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Changes in the Construction Process – Why Construction Compa PowerPoint Presentation
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Changes in the Construction Process – Why Construction Compa

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Changes in the Construction Process – Why Construction Compa
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Changes in the Construction Process – Why Construction Compa

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  1. Changes in the Construction Process – Why Construction Companies Aren’t Shying Away from the Integration of Residential & Commercial Solar Panels? The solar panel installations are increasing at an exponential rate in the USA, which means transition to solar energy is occurring swiftly in both residential and commercial sectors. Statistics reveal that the country’s solar capacity has reached to 20,000 megawatts, which is enough to power more than 4 million homes in the USA. With the increased capacity, nearly 650, 000 businesses & homesare using solar energy at present.

  2. New York, however, increased its solar capacity by adding 100 MW last year and became one of the solar leaders in the USA. The goal, now, is to develop 5000 megawatts of solar power capacity in the next 10 years. All these facts indicate that the country is making quick transition to solar energy and this switch has impacted construction process too. In short, the solar panels have become a part of building processes and the construction companies are playing a huge role in encouraging homeowners and businesses toward harnessing solar energy.

  3. Knowing the benefits of solar energy, construction industry is now including solar panels in their building designs. Whether homes or businesses, almost every building design has the provision of solar power system. While a change is occurring in the construction process, following sectors are taking biggest advantage of solar panel incorporated designs Solar Panels – An Addition in the Building Designs

  4. Since the energy needs of businesses are higher, the commercial solar panels in NY are becoming an integral part of commercial constructions. Also, since offices have greater space on roof to support rooftop solar panel, commercial designs with the provision of solar panel are ideal for businesses. While businesses enjoy financial and operational benefits of solar energy, construction industry also finds it a lucrative idea. Solar panels for Commercial Sector

  5. Designs including solar panels are prevalent in residential sector as well not because of the popularity of residential solar panels in NY, but because of numerous benefits offered by solar energy to homeowners. While the homeowners have been able to cut their electricity bills, they have been protecting the environment from increased carbon emissions too. Solar panels for Residential Sector

  6. The construction industry isn’t shying away from the incorporation of solar panels in building designs because they understand the significance of solar energy and the role they can play in minimizing air pollution and protecting the environment. They are, thus, adapting to solar energy by including solar panels in their construction designs. While they are tapping the opportunity, this provision minimizes construction costs, which is beneficial for both residential and commercial sector. By including solar hardware and solar panels in their initial designs, construction industry is benefiting environment as well as people. Being a solar candidate as well as solar business, you, too, can contribute in making NY clean and green. In addition, you can take assistance and services of a solar panel provider too while making a switch to solar energy.

  7. This presentation is made by AMERGY SOLAR– The best solar panel installation company operating in NY, NJ, MA & CA. We are the premier provider of most efficient residential and commercial solar panels. Address: 255 Old New Brunswick Rd. Suite N280 Piscataway, NJ 08854Phone: (888) 902-2295Website: http://www.amergysolar.comEmail: