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Graduate Student Library Practicum: “Reflections” PowerPoint Presentation
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Graduate Student Library Practicum: “Reflections”

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Graduate Student Library Practicum: “Reflections” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Graduate Student Library Practicum: “Reflections”
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  1. Graduate Student Library Practicum:“Reflections” kYmberly Keeton The University of North Texas Location: The Museum of Fine ARTS Houston, Hirsch Library Duration: March 4, 2014 – April 25, 2014

  2. I decided to complete my practicum at the the Hirsch Library, because I really wanted to work in a art library inside a museum. I believe what drew me in was when I decided to walk in the library, immediately I went to the online card catalog to see if Romare Bearden and Elizabeth Catlett were housed in the stacks. I decided that the Hirsch might be just might be the next best thing since sliced-bread. I was convinced that this would be an enlightening experience for me. “My artistic hustle began at the age of eight years old through writing. Visually, I began to look at images and started creating collage installations too. I still do both today.” -- kYm

  3. The Practicum Social Media Research Guides Catalog Assessment

  4. SOCIAL MEDIA • I had the opportunity to create a social media staff policy for the Hirsch Library, along with a social media calendar and suggestions for the future. • Reflection: • The experience was very challenging and engaging. I had the opportunity to read over different policies from other institutions and query the staff about what they wanted to actually do with social media. I was then able to formulate a policy for the library. The best moment about this project was when I was able to meet with the administrative staff at the Powell Library. They provided excellent feedback and read every word of the policy.

  5. Working with the research guides was pretty awesome. I had the opportunity to review two different formats that were created by librarians in academia. It was interesting to see the process in motion once I got going with gathering information from the museum’s database for images and descriptions about art. In addition, creating a bibliography for a work of art was one of the most challenging and rewarding moments of my practicum. REFLECTION: I learned a lot about time management, attention to detail, and communication with team members during this portion of the practicum. If I had one thing to change about this portion of the practicum – it would have been what you see in the image to the left of this text – Pennies are still a valuable source of income for a graduate student librarian. :0 RESEARCH GUIDES

  6. Catalog Assessment • I had the opportunity to review different catalogs for assessment procedures – for proper management of artist catalogs. In addition, a catalog assessment policy, artist catalog checklist and a volunteer training guide were created during this portion of the practicum. • Reflection: • I really enjoyed this portion of the practicum. Once again, paying attention to details and being able to translate what I learned and gathered during the training was important. I had to opportunity to put my writing skills to use, and training volunteers to utilize this system for the catalogs was resourceful. I appreciate all of the feedback and editing sessions during this portion of the practicum.

  7. Professional Development I often wondered what the library director thought of my fashion sense –though I did not have the time to just let it all out in one month. I had a great time learning from the director about communication, becoming a better leader, and continuing to be kYm all at the same time. I hope to acquire the IT FACTOR that the director has with regard to working with others. His communication style is stellar!

  8. THE END “The Answers You Seek May Be AT The Library” -- Unknown