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The Student Voice Project PowerPoint Presentation
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The Student Voice Project

The Student Voice Project

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The Student Voice Project

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  1. The Student Voice Project 18 November 2008 Rob Baker and Rachel McAlpine Centre for Academic Standards and Quality Enhancement Quality Network

  2. Focus of the session • Background to the project • Purpose of the project • 3 specific areas of interest • Some project milestones • Progress to date Quality Network

  3. Project Background • CASQE first proposed the project in Summer 2007; it was initially deferred by the University • Project remit was approved in late September 2008 Quality Network

  4. Purpose of the Project To formulate recommendations on: • How the University can capture the views of students systematically, efficiently and effectively • Using student views to inform enhancement actions taken by the University • Improving two-way communication between the University and students in the areas covered by the project Quality Network

  5. Specific areas of interest (Sub-Groups) • Evaluation of student opinion • National Student Survey • Student representation (Led by the Students Union, this sub-group supports the SU’s pilot initiative which commenced September 08) Quality Network

  6. Evaluation of Student Opinion Sub-Group • To investigate and disseminate good practice in capturing and evaluating student opinion • To consider how actions resulting from student evaluation may be reported back to students and staff, thereby ‘closing the feedback loop’ • To produce a coordinated student evaluation strategy Quality Network

  7. National Student Survey Sub-Group To promote and raise awareness of the NSS To monitor response rates To agree the information needs of faculties, both throughout the survey and when the NSS results are made available To improve NSS–related communication to students and staff Sunday, October 26, 2014 Quality Network 7

  8. Student Representation Sub-Group • To support and work collaboratively with the Students’ Union in developing the student representative system • Working closely with the MMUnion Student Engagement Coordinator and the Vice-President (Education and Welfare) • Supporting the Students’ Union’s pilot initiative Quality Network

  9. Some milestones • Improved NSS information to staff through consultation with faculties • Completion of audit of the University’s student evaluation activities • Completion of research into examples of good practice within the HE sector • Dissemination of good evaluation practice throughout the University • Proposals to improve the way we ‘close the feedback loop’ to students and staff Quality Network

  10. Some milestones continued… • Proposals on a possible MMU institutional student survey including resources required • Recommendations on NSS 2009 awareness-raising and communication strategy • Recommendations on more effectively embedding actions arising from student evaluation within institutional decision-making processes • Draft protocol/guidelines on student evaluation, covering MMU-based and collaborative students, including identification of resources

  11. Progress to date • NSS 2008 results disseminated to faculties via the PMI intranet • Students’ open comments disseminated to faculties (via Deans) for the first time • Faculties invited to identify further results information needs for the first time • Further NSS 2008 information and analyses provided to faculties by PMI Quality Network

  12. Progress to date continued….. • Joint CASQE/PMI staff briefings on the NSS results offered and delivered to faculties for the first time • Request from the DVC (Student Experience) for faculties to feed back to students on the actions taken in response to the NSS results • Further University training sessions arranged on the use of texting technology to notify students of rearranged classes • Links established with other HEIs, and with the QAA and Universities UK

  13. Progress to date continued….. • Student representatives (approx 800) identified by faculties and passed via CASQE to the Students’ Union for training • Students’ Union have completed a week of student representative training sessions, with more to be arranged • Programme committee dates provided by faculties and passed to the Students’ Union • Research is underway into examples of good student evaluation practice at MMU and within the HE sector • Online project Wiki established

  14. If you need to contact us: Rob Baker – Quality Enhancement Manager – x3695 Rachel McAlpine – Quality Enhancement Officer – x1050 Centre for Academic Standards and Quality Enhancement Quality Network

  15. Any Questions? Quality Network