Esperanza -Guyana border

50 kms in 3 hours.First Internet conexion on Sat.Jan 19 2008 at 11 pm…

Slide27 l.jpg

Where are we going ? Esperanza-Uriman and Kamarata

January 2008 - Urimán

ATALACC President , Dr J.R. Arosemena ,visits Uriman at gives advice to “microscopist”

Pc ecg con usb y sala telemedicina urim n l.jpg

PC-ECG con USB y sala Telemedicina Urim Esperanza-Uriman and Kamarataán

Flagstaff 3ra ciudad de arizona l.jpg

Learning from Others… Esperanza-Uriman and Kamarata

Tuba City

Flagstaff ( 3ra ciudad de Arizona)

Slide30 l.jpg

Ecocardiograf Esperanza-Uriman and Kamarataía = vía Internet

Slide32 l.jpg

Colorado valley / near Maniapure Esperanza-Uriman and Kamarata

May 2008

Slide33 l.jpg

telecardiology Esperanza-Uriman and Kamarata

Slide34 l.jpg

Tele-ophtalmology ? Esperanza-Uriman and Kamarata

Slide35 l.jpg

Colorado 2008 evaluation results: Esperanza-Uriman and Kamarata

-470 patients screening for tropical diseases.

->200 patient ophtalmol. Evaluat.

-25 echocardiograms (2

surgical congenital cases detected / ASD and VSD).

Portablelight project l.jpg
PortableLight™ project Esperanza-Uriman and Kamarata

portableLight can be charged in 3 hours of sunlight and provide 8 hours of working light (100 lumens) and connected provide energy for small medical equipment.

Curiapo orinoco delta l.jpg
Curiapo – Orinoco Delta Esperanza-Uriman and Kamarata

First excelence price for 2008 l.jpg
First “Excelence Price” for 2008 Esperanza-Uriman and Kamarata

From: "Proyectos" <>


Date: August 11, 2008 5:21:38 PM GMT-04:30

To: <>, <>

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Estimado Dr. Sanabria,

Tal como conversáramos hace un momento, el día viernes 15 de agosto estaremos realizando la

presentación de los casos ganadores 2008. La reunión se realizará en la sede de nuestras oficinas:


Campo de la Universidad Metropolitana, Centro de Artes Integrales (Colina Creativa), Módulo 3, Planta

Alta, Terrazas del Ávila.

La hora de la reunión: 9:00 am

Punto de referencia para llegar: Como quien viene a Supermercados Éxito, en el portal de la Universidad

Metropolitana encuentras dos puertas: Entra por la izquierda que dice Universidad Metropolitana, y en la

primera sigues a mano izquierda (como quien va al Colegio Ávila). Allí está el estacionamiento y la Colina

Creativa. El modulo 3 está justo encima del Gimnasio.

Para nosotros será un honor contar con su presencia. FELICITACIONES!

Cualquier otra información adicional, puede comunicarse con nosotros.

Cordiales saludos,


Slide41 l.jpg

thank you !! Esperanza-Uriman and Kamarata