How do you find them
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How do you find them?. Small, difficult to find Cracks, crevices, wall plates, baseboards, mattress seams, head-boards Prefer wood and fiber to plastic and metal. Blood spots are bed bug droppings. Bed Bug Signs: Blood spots. A bad infestation. The start of an infestation.

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How do you find them
How do you find them?

  • Small, difficult to find

  • Cracks, crevices, wall plates, baseboards, mattress seams, head-boards

  • Prefer wood and fiber to plastic and metal

Bed bug signs blood spots

Blood spots are bed bug droppings

Bed Bug Signs:Blood spots

A bad infestation

The start of an infestation

Bed bug signs shed skins
Bed Bug Signs:Shed skins

Live bed bugs & cast skins on a mattress seam

Bed bug signs dead bed bugs
Bed Bug Signs:Dead bed bugs



Inspecting for bed bugs
Inspecting For Bed Bugs

  • Usually found near beds

    • Mattresses

    • Bed frames

    • Headboards

    • Nightstands

  • Upholstered furniture

    • Couches

    • Chairs

  • Baseboards

  • Wall/ceiling junctures

Where bed bugs live
Where bed bugs live

= Hot Spot

Beds, sofas, bedside tables, recliners, picture frames…

02 FEB 2011

20 OCT 2010

How do bed bugs spread

What’s on the other side of the wall?

How do bed bugs spread?

  • Through walls along wires and pipes

  • On anything coming from an infested unit (furniture, backpacks, laundry…)

Mattress disposal

Inspecting for bed bugs1
Inspecting For Bed Bugs

  • In their natural environment

Bed Bug!

Blood spots!

Inspecting for bed bugs2
Inspecting For Bed Bugs

  • Screw holes, recessed bolts, knotholes, and oh, so much more.

Bedbugs cause disease false
Bedbugs Cause Disease: FALSE


Bedbugs do not directly spread diseases, but if their bites are not properly cleaned and treated, skin can become infected and cause additional problems.

Another Truth:

A bedbug engorged with blood can burst, spreading blood. Take appropriate precautions when coming into contact with blood.

What are the health risks
What are the health risks?

Bed bugs have never been shown to pass diseases to humans


  • Reactions to bites vary widely

  • Most common symptom is itchy welts

    Secondary Infection

  • Scratching welts may cause infection

  • Allergic Reaction

  • Asthma


  • Anxiety and unhealthy stress

  • Sleeplessness

  • Phantom Itching

    Anemia in children and older adults who have been severely bitten

Common skin reactions
Common Skin Reactions

  • Timing of reaction may change with repeated exposures

  • Commonly

    • No reaction w/barely visible punctum

      • Some evidence that older individuals have depressed reaction to bed bug bites

    • 2-5 mm pruritic maculopapular, erythematous lesions

      • Usually itch and, if not abraded, resolve within a week

    • Some patients experience complex cutaneous reactions

Treatment of bite symptoms
Treatment of Bite Symptoms

  • Patients may present to medical facilities with bites

    • Care for bites is supportive

    • Antihistamines, Corticosteroids, Antibiotics

    • Bed bug bites may be indistinguishable from bites of other arthropods

  • Goddard and deShazo (2009) – most patients w/symptom resolution ~2wks

  • Elimination of the infestation at home or in care facility is only way to “cure” bites

No topical treatment to cure bed bugs
No Topical Treatment to “Cure” Bed Bugs

  • Topical treatments such as those used for head lice or scabies are INEFFECTIVE against bed bugs.

    • Bed bugs DO NOT live on people, they live in our environment

    • Prescription of these creams to patients suffering from bed bug bites is NOT INDICATED

    • The use of these products may be dangerous to patients if used more often than label recommendations

No repellant
No Repellant

There is currently no evidence to support the effectiveness of insect repellents against bed bugs

**Encasing mattress/boxspring and isolating the bed can be effective while treatment is ongoing

Risks associated with environmental treatment
Risks Associated with Environmental Treatment

  • MDCH and health agencies concerned about acute pesticide exposure:

    • Eliminating an infestation is difficult for the layman

    • Professional treatments are expensive

      • Market is also ripe for unscrupulous people to take advantage and offer “economical” treatments that are likely to be ineffective at best and dangerous at worst.

    • Desperate people will try to treat the problem on their own

      • Total release foggers or BUG BOMBS

      • Alcohol being touted as sound pest management tool

      • “More is better”

      • Home remedies, internet scams, applying products not intended for indoor use, etc.

Examples of products found at home improvement stores
Examples of Products Found at Home Improvement Stores






“Bug Bombs”


Total Release


Responsible use of insecticides

If you are going to try your own pest management – always follow label directions – “The label is the law”

“MORE” is not better!

Responsible Use of Insecticides

  • Beginning in 2011, the labeling of “Bug Bombs” or total release foggers will state:

“Not effective for treatment of bed bugs”

Mis application examples
Mis-application Examples follow label directions –

Drione Dust


-piperonyl butoxide

Boric Acid

-not very effective for bed bug control

Total release foggers there s a reason they re called bombs
Total release foggers follow label directions – (there’s a reason they’re called bombs!)

San Diego, CA, July 1992

Augusta, GA, March 2008

Washington, DC,

August 2008