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Current events. 22 October, 2009 - Carter Dorsett. Taliban Finances. The Taliban’s financial network consists of: Drug trade Kidnappings Extortion Foreign donations The Taliban raises hundreds of millions of dollars.

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current events
Current events
  • 22 October, 2009 - Carter Dorsett
taliban finances
Taliban Finances
  • The Taliban’s financial network consists of:
    • Drug trade
    • Kidnappings
    • Extortion
    • Foreign donations
  • The Taliban raises hundreds of millions of dollars

taliban finances1
Taliban Finances
  • Elaborate taxation system which taxes:
    • Opium cultivation
    • Opium processing
    • Opium shipment
    • Other crops grown
  • The Taliban makes from 70 million to 400 million a year just on illegal drug trade

taliban finances2
Taliban Finances
  • U.S. is not able to destroy the opium trade because many Afghani farmers depend on it’s profit for survival
  • Taliban operations are inexpensive so the Taliban does not need very much income
  • Attempting to dry up Taliban funds is worthless

taliban finances3
Taliban Finances
  • Foreign donations are a large part of Taliban funding
  • Some expected to come from Pakistani Intelligence
    • Pakistan supports the Taliban because if they gain control of Afghanistan then Afghanistan and Pakistan would be friendly
  • Saudis and other Arabs are a large part of the funding

pakistan attacks
Pakistan Attacks
  • The Pakistani Military is bombing the heart of Taliban territory - South Waziristan
  • The area is highly mined with many homemade bombs
  • Pakistan is fighting in the Taliban’s home turf - mountains

pakistan attacks1
Pakistan Attacks
  • They use F-16 bombers and gunships
  • The U.S. has provided thermal imaging for the F-16s
  • This was supposed to be a secret because most of the population of Pakistan is very anti-American

ancient queen
Ancient Queen
  • The Neus Museum has been reopened
  • It was destroyed in WWII
  • It’s most important piece was the 3,500 year old bust of Queen Nefertiti

ancient queen1
Ancient Queen
  • Egypt is demanding Germany to return it
  • It has been in Germany since 1913
  • Zahi Hawass has accused Germany of stealing it

ancient queen2
Ancient Queen
  • Zahi Hawass is the general secretary of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities
  • Farouk Hosny lost the job as the new director of the United Nations culture agency, Unesco, based in Paris
  • Hawass accused France of stealing art after Hosny lost

political cartoons
Political Cartoons
  • Issue: American troops have had a difficult time in Iraq and Obama is now sending them to Afghanistan
  • Point of view: Critical of Obama for not only asking too much of the troops but making them serve extra tours.
political cartoons1
Political Cartoons
  • Issue: The U.S. is turning a blind eye to the drugs in Afghanistan
  • Point of View: Critical of the U.S. for ignoring the drugs