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Multiple Intelligences PowerPoint Presentation
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Multiple Intelligences

Multiple Intelligences

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Multiple Intelligences

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  1. Multiple Intelligences A theory by Howard Gardner of Harvard University

  2. How many of you think you are smart? The answer is that ALL of you are smart. Theories of Intelligence: -Smart or Not Smart -Hard work will equal smarts -Multiple Intelligences

  3. Linguistic Intelligence • Word Smart • Ability to write or read • Ability to rhyme • Good speakers • Actors • How many of you can speak or write?

  4. Logical/Mathematical Intelligence • Number smart • Ability to do math • Ability to balance a checkbook • How many of you can count your money? • How many of you have done a science experiment?

  5. Spatial Intelligence • Picture Smart • Who can draw pictures? • How many people can see pics in their heads when they close their eyes? • How many of you like movies, tv, or video games?

  6. Kinesthetic Intelligence • Body, sports or hand smart • Who can dance, play sports, build models?

  7. Musical Intelligence • Music Smart • Who likes music? • Who can play an instrument?

  8. Interpersonal Intelligence • People Smart • Who has at least one friend or associate? • Who likes group work?

  9. Intrapersonal Intelligence • Self Smart • Who has ever talked to themselves? • Who likes to work on their own? • Who takes care of themselves after school?

  10. On your plate, make a pizza with 8 slices. In each slice, write the names of famous people you know with each type of intelligence.

  11. Human Hunt: Multiple Intelligence Checklist Take a sheet of paper out and write these activities down: • Whistle or sing at least 5 seconds from a song • Complete this numerical sequence 1, 2, 4, 8, ___, ___ and explain the logic behind it • Draw a picture of a car, wolverine, or pair of shoes • Do the mono or any other dance • Share a dream you’ve had in the past week • Someone who can honestly say they are comfortable talking to everyone in this activity • Recite the lyrics to any poem, rap, or song, or quote

  12. Human Hunt Your job now is to walk around the room and find people who can exhibit one of these intelligences. Get them to initial your piece of paper. You can only get one person’s initials once. You cannot sign your own sheet. Have fun with this and try to meet some new people.

  13. Your first Blast • On a sheet of paper, you will write at least 3 paragraphs. • Write on what intelligences you think you are better at • what you aren’t so good at • what you think you can do better in. • Also, give examples of how you are good at these things. • Talk about friends you know who are good at each of the intelligences, or famous people who are like you in their abilities.

  14. Wrap Up There is a belief that you can be good at all of them, but inevitably we favor certain intelligences. It is important to know how you are intelligent so you can do your best to adjust and adapt to what you have to learn. If you are musically smart, memorize facts in songs. If you dance well, create a dance about certain stories, or act out a short skit, etc