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Gareth Morris Student Voice Representative PowerPoint Presentation
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Gareth Morris Student Voice Representative

Gareth Morris Student Voice Representative

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Gareth Morris Student Voice Representative

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  1. Making a difference: the Glamorgan Experience Gareth Morris Student Voice Representative

  2. What is an SVR? • An SVR (Student Voice Representative) is the next tier up from ‘Course Reps’. SVRs are fed information from ‘grass root’ level by course reps. The information received from course reps is then presented to relevant boards and committees within the university of Glamorgan.

  3. Faculty Board Faculty Academic Development Committee Learning, Teaching & Student Experience Committee Learning & Teaching Enhancement Committee Staff, Student Liaison Committee What Committees and Boards do SVRs Sit On?

  4. When SVRs sit on committees and faculty boards SVRs are treated no differently to staff and other members. SVRs views and concerns are listened to and acted upon concisely and coherently by the relevant staff/specialists. Do SVRs Make a Difference to the Glamorgan Experience?

  5. At the beginning of the academic year the SVR team for the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences believed that they needed a space in order for them to carry out their roles effectively and enhance the student experience. The relevant concerns were listened to by staff, and space was made available to the SVR team. Examples of how SVRs make a difference!

  6. At present two faculties are being merged at the University of Glamorgan. SVRs have been fully involved in the merger process. SVRs have had monthly meetings with the Dean designate and the new executive team for the new faculty. The SVR voice has been listened to carefully throughout the merger process.

  7. SVRs can contact the sabbatical officers at the Students’ Union or Denize McIntyre, Senior Project Officer within the Vice Chancellor’s Office at any time with any concerns or just for general advice. Do SVRs Have Support in Their Roles?

  8. Many thanks for listening and I hope the presentation has been of use and beneficial to all.

  9. Questions & Feedback Session