solving radical equations n.
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Solving Radical Equations

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Solving Radical Equations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Solving Radical Equations. Real-World Application: F inding the nozzle pressure of antifreeze used to de-ice a plane. Common Core State Standards:.

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solving radical equations

Solving Radical Equations

Real-World Application:

Finding the nozzle pressure of antifreeze used to de-ice a plane.

common core state standards
Common Core State Standards:
  • A-REI.1 Explain each step in solving a simple equation as following from the equality of numbers asserted at the previous step, starting from the assumption that the original equation has a solution. Construct a viable argument to justify a solution method.
  • A-REI.2 Solve simple rational and radical equations in one variable, and give examples showing how extraneous solutions may arise.

Using a Radical ModelYou work for a commercial airline and remove ice from planes. The relationshipamong the flow rate r (in gallons per minute) of the antifreeze for de-icing, thenozzle diameter d (in inches), and the nozzle pressure P (in pounds per squareinch) is shown in the diagram. You want a flow rate of 250 gallons per minute.

  • Find the nozzle pressure for a nozzle whose diameter is 1.25 inches.
  • Find the nozzle pressure for a nozzle whose diameter is 1.75 inches.
  • When you increase the diameter of the nozzle by 40%, do you also change the nozzle pressure by 40%? Explain.