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NuHorizons 09: Summary Talk

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NuHorizons 09: Summary Talk. Amitava Raychaudhuri Harish-Chandra Research Institute Allahabad, India January 2009. Scientist, Visionary, Institution builder. Homi J. Bhabha 1909-1966. Plan. Neutrino Oscillation Mass models High energy neutrinos Supernova neutrinos

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nuhorizons 09 summary talk

NuHorizons 09: Summary Talk

Amitava Raychaudhuri

Harish-Chandra Research Institute

Allahabad, India

January 2009






Homi J. Bhabha


Summary Talk

A. Raychaudhuri

  • Neutrino Oscillation
  • Mass models
  • High energy neutrinos
  • Supernova neutrinos
  • Dark matter
  • INO

27 May 2008, Neutrino 08

Summary Talk

A. Raychaudhuri








Summary Talk

A. Raychaudhuri


Missed talks by:

Rathin Adhikari, Biswajit Adhikary, Zackaria

Chacko, Sovan Chakraborty. Sandhya

Choubey, Paramita Dey, Pasquale DiBari,

Rikard Enberg, Raj Gandhi, Thomas

Hambye, Mary Hall Reno, Werner

Rodejohann, Sourov Roy, Atsushi

Watanabe, Terribly sorry, folks!

Summary Talk

A. Raychaudhuri

Summary Talk

A. Raychaudhuri

neutrino parameters
Neutrino parameters
  • Three masses m1, m2, and m3
  • Three mixing angles: θ12, θ23, and θ13
  • CP phases δ, α, β
  • Known at the moment

a) Only relative mass splitting

b) Sum of the masses

c) θ12 and θ23

oscillation experimentsν-mass0νββcosmology/astrophysics

Summary Talk

A. Raychaudhuri

status m 2 12 and 12
Status: Δm212 and θ12

Thanks to S. Choubey

Summary Talk

A. Raychaudhuri

status m 2 31 and 23
Status: Δm231 and θ23

Thanks to S. Choubey

Summary Talk

A. Raychaudhuri

  • OPERA: CERN to LNGS νντ through τ detection
  • Emulsion Cloud Chamber technique
  • Emulsion + electronic detection
  • First results

Thanks to A. Paoloni.

Summary Talk

A. Raychaudhuri

  • 100 Tons
  • Purity is critical:

Po, Kr the last hurdles

  • Environmental issue: delay
  • 192-day results consistent with MSW LMA
  • Get Be flux to 5%

Thanks to R.S. Raghavan

Summary Talk

A. Raychaudhuri

  • Main Injector Particle Production experiment
  • Test Non-perturbative QCD, scaling laws, shower simulation, etc.
  • Relevant for MiniBoone, atmos. nu, nu factories
  • Data (05-06) analysis on

Thanks to R. Raja

Summary Talk

A. Raychaudhuri

if 13 is vanishingly small
If 13 is vanishingly small….

atm = 13 - c212 12

normal  inverted hierarchy

Usually used 13 -13

Correct only for large θ13

Possible to find hierarchy using atm nu

For small θ13 one must use

two different expts

Advantage of Long baseline expt

Thanks to P. Ghoshal

Summary Talk

A. Raychaudhuri


Mass varying neutrinos

Neutrino mass changes with epoch

Acceleron field contribution to mν besides type I see-saw

As neutrino density decreases 2nd term begins to dominate

Effect mimics dark energy with

weff < -1

Not ghosts or vac instability

Rather support for MAVAN

Thanks to K. Dutta

Summary Talk

A. Raychaudhuri


Effective operator for neutrino mass

S. Weinberg, Phys. Rev. Lett, 43, 1566 (1979)

There are three tree level realizations: E. Ma, Phys. Rev. Lett, 81, 1171 (1998)



(III) Replacing in (I) by heavy Majorana fermion triplet

Thanks to R. Adhikari


Summary Talk

A. Raychaudhuri

post sphaleron baryogenesis
Post-sphaleron baryogenesis
  • PS224 Quark-lepton symmetry Δ(1,3,10)  Δνν ≡ S
  • S develops a vev: 10-100TeV
  • Baryogenesis from S-decay, neutron-antineutron oscillations
  • Neutrino masses through Type-II see-saw

Thanks to B. Dev

Summary Talk

A. Raychaudhuri

phenomenology of type iii see saw
Phenomenology of Type III see-saw
  • Triplets under SU(2), Σ couples to gauge bosons. LHC production up to 1.5 TeV.
  • Σ+c can mix with charged lepton. Rare decays, e.g.,

→e γ, →eee probe up to 200 TeV.

  • Decay branching ratios are important
  • L-violation, leptogenesis

Thanks to T. Hambye

Summary Talk

A. Raychaudhuri

tev scale see saw
TeV-scale see-saw

NMSSM and R-parity violation

Sneutrino vev, LSP decay signals

Testable at LHC!

Thanks to Sourov Roy

Summary Talk

A. Raychaudhuri

see saw models with a z
See-saw models with a Z’

Models with a Z’ under which RH neutrinos (TeV-scale) are charged.

TeV scale Z’, when produced, will decay to NRNR which decay to charged

leptons (could be same sign)

TeV scale Majorana NR carry additional lepton number violation -- flavour

dependent -- and erase baryon asymmetry created earlier.

Prevention of washout yields an UPPER bound on NR mass. e.g., Type I: 300

GeV for degenerate case and 1 TeV for IH. No bound for NH. Similar (but

tighter) constraints for Type III

Testable at the LHC

Thanks to. Z. Chacko

Summary Talk

A. Raychaudhuri

four zero textures and symmetry
Four-zero textures and  symmetry
  • 126 four-zero texture mass matrices possible
  • Two compatible with  symmetry
  • Predictive: θ23 = π/4, θ13 =0

Parametrised by k,k’, α

Thanks to B. Adhikary

R = 3.2 x 10-2, θ12 = 34o

Summary Talk

A. Raychaudhuri

triplet higgs s3 symmetry lepton masses
Triplet Higgs, S3 symmetry, Lepton masses
  • Also add discrete Z3 or Z4 symmetry
  • 2 Higgs triplets: Type II see-saw for nu mass
  • Mild breaking of τ symmetry: small θ13
  • LHC charged higgs signals? Thanks to M. Mitra

Summary Talk

A. Raychaudhuri

two loop neutrino masses in susy
Two-loop neutrino masses in SUSY
  • Neutrino masses from R-parity violating SUSY and sqauark non-degeneracy. Large couplings may contradict ν-mass.
  • Sets of couplings may be chosen so that 1-loop vanishes.
  • Two loops do the job (one diagram shown)

Thanks to P. Dey

Summary Talk

A. Raychaudhuri

rg evolution for type iii see saw
RG evolution for Type III see-saw

Type III see-saw relies on SU(2) triplet fermions

They contribute to gauge coupling evolution as well as to Yukawa and Higgs

self couplings affecting neutrino mass and mixing evolution.

Calculation in Rξ gauge ensures gauge invariance

Running of MΣ Is significant.

Threshold effects and Majorana phases are important

CP phase δ undefined at θ13 = 0. Careful handling using Jarlskog J shows

there is no singularity.

Thanks to. S. Ray

Summary Talk

A. Raychaudhuri

deviations from tri bimaximal mixing
Deviations from tri-bimaximal mixing
  • Deviations from TBM
  • Different options
  • Other patterns?


Thanks to W. Rodejohann

Summary Talk

A. Raychaudhuri


Dark matter from νR mixing

Stable right-handed neutrino could be warm dark matter

See-saw prefers heavier νR unless Dirac mass is chosen small

Consider three RH neutrinos of which one is heavy and the others light. Lightest (TeV scale or more) is long lived and a dark matter candidate.

Abundance is a difficulty

Can abundance be enhanced through oscillations from the other light state?

Yes, through dimension-5 operators

Thanks to P. DiBari

Summary Talk

A. Raychaudhuri


Models with extra U(1) symmetry

n1 (n4) is the U(1) charge of

(u,d) and (ν,l) doublets.

Anomaly cancellation has to be


If X gauge boson is observed

at LHC , then r may be

determined from its

decay branching fraction

Thanks to R. Adhikari


Summary Talk

A. Raychaudhuri


Rare τdecays

Rare lepton decays are interesting

Quark sector is suggestive

Experiments (e.g, BaBar and Belle) are pushing the boundary

Constrain MSSM (slepton mixing)?

Neutrino masses (See-saw + MSSM)?

Thanks to A. Ibarra


Summary Talk

A. Raychaudhuri

neutrino cross sections
Neutrino cross sections

Low energy νN cross sections have significant


(next slide)

At UHE the cross sections are extrapolation


Detailed exposition

Thanks to M.H. Reno

Summary Talk

A. Raychaudhuri


MHR, Phys. Rev. D74 (2006)


Low Q extrapolations, from NLO+TMC, with CKMT (and Bodek et al) extrapolation.

NLO + TMC, no special low Q extrapolation.

Summary Talk

A. Raychaudhuri


High Energy ν

New era in high energy neutrino astronomy

Neutrino fluxes better estimated through TeV gamma measurements and UHE cosmic ray information

UHE neutrinos probe BSM physics: Extra dimensions, black holes, …

Neutrino flavour ratios carry important clues

Radio detection beyond GSM is a possibility worth exploring

Thanks to R. Gandhi

Summary Talk

A. Raychaudhuri

prompt neutrinos
Prompt neutrinos

High energy neutrinos from

heavy quark (c, b) decay:

a) In atmospheric flux

b) From astrophysical sources

Smaller cross section

Harder spectrum

New, improved QCD calculation

Thanks to R. Enberg

Summary Talk

A. Raychaudhuri


Charm decay νfrom supernova

  • Prompt neutrino from charm decay from supernova
  • Slow jets: Like GRB but lower Lorentz boost
  • Resulting diffuse background is small, but individual point sources possible
  • Boosted from comoving frame to earth frame
  • TeV energy neutrinos
  • May be detectable in km3 detectors

Thanks to A. Watanabe

Summary Talk

A. Raychaudhuri

diffuse supernova nu background
Diffuse supernova nu background

DSNB from supernova explosions in the past.

Depends on supernova rate. SN neutrino spectrum required.

Collective effects – ν-ν interaction driven – are important.

Complete swapping for IH, No effect for normal hierarchy.

MSW also has to be included farther out

Thanks to S. Chakraborty

Summary Talk

A. Raychaudhuri


INO site

Pushep: 11.5N 76.6E

(Near Ooty Hill station)

Masinagudi 6.5km

Mysore 96.5km

Bangalore 350km

1km rock coverage

Summary Talk

A. Raychaudhuri


Schematic of 50 kton ICAL

Large Mass

Good tracking and energy


Good directionality

Charge ID

Ease of construction

6cm thick Fe plates

2.5cm gap for RPC trays

2mx2m RPCs interleaved

Summary Talk

A. Raychaudhuri


Development of large area glass RPCs

Thanks to N.K. Mondal

Summary Talk

A. Raychaudhuri



Looking ahead

Absolute neutrino mass measurement from 0ν2β expts ~ 0.03 eV

Determine sign of Δm231. CP-phase δ

Pin down θ13. Hints of non-zero value?

Sterile neutrinos? Why light, even if they are there?

Km3 detectors for UHE neutrinos

Much activity in mass models, tribimaximal, testability

Supernova neutrinos, Leptogenesis, …

Looking forward to NuHoRIzons 2010

Summary Talk

A. Raychaudhuri

Summary Talk

A. Raychaudhuri


Thank you

Summary Talk

A. Raychaudhuri