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Test Manager

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Test Manager
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Test Manager

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Test Manager Plugin for Trac Part 1/3 Roberto Longobardi http://sourceforge.net/projects/testman4trac/ http://trac-hacks.org/attachment/wiki/TestManagerForTracPlugin

  2. Installing the plugin

  3. Open the administration panel

  4. Open the plugins section

  5. Click inside the File edit box, or on Browse…

  6. Select the downloaded “.egg” file and click Open

  7. Click Install

  8. The plugin adds something to Trac’s DB, so you will need to upgrade it. To do so, just open a command prompt or shell with the Trac environment set up and issue the command that Trac displays.

  9. These messages show that everything went smooth

  10. Notice that a new tab has been added here Click it to access the Test Manager home page

  11. Opening and using the Test Manager

  12. Click on the Test Manager tab to access the Test Manager home page, which is nothing else than the /wiki/TC wiki page. You can then reference it from other wiki pages as follows: [wiki:TC Test Manager]

  13. This page lists all of the test catalogs and test cases in a tree view.

  14. You can add a new top-level catalog by giving it a name (from 4 to 90 characters, blanks are allowed) and clicking “Add a Catalog”

  15. Next to each catalog, a number in brackets shows how many test cases it contains

  16. You can click on a catalog to open it.

  17. Expand all and Collapse all are used to show/hide the entire tree

  18. From inside a catalog you can then: • edit its description (edit wiki page) • add sub-catalogs • add test cases

  19. Use the +/- signs to expand/collapse a single sub-tree

  20. Use the breadcrumbs to navigate up the test catalogs tree

  21. Searching and filtering test cases

  22. You can filter the test cases to be shown in the tree using this edit box. Type in one or more (partial) words, and the tree is automatically updated to only display the test cases matching your criteria. The search goes across catalogs

  23. The number of matching results is displayed here If any subtree was collapsed that contains matching test cases, it is automatically expanded

  24. You can also filter by test case status, using the words • untested • successful • failed

  25. You can also mix words to be searched in the test case titles and test case statuses

  26. Thank you! http://sourceforge.net/projects/testman4trac/ http://trac-hacks.org/attachment/wiki/TestManagerForTracPlugin