substance abuse n.
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    2. DEFINITION OF SOCIAL ISSUES Social issues are moral problems that affect members of a society in different way and situations. Some of these issues include poverty, divorce, bullying, incest, child abuse and aids. 

    3. WHAT IS SUBSTANCE ABUSE? Substance abuse or drug abuse can be defined as the illicit use of prescription or over the counter drugs for the purpose other than for which it is intended. In other words, they are the use of drugs without medical justification.

    4. Causes of substance abuse • Emotional Issues- the most prevalent cause of drug abuse stems from the addict's need to escape from emotional pain. Any sort of trauma can lead to drug abuse. • Job Loss- an unexpected disruption, such as job loss, can create a feeling of inadequacy and undermine a person's confidence, leading him to flee the pain through drug abuse. • Marital Difficulty-arguments and discord in the marriage can lead to drug abuse. Drugs can provide a release from tension in the family. • Genetics-a drug abuser can be susceptible to addiction because of her genetic makeup. Once the drug abuser experiments with a substance, the body will crave more.

    5. Causes of substance abuse cont’d • Self-Medication-this can encompass all of the above issues for the drug abuser. He feels that he must relax, escape or mentally shut down through drug abuse. • Curiosityand experimentation. • Peer pressure. • Persuasive advertisements, especially tobacco and alcohol. • Enhancement of performance in sportssuch as Steroids. • To camouflage personal weaknesses. • To assist in coping with life’s problems. • Role modeling effect as alcohol is used to celebrate most occasions.

    6. consequences of substance abuse • Criminal Record:You will have a criminal record on your file, and will not look good any times you have a case with authorities. • Career and employment: Many employers and jobs will turn you down because you have a criminal record, and no employer wants criminals around. • Licenses:Having a criminal record can prevent a person from getting many sorts of licenses; for example, licenses for driving a taxi or running a liquor store. • Travel:Many countries require that people traveling there get a visa. These countries can refuse to give a person a visa who has a criminal record. • Social Status: Many individuals and groups of people discriminate against someone with a criminal record. A criminal record can affect your standing in the community, the attitudes of your co-workers and neighbors and your relationships with your family and friends.

    7. consequences of substance abuse cont’d • Mental Health:Mental health problems such as depression, developmental lags, apathy, withdrawal, and other psychosocial dysfunctions frequently are linked to substance abuse among adolescents. Others include depression; conduct problems, personality disorders, suicidal thoughts, attempted suicide, and suicide. Marijuana use, which is prevalent among youth, has been shown to interfere with short-term memory, learning, and psychomotor skills • Addiction:People think they will never get addicted, but many end up addicted. Someone who is addicted looses control and judgment and when use of the drug is stopped, may suffer severe psychological or physical symptoms, such as anxiety, irritability, unhappiness, and stress.

    8. consequences of substance abuse cont’d • Relationships:Your behavior to loved ones will change, you will begin to do and say things that you usually will never do or say. This will damage your relationships with others. • Families:Substance abuse affects the emotional, financial, and psychological well-being of the entire family. Teens who use drugs withdraw from their family members and family activities, as well as set bad examples for any younger siblings. Because their judgment and decision-making ability becomes greatly impaired, they may become more hostile toward family members and even steal from them to get money for drugs. • Peers: Your peers will stay away from you. No one will like to have bad influence, and they will feel scared around you. You will loose good friends, and only bad friends will stay with you. • School: Chances are, you will drop out of school. Why? You brain is affected, and you are no more in control of your school work. You may rebel and get a suspension, You are more likely to commit a crime, and the results… you know it.

    9. Solutions of substance abuse • Educate the general public whether it be in schools, campaigns and advertising. • There could be counseling, treatment and advice, helpline where available. • Close and open communication between parents and children is necessary. • Being gainfully employed and engaging in meaningful activities in evenings. • Associate with good friends in leisure and sports. • Set goals for yourself.

    10. BIBLIOGRAPHY • Edmodo, definition of Substance Abuse. • Wikipedia, causes and consequences of Substance Abuse. • Google, pictures and solutions of Substance Abuse.