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SciPAC Mentoring Program the Path Forward

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SciPAC Mentoring Program the Path Forward - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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LCDR Alfredo R Sancho SciPAC Mentoring Subcommittee USPHS Scientific and Training Symposium 21 June 2012. SciPAC Mentoring Program the Path Forward. Agenda. SciPAC Mentoring Program SciPAC Mentoring Program Survey Results Recommendations Questions. Evaluation of PHS-wide Mentoring.

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Presentation Transcript
LCDR Alfredo R Sancho

SciPAC Mentoring Subcommittee

USPHS Scientific and Training Symposium

21 June 2012

SciPAC Mentoring Program the Path Forward

  • SciPAC Mentoring Program
  • SciPAC Mentoring Program Survey Results
  • Recommendations
  • Questions
evaluation of phs wide mentoring
Evaluation of PHS-wide Mentoring
  • Program Evaluation began in July 2010
  • Goals:
    • Improve communication and knowledge sharing
    • Identify best practices
    • Identify opportunities for improvement
    • CY2011 operational plans for each of the PHS category mentoring programs
    • Develop a white paper for review by the CPO PAC that both informs and recommends a strategic plan.
feedback from the expert panel for phs wide effort
Feedback from the Expert Panel for PHS-wide effort
  • Expand goals to include all-around development
  • Formalize training
  • Recognize mentoring program participants
  • Conduct annual recruitment
  • Be more pro-active in reaching out to new CAD’s
  • Utilize senior O4’s to mentor O3’s
  • Formalize a periodic program evaluation process
scipac mentoring program goals
SciPAC Mentoring Program Goals
  • Facilitate relationship building between a volunteer mentoring officer and a mentee.
  • Recruit mentors (CAPT’s and CDR’s)
  • Successful advancement of the junior officer’s career
  • Simultaneously meeting the needs of the Commissioned Corps to best fulfill its Global Health mission
survey key findings
Survey key findings
  • Mentees fail to reach out to mentors and take advantage of the Mentoring Program
  • Mentors want written guidance, lessons learned, best practices, and a venue for communication with other mentors
  • Mentees are not clear on what they need or expect from the mentor
  • Mentors and Mentees want a better understanding and clarity of the Mentoring Program procedures
survey key findings cont
Survey key findings – Cont’
  • Mentees would like the option to select a mentor or to have a mentor suggested to them
  • Mentees find very little in common with mentors currently assigned by the Mentoring Subcommittee
  • 61% of mentees indicated that their time with mentors was well utilized
  • 65% of mentors indicated that their time with mentees was well utilized
  • 60% of mentees were of LCDR rank and had two to four years of PHS service
most important traits of a good mentor
Most Important Traits of a good Mentor
  • Shares the same discipline/degree 55%
  • Has a higher rank 45%
  • Works in the same geographical area 29%
  • Has the same career track 26%
  • Works in the same Agency 19%
  • Share similar personality type or traits 7%
  • Is of the same gender/ethnicity 3%
most important needs objectives of mentees
Most Important Needs/Objectives of Mentees
  • Guiding through the Promotion process 81%
  • Encouragement 77%
  • Networking 71%
  • Defining career goals 71%
  • Writing a strong SciPAC modeled CV 68%
  • Preparing for the annual COER 61%
  • Finding career/job opportunities 42%
  • Customizing an Individual Development Plan 32%

SciPAC Mentoring Program Recommendations

Update Mentor/Mentee records

Generate & implement written agreement between mentor and mentee

Generate & distribute one-page reference handout on Mentoring Program

Develop & distribute “Mentor’s Resource kit”

Implement a new Mentor-Mentee matching system

Develop a SciPAC Mentor of the Year Award Program

Revise SciPAC Mentoring Subcommittee SOP

update current mentor mentee records
Update current Mentor/Mentee records
  • The need to find out the status of all prior mentor-mentee matches was determined to be a high priority. Up until now, there has not been a systematic effort to assess if the existing mentor assignments have been active or to update their contact information. It is recommended that this be a biannual task to ensure accuracy of records.
  • To be completed by: Completed
written agreement between mentor and mentee
Written agreement between Mentor and Mentee
  • The objective of this effort is to elicit a conversation between mentors and mentees in order to formalize their working relationship and develop a working structure to include format and frequency of contact and to identify what are the objectives of the relationship.
  • To be completed by: Implementation phase
one page handout on scipac mentoring program
One-page handout on SciPAC Mentoring Program
  • The need was identified and a one-page handout containing references to tools, guidance on roles and responsibilities of the Mentor and Mentee, and other useful information was developed by the subcommittee.
  • To be completed by: Completed
implement a new mentor mentee matching system
Implement a new Mentor-Mentee matching system
  • The survey findings pointed at the need to provide the mentee the opportunity to play a role in the selection of their mentor. The Mentee will be able to select from a list of possible mentors or obtain Mentor recommendations from the Subcommittee. Once a match is made, the role of the Subcommittee will be to provide advice and guidance to all parties.
  • To be completed by: 4th Quarter 2012
revise scipac mentoring subcommittee sop
Revise SciPAC Mentoring Subcommittee SOP
  • In order to support these recommendations, new duties and responsibilities are being added or revised in the Subcommittee’s SOP. The Mentoring Subcommittee will submit the revised SOP to the SciPAC Executive Board for review, voting, and approval.
  • To be completed by: 4th Quarter 2012
develop distribute mentor s resource kit
Develop & distribute “Mentor’s Resource kit”
  • From the Mentor’s perspective, there is a need for written guidance on how to improve mentoring outcomes, make available key documents and/or identify useful resources, and setting up a communication venue for sharing lessons learned and best practices. Collaboration between the SciPAC Career Development and the Mentoring Subcommittees will be necessary.
  • To be completed by: 3rd Quarter 2013
develop a scipac mentor of the year award program
Develop a SciPAC Mentor of the Year Award Program
  • While not an outcome from this survey, the Subcommittee believes that there is a need to recognize the efforts by Mentors. This Subcommittee proposes to collaborate with the SciPAC Awards Subcommittee for the development of a SciPAC Mentor Award.
  • To be completed by: 4th Quarter 2013
thank you
Thank You

The SciPAC Mentoring Subcommittee

CDR Boris Aponte (AHRQ) – Chair

CAPT Diana Bensyl (CDC) – Co-Chair

CDR Mark Methner (CDC) – Co-Chair

CDR Angela Smith (DoD)

CDR Jacqueline Sram (FDA)

LCDR Adrienne Goodrich-Doctor (NIH)

LCDR Alfredo R Sancho (FDA)